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na1ptcpNow (indicates the arrival of the time of an expected event or the attainment of an expected state now; or indicates that before the situation was different but now it has changed); already (indicates the occurrence of an event or the attainment of a state sooner than expected).Niyaꞌ na luu anak da.They don’t have any children now.Sso na bitu anak-anak tuu.This child is already full.
na2proHe/she/it, his/her/its. (Third person singular pronoun, non focus actor; third person singular possessive pronoun).Paku ku doꞌ manuk na.I’m going to ask for his chickenBay balli na motol ku.He bought my motorcycle.
na pinptcpIndicates something more to be added; something else; s.t. continually or still there; indicates a persistence in spite of obstacles.Oy na pin bitsala nu?What else do you have to say?Minsan yaꞌ meka mangga, luu na pin baw takoleꞌ kami.Even though there aren’t many mangoes, there are still some that we can get.Pasõng na pin basag baliyu looy.The wind is continually getting stronger.Ongoy subay na pin luu soheꞌ nu?Why do you need to have a companion?Indam ku na pin motol na minsan ya bay mãꞌ yaꞌ maindam.I’m still going to try to borrow his motorcycle even though he said he wouldn’t loan it out.
naaoverlapping synonymneeadjThat (topic is close to the hearer or on the hearer’s person).Timanan doꞌ boboꞌ naa.Throw that trash away.overlapping synonymnee
nabalnA navy ship.Bong yaꞌ tarang lansa nu pa Sabah, luu jaꞌ masa nu tasungkub leꞌ nabal.If your boat going to Sabah isn’t officially cleared, there will come a time when you will be caught by a navy ship.
nabiDerivativekanabi-nabihanroot formkanabi-nabihannA prophet.Bong ni agama Islam Nabi Muhammad yana nabi katapusan.According to the religion of Islam, Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet.
nadjissynonymtayiꞌn(Euph) A polite word for excrement; stool.Gamgam na jama looy sabap tohas na nadjis na.That person is relieved now because his stool is hard now.synonymtayiꞌ
naganA dragon (often found in traditional narratives).Tabiat naga nabbat jama.Dragons habitually snatch and devour people.
nagasgasvTo make a swishing or brushing sound.
nageesvTo make a friction-type of sound (as when sanding, sawing, zipping, etc.).
nagustusvTo make a rustling sound.
naguutvTo make a sound by tightening a rope very tightly around s.t.
nahasDerivativekanahasanroot formkanahasancf.tuwak balaꞌ 1adjUnlucky, unfortunate (only w.r.t. acquiring an injury to one’s body).Baꞌ-bãꞌ kasohean, sahali buwan nahas man patuwak.According to some, the first day of the month is an unlucky day for travelling (as it may end in injury to one’s body).
nahu1nWisdom; intelligence.Bong siꞌ saꞌ bay jama lawm nahu na bay pasambung ni siga kunsihal, yaꞌ bay salassay palkalaꞌ looy.If it wasn’t for a person with deep wisdom intervening with those counselors, that case wouldn’t have been resolved.2vTo have a contest to see who is the wisest.Magnahu-nahuan kitabi mari kinatoonan bong soy lawm nahu na.Let’s have a contest so it will be known who has deep
najaloverlapping synonymkasasangian1nA pledge or vow.Luu najal ku lunsay bong ku lupus na ngattom.I have a vow to put on a courtship dance when I finish harvesting.2vTo pledge or vow to do s.t.Daa ko magnajal bong yaꞌ tatuman nu.Don’t make a vow if you can’t fulfill it.overlapping synonymsasangiꞌ
nalegtegvTo become very thin (almost like a skeleton).Nalegteg na baran na ngintom silungan na.His body is becoming very thin from missing his sweetheart.overlapping synonymkagkag 3keeg 3usuk
naletekv(For s.t.) to make a clattering or rattling sound; to cause s.t. to make a clattering sound [ma-].
nalkaꞌ1nHell.Soysoy saꞌ sukuꞌ Tuhan mag-unung ya ka seytan pa nalkaꞌ.Whoever doesn’t belong to God will go together with demons to hell.2vTo be put in hell.Tanalkaꞌ soysoy yaꞌ mmeꞌ ni kahandak Tuhan.Whoever doesn’t follow the will of God will be put in hell.
nampangsilaꞌvTo sit with one leg crossed.Tampalasa bina jama nampangsilaꞌ ni tangngaꞌ manusiyaꞌ.It’s impolite for people to sit with one leg crossed in
nanaanDerivativenanaꞌroot formnanaꞌadjHaving pus.Nanaan simuhaꞌ jama naa.That person’s pimples have pus in them.
nanaꞌDerivativenanaanroot formnanaan1nPus from an infection.Tud bay meka nanaꞌ butut na.He had a great deal of pus in his boil.2vTo develop pus.Ngananaꞌ sina kato nu bong yaꞌ ulian nu.Your sore will develop pus if you don’t medicine it.
Nangcf.Toꞌ 2Yong 2Yung 21vocative nounAn affectionate term of address used by adults when addressing younger women or girls. Can be loosely translated as “Young Lady”, “Girlie”.Nang, matiꞌ na ko mangan, boꞌ nu kaiskul.Girlie, wake up and eat, and then you can go to school.2vTo address or refer to s.o. as ꞌNangꞌ.Ongoy ko magNang niyaku? Siyaka gi ku man kau.Why are you addressing me as Girlie? I’m older than you are.
nangkaꞌnJackfruit.Yaꞌ ku doman mangan nangkaꞌ bong yaꞌ gi bay pinisi sabap ngakkot.I don’t want to eat jackfruit if it hasn’t had the fruit removed yet because it sticks to everything.
nangngadDerivativemagnangngad-nangngaransaki nangngadroot formmagnangngad-nangngaransaki nangngadv(For a woman) to be experiencing the first few months of pregnancy.Kasohean danda saki bong nangngad.Some women are sick when they’re in their first few months of pregnancy.
nangon tandukroot formsangonIdiomsangonvTo pretend to be rich.Bong ko tigiꞌ nangon tanduk, pinatattohan ko leꞌ jama.If you are fond of pretending to be rich, people will laugh at you.