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obuŋangafun1maturity; state of being fully grown4.3.1.3Mature in behavior2.6.4.5Old person8., not young2.6.4.6Grow, get bigger2.6.4.4Adult2durability; state that shows that s.t. has been around for a long time8.3.6.2Hard, firm7.8.1Break8.4.7Continue, persevere

ohusogonyala1vstoop; project the buttocksOmusahulu asogonyala nʼagenda.An old man stoops over when walking. down7.1.9Move a part of the body7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty2.6.4.5Old person7.1Posture7.1.5Bow

omuhuluabahulun1dignitary; important person; respected person; high-ranking personPulezidenti muutu muhulu.The President is an important person. in authority4.1.2Types of people4.3.2Admire someone4.5.6.1High status4.1.4.1Social class2elder, old, elderly person; s.b. more advanced in years than others2.6.4Stage of life2.6.4.5Old person4.1.2Types of people2.6.4.4Adultmuhulu yangenelder sibling; older brother or sister4., sister