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laptcpAn emotive particle indicating excitement, conciliation, disappointment, empathy, etc. Sometimes can be loosely translated as “man”.Uy la, bay talabba ku manuk-manuk looy.Oh man, I let that bird get away.Tud maha la daying naa.That fish is really expensive, man.
Derivativekalãhanroot formkalãhancf.kalarahan1adjHot (w.r.t. the taste of s.t. because of peppers); peppery.Yaꞌ mahap meꞌ ku bay mangan sabap kalanduꞌ lã sapiꞌ looy.I didn’t enjoy eating because that beef was way too hot.2vTo make food hot-tasting with peppers.Bong ko buwat lawuk, palãhun.When you make a viand, make it hot tasting with peppers.
laanatsynonymkapil1nA pagan (characterized by having immoral or crude behavior and eating any kind of food).Bong ko meekan nda jama, yaꞌ luu pagtingkaan nu ka laanat.If you have sexual relations with another person’s wife, there is no difference between you and a pagan.2vTo treat s.o. as a pagan.Paki mmooy ngalaanat kau sukat ko nginum alak?Which religious leader is treating you like a pagan just because you drink liquor?synonymkapil
laangantsõncf.kalagguan21stative verbTo be out (w.r.t. the tide).Laang na lahat.The tide is out now.2vTo start or be going out (w.r.t. the tide); to wait until the tide goes out.Bong mintu palaang na lahat, yaꞌ na massut lansa ta.When the tide starts to go out later, our launch will no longer be able to enter.antsõn
laatDerivativekalaatan1root formkalaatan1kalaatan2overlapping synonymkamaatan1nA wrong; an evil (intrinsic).Oy na baw laat na sukat ku maku mangga?What is wrong with my just asking for some mangoes?2vTo have bad feelings towards s.o.Daa ko tigiꞌ ngalaatan jama atay.Don’t be fond of having bad feelings towards people.Daa ko hangat buwat man nu kinalaatan meꞌ sibuꞌ pagkahi nu.Don’t always be doing things that cause your fellowman to have bad feelings towards you.
labad1nThe swinging or spinning movement of a long object from a stationary pivot point (as with a propeller, a dog’s wagging tail, etc.).Tud tangkas labad jaga-jaga kappalomeng.The spinning of an airplane’s propeller is very fast.2vTo swing back and forth; to spin around and around (by holding on to the end of an object); ; (for an animal) to wag (its tail); to tumble end over end (as a stick or knife when thrown); to accidently be hit by a spinning object or object moving back and forth.Daa labaran nu kayu naa taggahaꞌ tuwaꞌ siyali nu.Don’t be swinging that stick back and forth lest you hit your younger brother.Iroꞌ naa maglabad-labad jaꞌ ingko na bong ngita papuꞌ na.That dog just wags its tail when it sees its master.Anak-anak looy lay matoy talabad meꞌ jaga-jaga kappalomeng.That child died from being hit by the spinning propeller of a plane.3vTo be able to see s.t. that is swinging back and forth or spinning around.Yaꞌ talabad ku kalloran jaga-jaga looy sabap kalanduꞌ tangkas.I can’t see the revolutions of that propeller because it’s going way too fast.
laba-labaantanok-anokv1To add lots of fuel to a fire (as when wanting to cook s.t. fast). [The object being cooked or the fire can be focused on by adding -an].Bong ko doman siglaꞌ tahak saging nu, laba-labahan nu api na.If you want your bananas to be cooked quickly, add lots of fuel to the fire.antanok-anok2To inflict much pain on s.o. by spanking, hitting, kicking, etc. [The instrument used must be made explicit by using the preposition ka) meaning with].Bong ya yaꞌ ngasip, laba-labahun doꞌ ka buway.If he doesn’t obey, give him a severe beating with a rattan stick.
laban1vTo be hit with or overcome by a sickness (often because of being already unhealthy or not taking care of oneself). [Always patient focus].Anak-anak tuu inulapay sampay nlaban na ga leꞌ numonya.This child has a cold even to the point of being hit with pneumonia.
laban2nA purpose for doing s.t.Oy laban nu mmeꞌ pa Sambuwangan bong ko yaꞌ du tabeꞌ kuli-kuli?What is your purpose in going along to Zamboanga if you aren’t included in any game?synonymmaksud
labasDerivativekalabasanlabasanroot formkalabasanlabasanvTo cut down undergrowth (as brush under coconut trees).Labasan doꞌ niyug ku.Cut down all the brush around my coconut trees.Daa labasun bastilaꞌ kayu ku.Don’t cut down my cassava plants.
labasanDerivativekalabasanlabasroot formkalabasanlabasnAn area where weeds were or will be cut down.
labba1vTo release; let go; put down; to stop doing s.t.; leave.Palabba na ku ni palhimpunan tuu.I’m going to leave (lit. let go of) this organization.Bong yaꞌ labbahan nu manuk naa, timbak ta ko.If you don’t let go of that chicken, I’ll shoot you.2advStarting from a point in time.Labba man maruhuꞌ sampay batnaa masi ko yaꞌ takupan ku.From way back before until now I still haven’t forgotten
labbakantbuntuꞌ1cf.kabbak 3nA valley; a dip in a road.Tud mahap huma jama looy sabap lay ni labbak.That person’s garden is very nice because it is in a valley.
