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ohuhyesavcarry on an activity for the duration of a whole nightEbayeeyo ebidongo ohuhyesa.There was music for the whole night. the time8., persevere8.4.2.2A long time

ohuwangaalavpersist, endure; last for a long time, e.g., live for many years4.4.3.6Endure2.6Life8.4.2.2A long time5.9Live, stayehiwangaazins.t. long-lasting; situation or a being that lasts eternally8.4.2.3Foreverobuwangaazinlifespan8.4.1Period of time2.6Lifeohutawangaalavhave a short life span9.3.1.2To a small degree8.4.1Period of time8.4.2.1A short time