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mukamamukamanevil spirit traditionally beleived to be born with children1.4.2Spirits of things4.3.1.1Bad, immoral4.9.2Supernatural being

nasaaye2nasaayengod of birth4.9.2Supernatural being

nawangoyenawangoyengod of cowpeas; spirit associated with cow peas failure6.2.5.2Crop failure4.9.2Supernatural being

ohululuma2vact angrily, esp. the spirit of the deadSemwana omumagombe aluluma ati genda ehyayo ohulya.His late father is complaining that he would like to eat a cow. being3.

omuhyeno1abahyenonghost; spirit of s.b. who was murdered by relatives4.9.2Supernatural beingomuhyeno2nghostly vengeance; dangerous, death-bringing state initiated by the murder of a kinsman or by driving s.b. to suicide4.8.2.5Revenge

omukeruubbiabakeruubbiEnglishncherubim; celestial being, as in the Bible4.9.2Supernatural being

omuzimuemizimuLugandan1evil totutelary spirit from Buganda1.4.2Spirits of things4.9.2Supernatural being2ghost4.9.2Supernatural being

serafiabaserafiEnglishnseraphim4.9.2Supernatural being