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ohubonehavappear; be in the open2.3.1.5Visible2. transparent, colourless, easy to see through2.3.1.6Transparent8.3.3.3Color

ohubonehereravbe transparent, colourless, easy to see through2.3.1.6Transparent8.3.3.3Colorder. ofohuboneha

ohuhoseresavbecome pale, ashen, anaemic-looking; lose your natural colourMubiri gwange guhoseresa.My body is becoming pale. of disease8. color8.3.3.3Color2.1.4Skin

omupapaaliemipapaaliEnglishnPapaya; short-lived tree that grows up to 10 m, in homes and yields yellow fruit. Its fruit has sweet edible flesh with many black seeds on the inside, that when removed, leave the centre hollowOmupapaali guhola bulaŋi emyaha edatu oba ene jooka.A Papaya tree does well for three or four years only.sp. Carica papaya fam. Caricaceae1.5.1Tree5. from fruitehipapaaliadjorange; colour between yellow and red8. of the spectrum8.3.3.3Colorepapaalinpapaya; sweet fruit obtained from a Pawpaw or Papaya tree5. from fruit
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