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eget-eget1adjSlow (a derogatory term).Daa ko hangat eget-eget oy-oy pabuwatan nu.Don’t always be slow at everything you do.2vTo do s.t. slowly.
eheDerivativeehe-ehe/kaehekaeheyanroot formehe-ehe/kaehekaeheyan1nSize.Pooy ehe na?What size is it?2vTo become big or large; grow bigger.Paehe na bahaꞌ mata nu.The swelling of your eye is getting bigger.3vTo enlarge, expand, make s.t. big.Paeheyan doꞌ kompang pantalun ku.Enlarge the waste on my pants.Bong ko nahian aku badjuꞌ, paeheyun.If you sew me a shirt, make it big.
ehe laas nuexpressionAs old as you are (This is used primarily when reminding s.o. that they are old enough or mature enough that they should be able to do s.t.).Ehe laas nu, yaꞌ ko ngatuhan anak-anak dikiꞌ?As old as you are, can’t you stand up to that little child?
ehe-ehe/kaeheDerivativeehekaeheyanroot formehekaeheyannOne’s state of being a certain size. [When ehe-ehe is used, the focus is on being small for one’s size. When kaehe is used, the focus is on being already big.]Ehe-ehe nu, panday na ko dilawut.At your size, and you already know how to fish.Kaehe nu maka ehe-ehe ku boo nu gi ku sisuntuk.At your (big) size and my (little) size and you still want to get me to box with you.
ekaDerivativekaekahanroot formkaekahanmeka1nAmount; number; quantity of items.Dangoy eka bay balli nu?How many did you buy?2vTo be increasing in number or quantity; to take more [pa--un]; to add more [pa--an].Paeka boꞌ paeka na pin manuk nu.The number of your chickens is continually increasing.Paekahun bong ko ngaddoꞌ biyabas.Take a lot when you go to get guavas.Paekahan doꞌ biyabas tuu.Add more guavas to these.
elaknA black fish with large scales.
eleng-eleng1verb intransitiveTo shake one’s head back and forth (to indicate one’s disgust, amazement, refusal, etc.).Eleng-eleng lalla looy pag ndaꞌ na badjuꞌ na lay keket bokeꞌ.That guy shook his head when he saw that his shirt had been eaten by termites.2vTo turn one’s head to the side.Bong yaꞌ bay elengan ku batu looy, lay tuwaꞌ luwa ku.If I hadn’t turned my head to the side to avoid that rock, it would have hit my face.
engasoverlapping synonymsenga 21nBranch (as of a tree, bush, river).Manuk kami wã tuli taꞌ engas mangga.Our chickens always sleep on the branch of a mango tree.2v(For a tree) to develop branches.Bong ngengas na tawum, yaꞌ na hallom buwaꞌ.When eggplant starts to develop branches, it won’t be long before it bears fruit.overlapping synonymsenga
enggangMinor entrylenggangvTo sway or rock from side to side.
engkeꞌ-engkeꞌverb intransitive1To hop on one foot.Pag poleꞌ man jawom huma ku, talpaksaꞌ ku engkeꞌ-engkeꞌ sabap lay ku kagiok passaan.When I came home from my garden, I was forced to hop on one foot because I stepped on a piece of glass.2To play hopscotch.
ensegv1To move over a short distance; to scoot over.Enseg doꞌ ko.Scoot over.2To move or scoot s.t. over.Soy bay ngenseg lamisahan tuu pa tambo?Who moved this table next to the wall?