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ohulagavshow, indicate, demonstrate, point out; make s.t. be seen or explainedOlindaga ŋaali nabona ewuwo?When will you show me your wife?Ebitabo mbeebi nʼamasiina ni galiho ohulaga ti omwana ono asoma.Here are the books with names written on to show that this child attends school., let someone see3.6.1Show, explain3.5.8.4Show, indicate3. ebiseeravtell or specify a time when s.t. will or might happen8.4.4.1Plan a timeohulaga edini yiyovshow your religion; obviously practice your faith4.9.5Practice religionohulaga omuutu ehifovusher; lead s.b. to a seat in a church or hall or any place of gathering7.2.5.3Guide7.3.3Take somewhereohulagilwav1be shown; cause s.b. to see or to have a vision2.3.1.4Show, let someone see2.3.1.5Visible2.5.6.6Vision, hallucination2. commanded, ordered to do s.t. someone4.5.3.2Commandohulagiravcommand; give an order4.5.3Exercise authority4.5.3.2Commandohulagirisa obubahavsend a message7.2.8Send someone7.3.3.3Send3.5.7.7Letterohulagiiriravguide, direct; show s.b. the direction3.6.1Show, explain3.3.3.2Advise7.2.4.6Way, route7.2.5.3Guide7.3.3Take somewhereohweragav1act superior; put on airs, show off, boast4.3.2.4Show off4.3.2.3Proud3. yourself2.3.1.4Show, let someone see2.3.1.5Visible2.

ohumuperehesavget s.b. to take s.t. to another on your behalfWange njeede wuperehese ebbaluŋa yʼomuhulu wʼesomero eyiri omusaaye wʼomuseere ono.Please, help me and send for me the headmaster’s letter to the father of this boy.7.2.8Send someone7.3.3.3Send3.5.7.7Letter

ohuŋeeresavhold office; serve in a specific functionMusimami gaŋerehiise ngʼomuhulu wʼesekendule ohuhena emyaha amahumi abiri.Musimami served as a headmaster of a secondary school for twenty years.ŋeeresa ebbaluŋavsend a letter7.3.3.3Send3.5.7.7Letterohuŋeeresa hu napwavsend over the radio3.5.9Mass communication

ohuŋindihiravsend, push or direct s.t. towards s.b.Bamuŋindihiiye ekuba.They sent lightning to (strike) him. someone7.3.3.3Sendder. ofohuŋindiha