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ohuŋulirav1hear; perceive s.t. using earsOhuŋulira ehide ni hifuga.To hear the ringing of the bell.2.3.2Hear2hear a case4.7.6Judge, render a verdict3feel; experience in the body or the mind, e.g., feel pain or feel bad emotionallyOhuŋulira bulaŋi.Feel no pain.Ohuŋulira bubi mugati mula.Feel bad in mind.2.3.5Sense of touch3.4EmotionohuŋulirisavIdiom. listen2.3.2.1Listenohuŋulirisaniavbe in agreement with4.8.4.4Negotiate4.1.5Unity3.2.5.4Agree with someoneohutaŋuliravdisobey; not hear or heed advice given4.5.4.2Disobey3. against authority3.3.1.7Stubborn

ohusiravreject, boycott; refuse to accept or do s.t. in a sulky, impolite mannerOmwana asirire emere.The child refused food.Abahwe basirire emaali.The in-laws reject the bride wealth. to do something3. against authority3.3.1.7Stubbornohutasiravhave a strong opinion or conviction, have no doubts; believe s.t. strongly3.2.5Opinion3.2.5.1Believe

ohuyaabuluhavdisperse from a gathering in a rowdy, riotous manner3. against authority

ohwegugumulavdemonstrate; protest against s.t. e.g., against high taxes3. against authority

olufuluutoefuluutonquarrel; war of wordsŊaliŋo olufuluuto ŋagati wa Zimbawe ni Bungeresa.There is a war of words between Zimbabwe and Britain. olufuluutovIdiom. rebel against authority4.5.4.2Disobey4.8.2Fight4.8.1.1Oppose4.5.4.6Rebel against authority4.8Conflict

omulemesiabalemesinsaboteur; s.b. who bars an action or an idea to be followed4. against authority7.9.1Damage