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ohubisya3vbe absentGahabisyaŋo enaku edatu natasoma.She has been absent from school for three days.

ohudaliimavroam, stray; wander about without specific place to go toNageene omwibi nadaaliima mwideŋo.I met a thief who was walking aimlessly in the forest. movement7.2.1.1Walk8.5.3.1Absent7.2Move7.2.1.3Wander

ohugosya abaatuvkidnap; take away and hold s.b. by forceAbaatu abagosyaŋo abaana batera ohusunga epiiya enyene enyingi ko babalehula.People who kidnap children demand for a lot of money before they release them.ŋo abaatunkidnapper; abductor4.3.4.8Kidnapengosyaŋo yʼabaatunkidnapping, abduction of people4.3.4.8Kidnapohwegosyagosyavabsent yourself7.2.3.3Leave8.5.3.1Absentohwegosyaŋovdisappear; hide yourself; sneak away from7.6Hide4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.6.3Escape7.2.1.1Walk2.