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ohubitaaŋanavwanderAbitaaŋana mu mayumba.She wanders from house to house. movement7.2.1.1Walk7.2Move7.2.1.3Wander

ohucuuhav1convert; change from one religion to another3.2.5.1Believe4.9.7.1Religious person2turn about; move from one place to another and then return or from one condition to another and resume the original condition9.1.1.2Become, change state7.2.3.6Return7.2.2.2Move backohucuuhacuuhavbe changeable; keep changing places or moods7.2.1.6Steady, unsteady4.3.8Change behaviorohucuuhaŋovreturn; move back7.2.3.6Return7.2.2.2Move backohucuusav1reform; make s.t. change9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something4.8.4.6Repent4.9.7Religious organization7.3Move something7.3.3.2Return something7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn4.3.8Change behavior7.2Move8.3.7.6Improve7.3.2Move something in a direction2cause s.t. to turn; move s.t. from its original place7.3Move something7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn3stir5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation7.5.3Mixohucuusa amambalirevchange clothes; change the way of dressing9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something5.3.9Style of clothing4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improveohucuusa ekolavchange plans, make changes to what you were going to do9.1.1.2Become, change state9.1.2.6Change something3.2.5.8Change your mindohucuusa episavreform; change behaviour8. something4.8.4.6Repent4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improve3.2.2.6Realizeohucuusacuusavmix up, rearrange, disorganise8.4.5.1Order, sequence7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.4.2Tangle7.5Arrange4.3.6.3Untidy7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed7.5.3Mixohutacuuhavbe steady4.3.6Self-controlled3., unsteady

ohudaliimavroam, stray; wander about without specific place to go toNageene omwibi nadaaliima mwideŋo.I met a thief who was walking aimlessly in the forest. movement7.2.1.1Walk8.5.3.1Absent7.2Move7.2.1.3Wander

ohugalusagalusavkeep turning s.t., esp. grain foodstuffs, so they dry quickly in the sun7.3.5Turn something6.2.6Process harvest8., smearohwegalangasavroll on the ground; throw yourself down and roll, e.g., like a person with epilepsy7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn8. up7.1Posture7.2Moveohwegalusavturn over; roll over, e.g., when sleeping7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn7.1Posture

ohulugavar.ohuluganaohweruganiavwander, roam; move from place to place, going about without definite purpose1.6.4.1Animal movement7.2.1.1Walk7.2Move7.2.1.3Wander

ohutuuma1vjump; spring up from the ground very suddenly without assistanceOhutuuma obulesi.To jump or step over buried sorcery medicine. movement7. a larger degree7.2.2.4Move up7.2Moveohutuumagisavjump several times7. out of7.2.2.5Move down7. continuously7. onto7. upohutuumira mu bbangavtravel in space7.2.4.4Travel in space7.2.4Travel

ohwegalangasavroll on the ground; throw yourself down and roll, e.g., like a person with epilepsyOmuutu agwa efubu gegalangasa hinamuŋamba.A person with epilepsy rolls himself whenever he gets the attack.7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn8. up7.1Posture7.2Moveder. ofohugalusagalusa