labbasakayioverlapping synonymlansungadjWhole thing; all; every bit of s.t.; everyone.Tabbongun na saging naa labbasakayi sagannap ma buwaan.Cut down everyone of those banana trees that have fruit.overlapping synonymsikamimon
labboadjSoft w.r.t. mud (characterized by being easy to sink down into).Daa ko palintas man sõng looy sabap labbo.Don’t cross that river because the bottom is soft (and you can easily sink down into it).cf.lammaꞌ
labbongDerivativekalabbonganroot formkalabbonganvTo bury or put s.t. in the ground; to plant s.t.Labbongun doꞌ bastilaꞌ kayu tuu.Plant this cassava.Meka mananap palabbong njawom tanaꞌ.Many small creatures bury themselves in the dirt.
labbosanttangonanDerivativekalabbosanroot formkalabbosan1stative verbTo be or get demoted or placed in a lower position; to be sagging down.Lay na labbos ntan mastal looy.That teacher has already been demoted (lit. the teacher’s position already got into a lower position).Labbos pikpik manuk looy bay tuwaꞌ timbak.That chicken’s wing is sagging down from being shot.2vTo demote; to set s.t. down that has been sitting on top of s.t. (as when launching a boat that has been dry docked, putting one’s crossed leg down, etc.); to go or slip down to a lower position.Labbosun bi na lansa looy.Launch that boat down in the water now.Lay palabbos kõk anak-anak looy man taꞌ tangý na.That child’s head slipped down from on top of his pillow.Lay llabbos ntan na meꞌ tawki na sabap bay ya tasannib yaꞌ paintong.His boss demoted him because he was discovered to be dishonest.
labiroot formkulang-labi2Compoundkulang-labi11nAn excess; a protruding or projecting part; leftovers; surplus.Mangan du lalla looy bong luu gi labi man ga anak na bay mangan.That man only eats when there’s still some leftovers from his children eating.Pýtun doꞌ labi papan man na bay buwat lumaꞌ.Pick up the surplus boards that he used for building a house.2adjExtra; excess.Bong ko tigi makoy bitsala labi, sõng hallom, yaꞌ na luu jama pitsaya’ ningkau.If you’re fond of exaggerating (lit. using excess words), after awhile, no one will believe you anymore.3advMore than; even more so; how much more; how much less.Labi duwampýꞌ eka niyug looy.There are more than twenty of those coconuts.Bong ko yaꞌ kaasean induꞌ-mmaꞌ nu, labi na jama sarÿ.If you aren’t loved by your parents, how much less other people.Labi mahap bong ku tabangan nu.It would be even better if you would help me.4vTo give/have an excess, too much or extra; to overhang, extend beyond; to exaggerate.Tahaꞌ bay ngalabi sukuran na.The length extended beyond his tape measure.Jama looy tuktuk na mitsala ngalabi.Everytime that man talks he exaggerates.Maglabi bitu meꞌ nu bay ngalabuan sÿn ku.You gave me too much change.Daa ko palabi man kahandak Tuhan.Don’t go beyond what God wills.Bong ko dagang mangga, labihan nu disu duwa mari jama tinagi malli.When you sell mangoes, give one or two extra so people will like to buy (from you).
labitn1A rice sack used for squeezing grated cassava.Kaddoan doꞌ ku karut man ku buwat labit.Get me a rice sack so I can make s.t. for squeezing grated cassava in.2The dry protective material (in appearance like a burlap) which grows at the base of coconut palm fronds sheathing the young frond and the blossom.Lakkahan nu labit niyug nu mari yaꞌ pagsãngan babaw.Remove the sheathing from your coconut trees so rats won’t make a nest in them.
lablabDerivativekalablabanroot formkalablaban1nThe flames from a fire. [This is often used interchangeably with “lablaban”].Takurat ku leꞌ lablab kulayit looy dabuhiꞌ.I was startled by the flames coming out of that kerosene lantern last night.Tud mehe lablaban itang-itang looy.The fire from those coconut branches is giving off very big flames.2vTo be flaming; to make a fire flame.Daa pabiyahun palitaan nu ngalablab taggahaꞌ tutung lumaꞌ nu.Don’t leave your lamp there flaming lest your house burn up.Lablaban nu api naa mari siglaꞌ pupud.Make that fire flame so the wood will be burned up quickly.
labog-labogsynonymbahag-bahagnA snake-shaped inedible sea cucumber.synonymbahag-bahag
labotnThe edible part of a sea cucumber’s intestine.
labu1nA long white squash or its vine.Palele na utan labu ku.My white squash vine is crawling now.
labu2Derivativelabuhanroot formlabuhannAnchor [generic] (as a stone, iron bar, anchor, etc.).Labuun na labu tabi sabap tapit na bihing.Drop our anchor now because we are close to shore.
labu3nThe tentacles of an octopus, cuttlefish, or squid.Labu kanuus mahap binuwat ampon man mahambu.Squid tentacles are good to use for bait when fishing.