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ohusiimiravadvise s.b on a choice they have to make by saying ‘this is good for you’ or ‘this is suitable for you’ an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade

ohwegayirirav1beseech, plead; make a supplicationOmuseere gegayiriiye omuhaana olwohumwenda.The boy pleaded with the girl because he liked her.Omwana gegayiriire omusaaja ohumuleha.The child pleaded with a man to let him go free.3.3.2Request6.8.3.4Beg3.5.1.5Ask3.3.4Ask permission4.8.4.2Make an appeal2request forgiveness4. forgiveness3beg3.3.2Request6.8.3.4Beg3.5.1.5Ask4worship4.9.5.2Pray4.9.5.3Worship

ohweguyaayavbe toady, grovel; behave in a flattering manner towards s.b. expecting favours from him3.3.2Request3. an appeal

ohweyamaventreat; promise; pledge; commit yourselfMaama gatweyamire ohusoma.Mother has entreated the ancestors to help us in studying.3.3.2Request3.3.2.3Intercede4.7.5.7Take oath4. to the care of6.8.3.4Beg3.5.1.5Ask3.3.4Ask permission4.8.4.2Make an appeal6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond

ohwijulirav1make an appeal after losing a case; by the plaintiff or defendant4.7.4Court of law3.3.2Request3.5.1.5Ask4.7.5Trial4.8.4.2Make an appeal4.7.5.4Defend against accusation2give testimony during the hearing of a case; by a witness3. falsehood3. the truth4.7.5.5Witness, testify

omutenderiabatenderinseducer, persuader, trickster; s.b. who influences another to do s.t. but does not share the consequences or accept responsibility2.6.2.2Attract sexually3. an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive4. a person3.
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