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taproWe (dual), our (dual). First person dual non-focus pronoun inclusive of speaker and hearer only. Also used as lst person singular non-focus pronoun when focusing on a second person singular or plural pronoun. Also possessive pronoun for first person dual.Balli ta daying naa.Let’s (you and I) buy that fish.Ballihan ta ko daying.I will buy you some fish.Ituu kitu sÿn ta?Is this our money?
ta-overlapping synonymka-1maka-1affixAn object/goal/patient focus verbal prefix denoting circumstantial, non-volitional or abilitative action. Translates as can or happen to.Bay ku tasungkub ni Sandakan.I happened to be arrested in Sandakan.
Derivativekatãhanroot formkatãhansynonymkalawakan1nDistance; farness.Pooy tã Tanaꞌ Makket lakka man Sikob?What is the distance from Sikob to Tanaꞌ Makket?2adjective; adverbFar; distant; farther.Pawan tã lagi man Sandakan.Palawan is farther than Sandakan.Luma’ na tã mantuu.His house is far from here.3adverb; verbTo go (far) away; to cause s.t. to be far away.Daa ko lumãn patã.Don’t go far away.Tud bay pinatã meꞌ na niman sumpatoy iroꞌ looy.He really threw that dead dog’s carcass far away.Patãhun mantuu sapiꞌ naa.Get that cow far from here.Patã ko.Go away.Patahan doꞌ jamban tuu.Move this outhouse farther away.
ta koexpressionAn expression (usually following an adjective) meaning “I tell you."Tabaan ta ko.This is delicious, I tell you.
taabilDerivativepanaabilroot formpanaabilvTo interpret the meaning of a dream, vision or any unusual occurence.Luu sina paki pandoy naabil upihan.There are religious leaders who know how to interpret dreams.
taadjivTo delay (in helping or attending to s.o. in hardship).Daa kam naadji jama matoy. Kubuhun bi deꞌ-dæꞌ.Don’t delay in attending to the needs of a dead person. Bury him quickly.
taallaw1nA ritual religious song sung while carrying a deceased person to his grave.Taallaw man jama ngalangan-langan jama matoy.The ritual song that people sing to a deceased person in a slow tempo is “taallaw”.2vTo sing this ritual song to/for a deceased person.Imam Ajad tukang naallawan jama matoy.Imam Ajad is the one who sings ritual songs to deceased people.
taalukv1To take over and control.Bay maksud Jipon maruhuꞌ naaluk mimon kalahat-lahatan ni junyaꞌ.The purpose of the Japanese before was to take over and control all the places in the world.2To persuade people to follow your thinking (often w.r.t. one’s religion).3To exchange ideas (to see who has the best idea).Subay kitabi magsitaaluk-taaluk pamiki tabi mari luu kamadjuwan lahat tabi.We should exchange ideas so that there will be improvement in our place.
taamcf.pamoon1nA loop made in the end of a rope (by separating the strands at the end of the rope and forcing them back into the main part of the rope with a metal instrument similar to a ice pick).Buwatan nu taam ingkot nu man nu masambung pamoon.Make a loop in your rope so you can connect it to the short rope attached to the nose ring of a cow.2vTo make a loop in the end of a rope.Bong yaꞌ taam bi ingkot sapiꞌ bi, mura maglokoꞌ pamoon na.If you don’t make a loop in the end of the rope used for moving your cow, the rope attached to the cow’s nose ring will become all twisted up.
taam-taamoverlapping synonymsoo-soovTo be hesitant to continue on doing s.t.Daa na kam magtaam-taam paasok bong luu tuud bi niyaku.Don’t be hesitant to enter if you have a purpose for seeing me.Pooy meꞌ katis kinakan nu bong ko magtaam-taam mangan?How are you going to finish your food if you are so hesitant to continue eating?
taan11nA bet; a wager.Dangoy taan nu?How much is your bet?2vTo wager or bet on s.t.Butuꞌ pinagsitaanan meꞌ jama Mapun.The outcome of voting is bet on by Mapun people.Taanan nu sÿn tuu.Bet this money.Taanan nu manuk tuu.Bet on this chicken.
taan2vTo set a trap (for fish, birds, chickens) in place.Bay taanan matoa ku angpas na.My father-in-law set his fish trap in place.
taanak-anakDerivativeanakanakanhanak1root formanakanak battisanak dandaanak halambiyaraꞌanak haron1anak iluꞌ-iluꞌanak inakuanak iyatinanak kalluanak lallaanak tangananak tapaananak tiliꞌanakananak-anakananak-danganakananak-mpudampahanakhanak1pahanakstative verbTo be sort of young; sort of like a child.Yaꞌ gi ko pataꞌ binuwanan kabugtuan sabap masi gi ko taanak-anak.It isn’t yet fitting for you to be given the last of my secret knowledge because you are still sort of young.
