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kamunguluzekamunguluzendizziness; situation in which s.b. feels he is spinning around and is unable to stand and balance himself2.5.6.5Dazed, confused2.5.6Symptom of disease7. consciousness

ohujumbaalavbe in a shocked state, esp. by bad news3.4.1.3Surprise3., confused

ohutabujulavconfuse; cause disharmony, disunityOlugambo lwaletireŋo ohutabuha ŋagati wuwe ni semwana.Rumours brought about confusion between him and his father., confused4.1.6Disunityder. ofohutabuha

ohwehangavbe startled, flabbergasted, shocked, surprisedGehangire nʼaweene omusota.He was startled when he saw the snake., confusedder. ofohuhanga1

olumbuujuembuujundizzinessOyo olumbuuju lumuŋambire.That one was overcome by dizziness., confused2.5.6Symptom of disease7. consciousness