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nataŋerwanataŋerwanungrateful, dissatisfied, disgruntled person3.

ohuhondyolavlook askance at s.b.; view with suspicion or disapprovalWanjala ahandyola buli amusinga obugaaga.Wanjala looks askance at anyone richer than he is. expression3.4.2Feel bad3.4.2.1Sad4.7.5.2Suspect3. of something3.5.1.8Criticize

ohusaalirwav1be sorrySaalibirwe ohufiirwa abaatu bange bosibosi.I am sorry to miss all my people. bad3.4.2.1Sad3.4.2.2Sorry2regret4.8.4.6Repent3.4.2Feel bad3.4.2.1Sad3.4.2.2Sorry

ohwelumya womwenevdisappoint yourself; not meet your expectations3. bad3.4.2.1Sad