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ãDerivativeãhan1ãhan2root formãhan1ãhan2cf.bõtoverlapping synonympees21verb intransitiveTo lose (as in a game, war, lawsuit, race); to be defeated.Lai ã anak-anak Tanduan leꞌ anak-anak Sikob magbula.The Tanduan children lost to children of Sikob in the ballgame.Lai ã seytan mimon leꞌ Tuhan.All demons were defeated by God.2vTo cause s.o. to lose.Lay pinaã tim kami leꞌ lipiri looy.That umpire caused our team to lose.
abanThe turbulence in water caused by strong currents.
Abavocative nounA term of address used by a child of a Salip (descendant of the Prophet Muhammad) when addressing his/her father.“Aba” meꞌ bangsa Salip ngawnan mmaꞌ da.“Aba” is what descendants of the Prophet Muhammad call theirꞌ
aba-abacf.hawusannAmmunition pouches (for holding bullets).Sundalu looy pannoꞌ kompang na meꞌ aba-aba.That soldier’s waist is full of ammunition pouches.
abagannA wild edible root or its vine.Kalihan doꞌ ku abagan sabap inaa gataꞌ-gataan kaharipan ku.Dig me up some wild edible roots because they are my favorite of all edible roots.
abakvTo devote one’s energy to s.t. (usually unprofitable).Daa paabakun meꞌ nu kuli-kuli.Don’t devote all your energy to playing.
abbos-abbossynonymahi maka ahi naMinor entrybbos-bbosadvIn the future; by and by; later on.Batnaa na Maꞌ, kau gi malanjaan kami, sugaꞌ abbos-abbos kami na sina malanjaan kau.Now Father, you are still the one providing for us, but in the future we will be the ones to provide for you.synonymahi maka ahi na
abbuDerivativeabbuhan/takabburoot formabbuhan/takabbu1nPride; arrogance; boastfulness.Kalanduꞌ abbu jama naa.That person’s pride is too much.2vTo act in a proud manner; to boast.Daa ko hangat magpasipat pandoy, taggahaꞌ yuk jama ngabbu na baw ko.Don’t always be letting on as if you know how to do everything, lest people say you’re acting proud.
abbuhan/takabbuDerivativeabburoot formabbuadjProud; arrogant; boastful.Jama looy tud abbuhan sabap wã mãꞌ meka altaꞌ na.That person is really boastful because he’s always saying he has lots of possessions.Jama looy takabbu sabap lay ya magsambatan yaꞌ kuhi kinawin bong saꞌ mastal.That person is arrogant because he said boastfully that he wouldn’t marry anyone but a teacher.
abbunganverb intransitiveTo dance a certain kind of fast step in the lunsay dance.Hallom na tabi bay tinggayun, abbungan na tabi.We’ve been using the slow step in dancing for a long time now, let’s dance the fast step.
abi-abi1nAny intention at all.Yaꞌ luu abi-abi ku lome pa Sabah.I don’t have any intention at all of going to Sabah.2vTo give an indication of doing s.t.Ya’ san ya bay ngabi-ngabi mahandãn anak na.He hasn’t even given any indication that he would get a wife for his son.
abitDerivativeabitanroot formabitanvTo wear a machete or weapon on one’s side; to fasten/put a machete on one’s side (by using a string around one’s waist).Daa kam ngabit bariꞌ bong kam mmeꞌ ngawin.Don’t wear a machete on your side if you are attending a wedding.Abitun bariꞌ tuu.Put this machete on (your side).Paabitun doꞌ kataliꞌ tuu ni pangantin naa.Fasten this sword to the side of the groom.
abitanDerivativeabitroot formabitnAny weapon fastened to s.o.’s side.Labbahan bi abitan bi bong kam ni paballangan jama.Take off the machetes/weapons fastened to your sides when you are at a person’s celebration.
abuDerivativeabu-aburoot formabu-abu1nAshes.Paddeꞌ mata ku bay kaboboan meꞌ abu.My eyes are stinging from getting ashes in them.2vTo scour with ashes (as a cleanser).Abuhun doꞌ lawoy nu mari lakka tumtum na.Scour your plate with ashes so the spots will come off.3adjThe color gray.Badjuꞌ abu kaharipan ku pinatuk.Gray shirts are my favorite to wear.4vTo become gray (pa-); to make or dye s.t. gray (N-).Lay na paabu badjuꞌ itom ku.My black shirt has already become gray.Abuhun doꞌ pantalun tuu.Dye these pants gray.
abu-abuDerivativeaburoot formabu1adjLight gray; grayer.Abu-abu badjuꞌ ku man ningkau.My shirt is grayer than yours.2vTo become dark.Ngabu na lahat meꞌ andom.The place is becoming dark because of the
abugaw1nLawyer; attorney.Ngaddoꞌ ku abugaw bong kam bahukum.I’ll get a lawyer if we go to court.2vTo serve as a lawyer for s.o.(N--an); to function as a lawyer (mag-).Kami bay bahukum, si Kirug bay ngabugawan aku.When we went to court, Kirug served as my lawyer.
abukadonThe avocado pear.
abunaw1nThe one paying the cost of s.t. for s.o. else.Soy tukang abunaw ni inuman tabi?Who is the one to pay for our drinks?2vTo pay the cost (of anything) for s.o. else. (Sometimes it’s understood that the one paying will be reimbursed later).Soy bay ngabunaw kaam nginum koks?Who paid for your cokes?Abunawun doꞌ ku sabap yaꞌ ku bay kaboo sÿn.Pay for me because I didn’t happen to bring any money (understood he’ll be reimbursed later).
abungsynonymgapavTo intercept; to block the way of s.o. or s.t.; to head off.Lay abungan mundu lansa kami pag poleꞌ kami man Sandakan.Pirates intercepted our launch when we were coming home from Sandakan.Abungan tabi manuk naa mari yaꞌ kapasonse patã.Let’s head off that chicken’s way so it can’t run far away.synonymgapa
abununFertilizer.Yaꞌ mahap sambuhan tinanom nu bong yaꞌ luu abunu na.Your plants won’t be healthy if they don’t have any fertilizer.
abutantlibuwasDerivativekaabutanpangabut1siabut-abutroot formkaabutanpangabut1pangabut2siabut-abutvTo reach for s.t.; to reach (a destination); to attain to a position; to have enough (money) to do s.t.Yaꞌ taabut ku sawan naa.I can’t reach that glass.Yaꞌ gi bay ngabut lansa looy pa Pawan, ndang lay na tasungkub meꞌ nabal.Before that launch reached Palawan, it was captured by a naval ship.Lay taabut na sampay gubnul ni Tawi-Tawi.He was able to attain the position of governor in Tawi-Tawi.Yaꞌ ngabut sÿn ku man mayaran utang ku.I don’t have enough money to pay my debt.
adakMinor entryarakdakadvAlmost; nearly; about to (but always prevented).Pag adak jaꞌ subul anak na, lai na ya nekhadjiꞌ.When his son had almost reached puberty, he made the pilgrimage to Mecca.
adakalaMinor entryarakalaadvMight (usually with negative results); it might be that; in case.
addoncf.bangkadduvTo push with abdominal muscles (as when giving birth or defecating).Bong ko maddi, pahaddowun meꞌ nu ngaddon.When you give birth, push very hard.
addongMinor entryddongadvEnough.