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omugongo1emigongonridge cap; iron sheets that cover where the sloping sides of the roof meet6.5.2Parts of a building6.5Working with buildings6.5.2.2Roof

omuŋeeresaabaŋeeresan1servant; s.b. who works for another, esp. in a home4.5.4.3Serve6.1.1Worker5.2.1.5Serve food2church worker; church minister4.9.7.1Religious person3builder ’s assistant6.1.6Made by hand6.5Working with buildings

omusumaaliemisumaalin1nail; small thin piece of metal with a pointed end and a flat head that is hammered into wood for fastening7.5.2Join, attach6.7.5Fastening tool6.6.3Working with wood6.5Working with buildings2axle; piece of metal on which the hub of a bicycle rotates7.

omutandasiabatandasincement worker; plasterer, esp. one working on floors6.5.3Building materials7.3.7.3Spread, smear6.5Working with buildings

omwiriisiabeeriisins.b. who smears, plasters or muds a house6.5.3Building materials7.3.7.3Spread, smear6.5Working with buildings
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