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baptcpIndicates s.t. that is contrary to what either the speaker of hearer thinks, expects or assumes.Nangngad na ba putliꞌ looy.The princess is pregnant, I tell you.Daa ko ba ngudjuꞌ niiya.Come on, don’t put him down.
nHot coals in a fire.Tud meka bã api nu.You really have a lot of hot coals in your fire.
ba’-bãꞌDerivativebãꞌbaꞌ-bãꞌ/pamãꞌroot formbãꞌbaꞌ-bãꞌ/pamãꞌnWritten instructions accompanying a product.Batsahun katas naa. Luu sina baꞌ-bãꞌ na bong pooy meꞌ makoy lilus naa.Read that paper. It has instructions for how to use that watch.synonympahati
baan1verb intransitiveTo sneeze.Bong tu anak-anak tuu kansang na baan, mura ya inulapay.If this child is sneezing often, maybe he has a cold.
baan2root formbaanan1nA group, flock, school, or herd. [This is used when enumerating groups, flocks, or herds. Otherwise baanan is used].Tallum baan sundalu pitu pa Sikob.Three groups of soldiers are coming to Sikob.Ya’ taambat baanan kamastalan ni siminal ndooy ni Tanaꞌ Makket.The groups of teachers at the seminar in Tanaꞌ Makket can’t be counted.2vTo join a group.Pabaan ko ni baanan da.Join their group.3vTo be in a group, flock, or herd; to go somewhere in a group, flock, herd, etc.Baan-baan ga jama ngandaꞌ kuli-kulihan looy sabap mahap banahan.The people are going together in a group to see the game because it is very good.Pagbaan-baanan bi doꞌ nneꞌ bi kinaddoꞌ.Please go as a group and get your mother.
baananroot formbaan2cf.jamaanA group (of people); a flock (of birds); a school (of fish); herd (of cattle).Ngalindom na baanan daying naa.That school of fish has become very large now.
baasanverb intransitiveDawning; about to rise (w.r.t. the sun or the moon).Baasan na llaw.The day is dawning.
baat-baatvTo sing to oneself.Lalla looy baat-baat sasang na buwat lumaꞌ.That man is singing to himself while building a house.
bab1vTo bob s.o.’s hair; cut hair short on a woman or girl.Babun doꞌ dun kõk anak ku.Bob my child’s hair.
bab2nA light bulb.Ballihan doꞌ ku bab plaslayit.Buy me a flashlight bulb.
baba1Derivativebabãnroot formbabãnnA demon possessed human who has various supernatural powers and eats the livers of people. Similar to a witch or warlock. They fly at night and haunt places or people.Jama yaꞌ mangando pa Tuhan tawuhan baba.People who don’t trust God are afraid of a demon possessed person.
baba2Derivativebabahanpamabaroot formbabahanpamabavTo make jewelry; to forge iron into tools.Si Nngas alistu maba simsim.Ngas is skilled at making rings.
babadcf.kabbat 2synonymbaling-balingvTo fling s.t. at s.o. or s.t. (as when knocking down fruit out of a tree by means of flinging a stick or long object).Soy bay mabad mangga ku?Who flung s.t. at my mangoes (and knocked them down)?Babaran nu deꞌ-dæꞌ sõ naa taggahaꞌ takeket ko.Fling that snake out quickly lest you get bitten.Lay tababad luwa ku leꞌ langngon anak-anak looy.That child happened to hit my face with his flinging arm.overlapping synonymbaling-balingkabbat
babagroot formbabag sammoIdiombabag sammo1nAny horizontal brace or support.Daa tanggehan nu babag lammisahan naa.Don’t stand on that table’s horizontal brace.2adjHorizontal.Kasohean jama yaꞌ doman ni sapiꞌ babag tanduk na.Some people don’t want a cow that has horizontal horns.3vTo go crosswise or perpendicular; to place or arrange s.t. perpendicular or crosswise to s.t. else.Daa ko pababag ni lamba looy taggahaꞌ tumande ko.Don’t go crosswise against the direction of the waves lest you capsize.Pababagun meꞌ nu mabãk anak nu ni tipo na.Lie your child down crosswise on that mat.synonymbantang4advIncorrectly w.r.t. one’s use of a language.Babag gi danda looy pallun Mapun.That woman still speaks Mapun incorrectly.
babag sammoroot formbabagIdiombabagadjStupid.
babahanDerivativebaba2pamabaroot formbaba2pamabanJewelry to be made; tools to be forged by a blacksmith.Yaꞌ gi ku kapammeꞌ sabap meka babahan ku.I can’t go yet because I have a lot of jewelry to make.
babãnDerivativebaba1root formbaba1adjHaving a demon (as a witch).cf.kowang
babangDerivativebabanganroot formbabangan1nSmall broken pieces of rice from milling or pounding.Bay ya ngaddoꞌ babang man na makan manuk.He got the small broken pieces of rice to feed the chickens with.2vTo remove the small broken pieces of rice (esp. by winnowing).Babangan doꞌ bohas naa.Remove the small broken pieces from that rice.
babanganDerivativebabangroot formbabangadjHaving small broken pieces in milled rice.
babasDerivativekababasanroot formkababasanoverlapping synonymbaluba 31stative verbTo be faded (as with color on fabrics, paint, etc.); to be stopping (as rain or fruit being produced on trees).Babas na sãt tangki motor ku.The paint on my motorcycle tank is faded now.2vTo begin to fade; to fade.Pababas na pin walnaꞌ badjuꞌ ku.The color on my shirt keeps fading.
babatoverlapping synonymtabbuk1 3n1Belly (derogatory term).Tud mehe babat nu.Your belly is really big.2Intestines.Babat sapiꞌ tabaan bong jama pandoy buwat.A cow’s intestines are delicious if a person knows how to prepare them.overlapping synonymtabbuk1
babaw1Derivativebabawanroot formbabawannA mouse; a rat.Katis buwaꞌ niyug ku kakan babaw.My coconuts are all gone due to rats eating them.
babaw21nThe surface of the earth. (This is always followed by the word junya’ meaning earth).Yaꞌ luu pýs ta taꞌ babaw junyaꞌ bong yaꞌ taintom ta Tuhan ta.We are of no use on the surface of the earth if we can’t remember our God.2stative verbTo be at low tide; shallow.Daa pilu mundaꞌ nu. Babaw sina nnaa.Don’t direct your boat there. It’s shallowãnsõn
babawanDerivativebabaw1root formbabaw1adjHaving rats or mice in some place.
babaꞌvTo carry s.t. or s.o. on one’s back.Bong sat mpat gantang bohas, babaꞌ ku jaꞌ.If it is just four gantas of rice, I’ll just carry it on my back.Daa ko pababaꞌ.Don’t hang on my back.tablebaha 2bawungbendetbengketbentenbetbet 1boodurungjulangkamasita sandangkapipihankulu1kupipihanlanggung 2ngandung bulingapanangkitansandang 2tanggung 1timpupu