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ohulengulav1expose s.b.’s falsehood3. falsehood3.2.3.1Known, unknown3., public3.2.3.3Secret2Taboo. see s.b.’s private partsOmwana galenguuye semwana kuba gaali nʼepale enawuhi.The child saw the father’s private parts because he wore torn trousers., let someone see2.3.1.5Visible5.3.8Naked7.3.7.1Uncover5.3.9Style of clothing3.

ohwaniha2vexpose s.b. esp. one who has behaved deviatelyOmwami agaliiye engusi bamwanihire.The chief who obtained a bribe has been exposed. falsehood3.2.3.1Known, unknown3.

ohwijulirav1make an appeal after losing a case; by the plaintiff or defendant4.7.4Court of law3.3.2Request3.5.1.5Ask4.7.5Trial4.8.4.2Make an appeal4.7.5.4Defend against accusation2give testimony during the hearing of a case; by a witness3. falsehood3. the truth4.7.5.5Witness, testify