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obusyetanmovement where one goes sideways4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.2.6Turn7.2.2.3Move sideways

ohusiguliravmove sideways to make room forAbadereefa abehohoosa bahali nga basigulira abeyuna engira babisya.Slow drivers should make room for fast ones to overtake them. sideways

ohwabuhav1differ, diverge fromOmwana ono gaabuha hu ola.This child differs from that one. a relationship8. things moving2move sideways; turn off or away7.2.2.6Turn7.2.2.3Move sideways

ohwabuhiravmove aside; get out of the way for s.b.Yabuhira muhwewo.Step aside to allow your father-in-law to pass. sideways

ohwebandav1hide yourselfSynohwehweha7.6Hide4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.6.3Escape2step aside; e.g., to allow cattle to pass on a narrow pathYebande ohuŋwa mu muhoosi eŋombe jibite.Step aside from the cattle track to allow cattle to pass. sideways

ohwebbalyavdodge, duck; give way to an enemy in battle or in a game4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.2.3Move sideways

ohwepenavdodge while playing a game4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.2.3Move sideways