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odjosverb intransitiveTo be standing still.Tud bay tawu nda ku dabuhiꞌ sabap pag tele’ na pa bukutan odjos-odjos tubangkit ni dambulihan na.My wife was really afraid last night because when she looked back, she happened to see a ghost standing still behind her.Kalappitan sina tuut nu bong ko wã paodjos.Your knee will become stiff if you keep standing still.overlapping synonymbaggopunduk
ogognDiscretion. [Used only with the negative “niyaꞌ” plus the existential “luu”].Jama looy yaꞌ luu ogog na ngalimut induꞌ-mmaꞌ na.That person doesn’t have any discretion because he gossips about his parents.
ohoꞌ1advYes.Ohoꞌ, malli ku badjuꞌ naa.Yes, I’ll buy that shirt.2vTo give an affirmative reply; to agree (to s.t.); to say yes; to pressure or force s.o. to say yes [ma-].Daa ko ngohoꞌ bong ko yaꞌ kuhi buwat.Don’t say yes if you aren’t willing to work.Ongoy ya bay ohoan nu?Why did you say yes to him?
okomDerivativeokomanroot formokomanvTo shelter, protect, care for under one’s wings (this is used both literally and figuratively); to put chicks under a hen [ma-].Mura sina matay anak manuk nu bong yaꞌ padari nu okoman induꞌ da.Your chicks might die if you don’t allow them to be sheltered under their mother’s wings.
okomanDerivativeokomroot formokomnA place of protection, care and having s.o. responsible for you (literally under the wing of).Daa na ko susahan mma’ nu sabap iya ilay lay na njawom okoman Tuhan.Don’t worry about your father anymore because he’s now in the care of God (lit. under God’s wing).
omangcf.tatusnHermit crab.Omang basawung ni kuwit padilawtan.Hermit crabs take up residence in
ompo-omposynonymsoo-soovTo be hesitant to approach s.o. (because of fear or shyness); to be hesitant to start doing s.t.Sangkon ku mag-ompo-ompo pawus pa lumaꞌ na sabap tawu ku kineket meꞌ iroꞌ na.The reason I’m hesitant to proceed to his house is because I’m afraid of being bitten by his
ongascf.sinookoverlapping synonymupaw 21adjBald.Yaꞌ meka jama Mapun ongas.There aren’t many bald Mapun people.2vTo become bald.Paongas sina kõk nu bong ko kalanduꞌ mamiki pa lawom.Your head will become bald if you think way too 2overlapping synonymsinookupaw
ongkatMinor entrydongkatvTo tilt up on one side, end, or edge.
ongkaꞌMinor entrytongkaꞌadjLame.
ongoyDerivativeongoy bongroot formkongoyongoy bongadvWhy.Ongoy ko bay pitu?Why did you come here?
ongoy bongDerivativeongoyroot formkongoyongoyinterrogativeWhat do I care if...Ongoy bong ku kabobowan bong pin anak ku ja’ lay kakakan?What do I care if I’m starving as long as my children have eaten?
Ongoy taggahaꞌ...?root formtaggahaꞌquestionWhy in the world ..?Ongoy ya taggahaꞌ niyaꞌ marari jama pingkaꞌ man lumaꞌ na?Why in the world won’t he allow people to pass by his house?
onotDerivativeonotanroot formonotanvTo stretch s.t. (that is long like a strip of rubber or a rubber band).Tud awod lita’ tuu inonot sabap baga kalandu’.This rubber strip is difficult to stretch because it’s too thick.Kallong angsa’ looy mag-onot-onot bong ngita jama.The neck of that goose stretches forward and back when it sees people.
onotanDerivativeonotroot formonotnThe stretching capacity of s.t.Taha’ la onotan lita’ tuu.This rubber band sure has a long stretch capacity.
onseDerivativeonsehanroot formonsehanv1To chase after s.o. or s.t.; to pursue s.t.Nabang doꞌ kam ngonse manuk looy. Ya’ luu lawuk tabi.Help chase that chicken. We don’t have any viand.2To take a certain amount of time to run or travel from one place to another.Dangon jãm onse lansa nu man Mapun pa Sandakan?How many hours does it take your boat to travel from Mapun to Sandakan.3To run together usually in competition; race each other; to be neck and neck (as when two people are going back and forth ahead in a race).Ongoy ko bay magsionse anak ku masi gi yaꞌ koleꞌ banahan.Why did you have my child race when he still isn’t very well?Sibuwa-sibuwa mag-onse jaꞌ butuꞌ si Ibi ka si Hamdan.At the beginning Ibi’s and Hamdan’s votes were neck and neck.4To take a problem or legal case to someone; to take s.t. right away to some place.Bong sat palkalaꞌ dikiꞌ ni barangay, san daa na onsehan bi pilay pa upis munisipal.If it is just a small legal case in the village, there is no need to take it to the municipal office.Bong luu-luu sÿn nu, onsehan nu pa Tanaꞌ Makket, yaꞌ sina ko kapahanda.If everytime you have money, you take it right away to Tanaꞌ Makket, you won’t be able to take a wife.
onsehanDerivativeonseroot formonsenA person who will not stand up to s.o. in a fight or contest.
ontalcf.pangintaꞌv1To eat s.t. straight without the normal accompanying foods or ingredients.Ontalun jaꞌ kinakan naa bong yaꞌ luu lawuk nu.Just eat that rice by itself if you don’t have any viand.Paddi sina battong nu bong ko wã ngontal saka.Your stomach will hurt if you always eat straight sugar.2To call s.o. by their first name without any proper term of address.Daa ko badja ngontal awon jama ma siyaka man kau.Don’t learn to call people who are older than you by just their firstꞌ
opangcf.owang-owang2nA variety of
orangDerivativeorang-orang1root formorang-orang1orang-orang2cf.opangowang-owang1nPrawn; shrimp.Tud mehe-mehe orang ndooy ni Sandakan.The shrimp in Sandakan are very big.
orang-orang1Derivativeorangroot formorangorang-orang2nA lure that looks like a shrimp used for catching squid.Bong siꞌ luu orang-orang ku, ngorang-ngorang doꞌ ku mintu sangom.If I had a lure, I’d go fishing for squid later tonight.
orang-orang2root formorangorang-orang11adjDecribes a kind of woven mat that has shrimp woven in the design.Tud lambu tipo orang-orang naa.That shrimp designed mat is very wide.2vTo fish for squid with a lure that looks like a shrimp.
oso1nPole; support, as for vegetables growing.Mantok doꞌ ko oso man ta ngingkotan gakit ta.Stick a vertical pole in the sea mud so we can tie our raft to it.2vTo stick a pole down in sea mud.Ngoso doꞌ ko man ta ngingkotan gakit ta.Stick a pole down in the sea mud so we can tie our raft to
os-ossynonymdabas-dabasvTo be hasty, in a rush (when doing s.t.); quick (to speak without thinking).Daa ko os-os masonse motol njawom nguud, taggahaꞌ habbaꞌ ko.Don’t be in a rush to drive a motorcycle in a slippery place lest you fall over.Daa ko os-os mãꞌ jama naa dupang.Don’t be quick to say that person isꞌ-dæꞌ
Otoꞌvocative nounAn affectionate term of address for a boy in one’s family or any small boy or young man. Similar to Junior, Sonny, Young Man).

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