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ohubbengaverr, sin, do wrong, evil; make a mistakeGambengire galima mu muŋoluko gwange.He wronged me by cultivating my share of land.4.7.3Break the law4.3.3.1Hate, ill will4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral3., detest4.3.6.4Mistake4.3.4.1Do evil to

ohudaakaanavgo astray, be wayward; behave badlyEngoho yino edaakeene enywa hunywa amagi.This chicken behaves badly by eating eggs.Omwana ono adaakeene sigenda hubaho ŋango.That child is going astray for it does not remain at home, e.g., a naughty child., immoral3.3.1.7Stubbornohudaakaaniavlead astray4.8.2.7Betray3.3.3Influence4.3.1.1Bad, immoral3.3.3.3Persuade4.3.5.5Deceive4.5.3.1Lead

omubiababinsinner; bad personOmuutu aba mubi nʼatasanyusa bandi, oba nabaletera ebigosi,oba nʼabakosa.S.b. is bad when they are not pleasant to the others, or cause them problems, or harm them.Kwita kibba kibi. standard4.7.3Break the law8., unsuitable4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral8. evil to

omubbengiababbenginevildoer; sinner; wrongdoer4.3.1.1Bad, immoral4.3.4.1Do evil to

owahabiabahabindangerous person; s.b. who can do anything harmful4.3.1.1Bad, immoral4.4.2.2Danger4.3.4.1Do evil to
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