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ohwinamirisavmake s.b. or s.t. bend down for a certain length of time8.3.1.5Bend7.1.8Bend down7.1.9Move a part of the body7.1Posture7.1.5Bowder. ofohwinama

ohwinamyavbend s.t.Wange yinamya olusaga lwʼomugayire embusi yiryeho amasuuni.Please bend the branch of the bark cloth tree to enable the goat to eat its leaves. ofohwinama

omuniasoeminiason1pliable thing; s.t. that can be bent without breaking or crackingEroba lyʼehipaapi lya muniaso.Clay soil is pliable., flexible8.3.6.5Soft, flimsy8.3.1.5Bend2viscosity1.3Water1.2.3.1Liquid
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