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kalendakalendaEnglishncalendar; table of the days, weeks and months of the year printed on paper8.4.1.1Calendar

ohutaaŋo oludaalovset a date; fix a dayOludaalo lwʼohweŋuga olwʼ Amerika balutaŋo hu ene ogwa Nakanja.The day of USA independence was fixed on the fourth of July. a time8.4.1.1Calendarder. ofoludaalo

olunakuenakunday; period of twenty four hours from midnight to the next midnight8.4.1.2Dayolunaku lwʼohutambiramonworkday8.4.1.2Day6Work and occupationolunaku lwʼomwesindate8.4.4.1Plan a time8.4.1.1Calendar