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nA type of confection made from rice flour. [The flour is mixed with boiled water and sugar. Then it is put in a coconut with many small holes through which the dough drops like rain into a frying pan with coconut oil].
jadjuꞌcf.gangguꞌ 31stative verb(For s.t.) to be or get aggravated, harmed, or disturbed by movement.Bong jama paddi battong na, yaꞌ na dari inuwan taꞌ jÿp taggahaꞌ jadjuꞌ battong na.If a person’s stomach is hurting, he shouldn’t be put on a jeep lest his stomach get aggravated.2vTo move s.o. or s.t. and thus cause harm in some way.Bong siꞌ ya yaꞌ bay tajadjuꞌ nu binoo taꞌ motor, koleꞌ na ya batnaa.If you hadn’t moved him, his stomach wouldn’t hurtꞌ
jagaDerivativekajagahan1root formkajagahan1kajagahan2cf.panungguꞌ 2overlapping synonymattiyal 2iyakin 21nA guard; watchman.Dangoy jaga jÿl looy?How many guards are at that jail?2verb intransitiveTo be on guard; alert.Jaga ko mintu sangom. Luu jama nangkaw pa lumaꞌ nu.Be on guard later tonight. There is a thief coming to your house.3vTo guard, watch over, or mind s.t.(focus).Jagahan nu lumaꞌ ku.Guard my house.
jaga-jagacf.kapoy 2nA propeller on a plane; a fan blade on an engine.Jaga-jaga kappalomeng yaꞌ talabad sasang na lomeng.A planes propeller can’t be seen spinning around when the plane is
jagjag1stative verbTo be perforated; to have many holes in s.t.Jagjag baran lalla looy bay tinimbak meꞌ sundalu.That man’s body was perforated with many holes from being shot by soldiers.2vTo perforate.Lay njagjag karut looy meꞌ bokeꞌ.That sack was perforated by termites.
jagusvTo slap s.o. lightly on the head (as to irritate s.o.).Jagusun doꞌ ba niyaku anak-anak næ.Slap that child on the head for me.
jahallisoverlapping synonymdahulakaꞌadjWicked; evil.Bong ko jahallis, ya’ tahaꞌ umu taꞌ junyaꞌ.If you are a wicked person, you won’t live long on this earth.overlapping synonymdahulakaꞌ
jahannamnA fiery pit in hell.Soysoy nuwak aseꞌ Tuhan sukuꞌ nalka’ jahannam.Whoever rejects God’s love will share in the fiery pit of hell.
jahiadjLicentious; morally unrestrained. (Usually in reference to women but not always).Yaꞌ ku kuhi nda ku bagay ka danda jahi.I’m not willing for my wife to be friends with a licentious woman.
jakat1nA religious tax (in Islam 2 1/2% of whatever one has at the end of a year in excess of one’s expenses).2vTo pay the required percentage of one’s excess income or produce.Jakatan doꞌ gundum nu.Give two and a half percent of your excess corn as a religiousꞌ
jala-jalanA wooden railing; iron grillwork installed over windows to keep people from breaking in.Buwatan doꞌ jala-jala suwambiꞌ looy.Make a railing for that porch.
jalan1nA way or means of doing s.t.Magtuyuꞌ ya miha jalan bong pooy meꞌ na nammu usaha.He’s working hard at finding a way to get a livelihood.2vTo treat s.o. a certain way.Bong meꞌ naa meꞌ nu nganjalan ariꞌ nu, niyaꞌ sina ko kinaasean.If that’s the way you treat your younger brother, you won’t be loved.
jalangDerivativejalang-jalangroot formjalang-jalangsynonymmanagsaadvSeldom; rarely. [This can be used interchangeably with jalangan].Jalang na kitabi koleꞌ sobad tallumpýꞌ pilak ni timpu batnaa.We seldom can get a tuna for thirty pesos these days.
jalang-jalangDerivativejalangroot formjalangadjUnusual.Jalang-jalang lumaꞌ tuu.This house is unusual.synonymmanagsa
jaliꞌadjStriped; streaked (as a fabric, garment, fish, etc.).Badjuꞌ jaliꞌ kaharipan ku.Striped shirts are my
jaluk1nAny food that has been preserved or canned.Ballihan doꞌ ku jaluk manuk.Buy me some canned chicken.2vTo can or preserve food.Jalukun doꞌ patuka tuu.Can/Preserve this pineapple.
jãmDerivativejãman1root formjãman1jãman2nAn hour.Pilay kita pa Guppaꞌ njawom duwan jãm.We’ll go to Guppaꞌ in two hours.
jamaantkabaꞌDerivativemagjama-jamapagjamahanpagkajamaroot formjama-jama mata1magjama-jamaMagjama-jama du baw binapagjamahanpagkajamaSayingMagjama-jama du baw bina1nA human being; person; people.Meka jama ni Tabuꞌ Salasa.There are lots of people at the Tuesday Market.2vTo live or stay somewhere.Soy nganjamahan luma’ bi bong kam lome?Who stays in your house when you leave on a trip?
jamaanA member of a religious congregation (refers to people who belong to a mosque).Bong Paꞌ Moktal imam ni masjid looy tud meka jamaa na.If Uncle Moktal was the imam in that mosque, there would be many members in
jama-jama mata1root formjamamagjama-jamaMagjama-jama du baw binapagjamahanpagkajamaCompoundbý mata1lowang matamatamata dallot1mata lambuꞌmata llawsammin matatangkoptangkop mata1n1The pupil of the eye; s.o.’s reflection in the pupil of another person’s eye.Baꞌ-bãꞌ pali-pali, bong tunggang jama-jama mata nu babahan ko.According to traditional beliefs, if the pupils of your eyes are inverted (because s.o.’s reflection in the pupil is inverted), you are demon possessed.2The “heads” side of a coin.Bong kabaꞌ kau kaã, bong jama aku kaã.If it’s tails you win, if it’s heads I win.
jama-jama mata2root formbý mata2kamatahanlowang matamatamata asaanmata dallot2mata lambuꞌmata lilus2mata llawmata-mata1sammin matatangkop mata1nOne’s reflection in another person’s eye.
jamannA period of time in the past; an era.Jaman looy tud meka jama awam.At that time in the past there were a great deal of ignorant people.
jãman1Derivativejãmroot formjãmjãman21advInvolving a period of time that is more than one hour.2nA clock; watch.Ya’ bitu tuwaꞌ lãn jãm tuu.The time on this clock isn’t correct.
jãman2root formjãmjãman1nThe hour hand on a clock.Jãman lilus ilooy ma pondok banahan.The hour hand on a watch is the one that is the
jamaꞌcf.bogodkalongkopanvTo rape s.o.Bong ko nganjamaan danda ntuu, mastiꞌ tuwaꞌ ko hukuman kapatoy.If you rape a woman here, for sure you’ll receive the death penalty.