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ohufafaaganavbe unsuccessful, be a flop, fizzle out, collapse, come to nothing, fail completelyObufumbo wange wafafaageene hale.My marriage collapsed long ago.; bungle; botch7. s.t. to become worn out8., not new7.9Break, wear outohufafaaganirwavspend without result; invest for no return; waste money on6.8.2.3Lose wealth6.8.4.7Spend6.

ohufafaaganiav1fumble; bungle; botchWange ofafaagania hi?What are you fumbling after? s.t. to become worn out8., not new7.9Break, wear outder. ofohufafaagana

ohugalangatanav1fumble; be clumsy7.; pause before acting esp. because of doubtOlwohuba gaali siganjesiga gagalangateene ni gaali ni gaapa ebbesa eji bamulomire ohupa.Because he didn’t trust me he hesitated when giving the money he had been told to give me.

ohugendav1walk; move from one place to another using the feetOnagende waja ese eyindi.You will walk [and come] to where i am. from one place to another7.2.4Travel7.2.4.1Travel by landohugenda himbeejavwalk gracefully7.2.1.4Graceful7.2.1.1Walkohugenda luhiriijivstumble; walk in a way that is not controlled7., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7. nugaliitavwalk in a clumsy manner7.2.1.1Walk7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7. nuhubba epindovwalk noisily with thuds7.2.1.7Move noisily7.2.1.1Walkohugendera amaguluvtravel on foot7.2.1.1Walk7.2.4Travel7.2.4.1Travel by landohugendera mundegevtravel by air7.2.4.4Travel in space7.2.4Travel7.2.4.3Fly

ohugobbohavstagger; walk while swaying from side to side, e.g., when drunk7., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7.

ohuhoonyavknock; hit s.t. quickly and forcefully, sometimes making it fallOmukondo gamuhoonyire gagwa ngʼamubugulaho esaŋu.The robber knocked her down and got a bag from her.7.7Physical impact7.7.1Hitohuba nibyehoonyenehovbe in contact; be physically touching s.t. or s.b., contactohuhoonyahovknock at; hit at or on s.t., e.g., when knocking on a door6.5.2.4Door2.3.2.3Types of soundsohuhoonyanavcollide; knock together7.7Physical impact7.7.1Hitohuhoonyanahovtouch each other8.5.1.5Touching, contact7.3.4.1Touchohwehoonyavstumble and hit yourself against s.t., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7. touching; come into contact with s.t., contact

ohuniambaniambavstagger; walk clumsilyNageene ahagenge ni haniambaniamba ohutiina mu katale.I met a leper moving in a bad way going to the market. with difficulty7.

ohutagalavar.ohutagajalavstagger, reel about; walk with an unsteady gaitAtagajala anagwe mu lugudo.He is staggering, he will fall in the road., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7.

ohuyuugyavcause s.t. to stagger, move back and forth or from side to sideObumeesi buyuugya huyuugya omuutu nagenda.Being drunk makes one stagger forwards and backwards and sideways as he walks., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7. ofohuyuuga