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ni mwetegeinterj‘be attentive’ ‘listen here’ command requesting people to pay attention given to two or more people2.3.2.1Listen3.1.2.3Attention9.6.3.3Prompters of attention

ohuŋulemaveavesdrop; listen in to another conversation without the speaker’s knowledge2.3.2.1Listen4.

ohuŋulirav1hear; perceive s.t. using earsOhuŋulira ehide ni hifuga.To hear the ringing of the bell.2.3.2Hear2hear a case4.7.6Judge, render a verdict3feel; experience in the body or the mind, e.g., feel pain or feel bad emotionallyOhuŋulira bulaŋi.Feel no pain.Ohuŋulira bubi mugati mula.Feel bad in mind.2.3.5Sense of touch3.4EmotionohuŋulirisavIdiom. listen2.3.2.1Listenohuŋulirisaniavbe in agreement with4.8.4.4Negotiate4.1.5Unity3.2.5.4Agree with someoneohutaŋuliravdisobey; not hear or heed advice given4.5.4.2Disobey3. against authority3.3.1.7Stubborn

ohuŋuliirisavpay attentionYihala oŋuliirise.Sit and pay attention.

ohutegeeresavlisten to s.t. very attentively, showing concernJa wetegerese ehi baloma konyo osaleŋo ehyʼohuhola.Go and listen attentively, then decide what to do. s.b. to determine the truth2.3.1.3Examine4.7.5.5Witness, testify