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ohubbomohavsink below the surface of a flat areaOhugulu hwabbomohire mwiroŋo lyʼefuho.The foot sank into a hole of a mole rat. down7. in water

ohwebbiiryav1dive under waterOhwebbiirya hwenda ni oli nʼebyoma ebyʼohuŋeereramo.Diving necessitates having breathing gear. in1.3.4Be in water7.; go down intoEsuje yebbiirisye mwiroŋo lyayo.The suricate has dived into its hole. down7. in water3dip down intoGabbiirisye ehijiko hya sukaali mu hikopo hya cayi.He dipped a spoonful of sugar into the tea cup. in4let yourself not be seenGebbiirisye mu masati ko ataŋa musolo.He hid among the papyri to dodge paying taxes.7.6Hide4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.6.3Escapeohwebbiriravdive for s.t. underwater7. in1.3.4Be in water7.

ohwerobavplunge into; dive intoEnyeeni yerobire mu madosi.The fish plunged into the mud. in1.3.4Be in water7.

ohwetubyamovar.ohwetubbyavplunge, dive, sink into and out of a liquidOmweyinihi getubbisye mu hidiba.The diver plunged himself into the pool. in1.3.4Be in water7. ofohutubya