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ibaratrelativeCan be likened to; is comparable to. [Ibaratan can be used interchangeably with ibarat].Alta’ ina bong ibaratan dilawut magsõn-laang.Wealth can be likened to the sea, it comes in and goes out like the tide.Jama tuu bong siꞌ ibarat hayop, bayoo sabap kalanduꞌ paiyaꞌ ya.This person if likened to an animal is a tortoise because he’s extremely shy.overlapping synonymdalil
IbilisnA very powerful demonic spirit known for tempting people. Similar to Satan in Christian
ibo-ibonA wooden plug (used to plug up a hole in a boat).Bong lakkahan nu ibo-ibo bagung naa, tumallob na situ kitabi.If you remove that boat’s wooden plug, we’ll surely sink.
ibot kuMinor entrybat kuvTo swear upon the death of a living loved one. [In other words if you are telling the truth the death will not take place. The pang--an is usually preceeded with a negative].Ibot ku anak ku bong ku bay nangkaw.I swear by my child’s death/May my child die if I stole s.t.Yaꞌ pangibotan ku mmaꞌ ku bong yaꞌ bana bitsala ku.I wouldn’t swear upon my father’s death if my words weren’t true.
ibot-ibotsynonymamay-amay 21advMake sure to do (or not do s.t.); without fail; by all means.Ibot-ibot ko pitu hmaung.Make sure you come here tomorrow.2vTo tell s.o. to make sure and do or not do s.t.Husaꞌ jaꞌ ko ngibot-ngibot ni jama naa. Yaꞌ du sina ko binallihan meꞌ na oy-oy tugun nu.You’re just wasting your time to tell that person to make sure and do s.t. He won’t buy you anything you order.synonymamay-amayoverlapping synonymhalap
ibudnA cowlick on the top back part of one’s head.Meka kutu ni tagan ibud ku.I have a lot of lice around my cowlick.
idda1nA deadline; time limit.Dangom buwan idda bi bay magsandaꞌ.How many months was the deadline you agreed upon concerning your pawn?2vTo set a time limit on s.t.Iddahan nu ya bong ya nandaꞌ taggahaꞌ yaꞌ na baw mintu ngalakkat.Set a deadline for him if he pawns s.t. lest he doesn’t redeem it later.3nThe period of time during which a woman may not marry after having divorced a previous husband.Tallum buwan idda na boꞌ na dari halla pa sarÿ.The period of time she has to wait is three months before she can take a different husband.
idjiꞌvTo tease; to irritate.Lay nangis siyali na hangat inidjiꞌ meꞌ na.His younger sibling started crying from always being teased byꞌtumpalak
idoꞌMinor entryiroꞌnDog.
igitnSmall pieces of excrement (as when having diarrhea).
igod-igodDerivativekaigoranroot formkaigoranv(For a single actor) to be waddling when walking (as a very fat person, duck, etc.).Igod-igod jama looy lumãn.That person is waddling as he walks.
igputanthampa2overlapping synonymirus 2adjCharacterized by being narrow (w.r.t. hips, stern of boat. This word is limited to things that start out wide in the front or top and become narrow).Danda igput buliꞌ na yaꞌ tawp magpantalun.A girl with narrow hips doesn’t look good wearing pants.anthampa2cf.kiputoverlapping synonymirus
igut11nHair growing into a point on the back of one’s neck.Baꞌ-bãꞌ pali-pali, bong jama luu igut na, tingot.According to traditional beliefs, if a person has hair growing into a point on the back of his neck, he is stingy.2vTo follow after (fig).Ga lalla looy meꞌ iroꞌ panglus na paigut jaꞌ ni bukut karandahan.Those guys are like lustful dogs always following after girls.
igut2Derivativekaigutanroot formkaigutanvTo encourage s.o. to do s.t. (usually bad).Bong ku yaꞌ bay inigutan meꞌ na, yaꞌ ku bay nawakka nangkaw.If I hadn’t been encouraged by him, I wouldn’t have been bold enough to steal.
ijajanSpiritual, religious, or esoteric knowledge learned from a teacher.Pagka kam puwas na man akil-balig, ngaddoꞌ na kam ijaja boꞌ bi kapahanda.Since you are past the puberty stage now, get some religious knowledge (about how to be married) before you take a wife.
ijinDerivativekaijinanroot formkaijinannThe name of; the authority of.Lakka na ko seytan ni ijin Tuhan.Leave now demon in the name of God.
ikang-ikangvTo lock a chicken’s wings together behind its back.Yaꞌ luu dapat manuk looy lomeng sabap lay inikang-ikang.That chicken can’t fly because its wings have been locked behind its
ikatnAn abscess (in the area of the jaw).cf.katak
iko-ikoadjWavy (w.r.t. s.o.’s hair).Bong iko-iko dun kõk nu, meka jama ilohan.If you hair is wavy, many people will be covetous of it.
ikolaknA briefcase.Daa ko mengket ikolak ni tangaꞌ daira taggahaꞌ minunduhan ko.Don’t carry a briefcase in the city lest you get held up.
ikomayangadjWavy long flowing (hair on a woman). [This is used primarily in a lunsay courtship dance].Ikomayang dun kõk karomanan ku.I want long wavy hair.
ikutv1To follow (w.r.t. customs, teachings, or traditions).Ngkon jama bahangi, ngikut pangadjiꞌ kabboꞌ-bboan.The reason people have death anniversary prayer feasts is because they are following the teaching of the ancestors.2To follow right behind.Anak manuk looy paikut jaꞌ ni induꞌ na.That chick just follows right behind its mother.overlapping synonymtuhut
ilaDerivativeilahanroot formilahannA yard (three feet measurement).Ballihan doꞌ ku diyandi nu saila.Sell me a yard of your cloth.
ilagcf.attiyal 2overlapping synonymtangkisvTo avoid s.t. or s.o.; to be wary of.Ngilag ko ni jama naa sabap iya tipuhan.Avoid that person because he is a traitor.
ilahanDerivativeilaroot formilaadvBy the yard.Yaꞌ luu kuku poteꞌ kami pinaballihan ni ilahan.We don’t have any white cloth to sell by the yard.