taatoverlapping synonymamma 21nA requirement (esp. w.r.t. religious laws or beliefs).Puwasa disu taat mehe ni agama Islam.Fasting is one of the major requirements of the Islamic religion.2vTo perform the requirements of religion/God (esp. the five pillars).Kaekahan imam basag magtaat pa Tuhan.Most imams strickly perform the requirements of God.3vTo require s.t. from s.o. (like a dowry for a girl, pay for being taught, healed, etc.).Pagka kita miskin, daa kita hangat naatan jama kalanduꞌ.Since we are poor, let’s not require such an excessive amount from people.Taatan nu ya tallu karut bohas.Require him to give three sacks of
taatay-atayDerivativeataykõk ataymagmaataypangatayanroot formataykõk ataymagmaataypangatayanvTo be constantly in one’s thoughts. [Always object focus.]Taatay-atay ku ja’ bay pinaruhan meꞌ mmaꞌ ku binoo pa Manila.It’s constantly in my thoughts that my father is planning to take me to Manila.
taayuncf.uyun1adjIn harmony; united; in agreement.Inaa ga jama taayun ni oy-oy pabuwatan.Those are united people in whatever they do.2vTo be in agreement; to be united.Mimon kunsihal ni Tandoan bay magtaayun buwat stæj.All the counselors in Tandoan were united in building a stage.Pagsitaayunun bi pamiki bi mari luu kamadjuwan bi ngusaha.Cause your thinking to be united so you’ll have improvement in your making a
tabaanDerivativetabaꞌroot formtabaꞌ1adjDelicious.Tud tabaan manuk tuu.This chicken is really delicious.2vTo make s.t. delicious.Patabaanun lawuk naa.Make that viand delicious.
tabalelannThe upper part of the wall at the gable ends of a house.Nampiyas lumaꞌ ta sabap yaꞌ gi lupus tabalelan na.Rain is coming in our house because the upper wall at the gable end is not yet finished.
tabanDerivativekatabananroot formkatabananvTo snatch; grab at s.t.Daa ko nangge-nangge maka bangbãng nu nnaa, tagahaꞌ lay ko tabanan iroꞌ.Don’t stand around with your pastry there, otherwise a dog will snatch some from you.Bong mintu bay labu’ mangga naa, tabanan do’ ari’ nu.When that mango falls later, snatch it for your little brother.Dagangan ku yaꞌ bay hallom pinagsitabanan meꞌ anak-anak iskul.My goods for sale were bought up (lit. snatched) quickly by the school children.Tabanun pitakaꞌ na.Snatch his wallet.
tabangDerivativekatabanganroot formkatabangansynonymtampu 2overlapping synonympatulungan1nHelp; aid; assistance (both physical and material).Tud bay mehe tabang mayul ni kuli-kulihan tabi.The Mayor’s financial help for our games was big.2vTo help s.o. do s.t.; to rescue or save s.o. from danger or financial ruin.Bong bohat boonan nu, tabangan ta ko moo.If your load is heavy, I’ll help you carry it.Bong ko bay limbo, tabang ta sa ko.If you start to drown, I will rescue you.
tabasDerivativetabasantabas-tabasroot formtabasantabas-tabasvTo cut cloth (according to a pattern or measurement in order to make a garment).Pandoy ko nabas badju?Do you know how to cut out material for a shirt?
tabasanDerivativetabastabas-tabasroot formtabastabas-tabasnGarments that need to be cut out of cloth.Yaꞌ na ko tatabasan ku sabap meka na tabasan ku.I can’t cut out material for you because I already have many garments to cut out.
tabas-tabasDerivativetabastabasanroot formtabastabasannCloth scraps; the leftover pieces of cloth after cutting out a garment.
tabawusantlagbaystative verbTo be able to proceed as intended (as on a planned journey).Dilaw yaꞌ bay tabawus lansa si Eding lome sabap landos lahat.Yesterday Eding’s boat was not able to proceed on its journey because of bad weather.Tabawus du lunsay ni luma’ Paꞌ Dasad mintu sangom?Will the dance take place (as intended) at Dasad’s house later tonight?
tabaꞌDerivativetabaanroot formtabaansynonymmanniꞌnThe fat on any kind of meat or fish.Tabaꞌ sapiꞌ kalangkaw lahaꞌ.Beef fat can cause one to have high blood pressure.