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ubat1nGun powder.Ga jama tuu meꞌ ubat na ka api. Tuktuk da sitammu magti sasaꞌ.These people are like gun powder and fire. Every time they meet they immediately quarrel.2vTo dynamite (as fish, a place with fish, a mine, etc.).Daa hangat ubatun lagundiꞌ.Don’t always be dynamiting the lagoon.
ubayvTo lie side by side; to sleep with s.o. or s.t.Ubayan ta ko sina kambot bong ko wã nangis.I’ll lie down with a belt for you if you keep on crying.Dari ku paubay ningkau?Can I lie down next to you?Ongoy ko ngubay bariꞌ?Why are you sleeping with a machete?
ubinYam, a large starchy tuber.Ubi tabaan inuwad.Yams are delicious when made into a watery pudding.
ubud-ubudnA type of thin long fish.
udjuDerivativekaudjuwanroot formkaudjuwannA funeral; a great sorrow.Lakka man udju looy ko?Did you come from that funeral?
udjutoverlapping synonymkadja 2nSense (in doing s.t.). [When sa’ comes later after this word it negates the noun and thus means no sense].Bong sila sigpit ni balanjaꞌ, udjut na kau doꞌ pinakan saꞌ anak da doꞌ duhuꞌ.If they are hard up for provisions, there’s no sense in feeding you first instead of their children.overlapping synonymkadja
udjuꞌDerivativepangudjuꞌroot formpangudjuꞌcf.pagluyansynonymludjum1nRidicule; mockery.Udjuꞌ yana tabiat maat.Ridicule is a bad habit.2vTo belittle s.o.; to ridicule; to mock.Daa ko ngudjuꞌ jama maha ko kinisas.Don’t ridicule people lest the same thing happen to you.
ugpuꞌnLower back.Paddi ugpuꞌ ku bong ku hallom ningkõꞌ.My lower back hurts if I sit for a long time.tableanak tanganbaha 1baranbattis 1battong 1behebuku-buku battisbuku-buku tanganbuliꞌ 1buwaꞌ battisbuwaꞌ langngon1buwaꞌ langngon2 1býd1haplaꞌindimaniskapelangalokoanmagtingapãtsammosikutambuwakantangantikod 2tõng 3tudtud1 1tundun1tuut 2
ug-ýgvTo comfort s.o.; to get s.o. to use good reasoning; to convince s.o. with soft words.Yaꞌ sina patagong anak-anak naa nangis bong yaꞌ ug-ýgan nu.That child won’t stop crying if you don’t comfort him.Bong saꞌ bay aku ngug-ngýgan anak na, yaꞌ bay kuhi kinawin ka lalla looy.If it wasn’t for me convincing his daughter, she wouldn’t have been willing to marry that man.
ujudnResult; outcome.Jama panangkaw ujud na tajÿl du ya.A thief’s outcome will be that he will be put in jail.
ulalangDerivativeinulalangroot forminulalangcf.pukinPubic hair.Anak-anak yaꞌ gi luu ulalang na.A child doesn’t have any pubic hair yet.
ulamaꞌoverlapping synonymalimnA scholar in Islam, an authority on Muslim religion and laws.Yaꞌ katoonan ta bong ongoy manusiyaꞌ bay pinapayak meꞌ Tuhan bong kita yaꞌ bay kabaan meꞌ ulamaꞌ.We can’t know why man was created by God unless we are told by an Islamic scholar.overlapping synonymalim
ulangig1nAn echo.Kasohean jama tawu ni ulangig halling da ni jawom lumaꞌ mehe.Some people are afraid of their voice’s echo in a large building.2vTo echo.Ngulangig sina halling nu bong ko howap ni jawom lumaꞌ mehe.Your voice will echo if you yell in a large building.
ulapayDerivativeinulapayroot forminulapaynA common cold; any disorder with runny nose symtoms.Bong luu ulapay nu sinappun ko.If you have a cold you will have a runny nose.
ulawicf.lindu-dandam 2vTo wail; cry loudly (because of deep sorrow or grief).Daa ulawihan nu mmaꞌ nu.Don’t wail over your father.Ngkon ku mag-ulawi, lay ku mbanan silungan ku.The reason I’m wailing is because I’ve been abandoned by my boyfriend.
uldinDerivativekauldinanroot formkauldinan1nAn order; a warrant; an authorization; a command.Pulis looy yaꞌ nungkub bong yaꞌ luu uldin man mayul.That policeman won’t arrest s.o. if he doesn’t have a warrant from the mayor.2vTo give an order; to command; to authorize.Soy bay uldinan mayul nohoꞌ mahati raayat pasal miting looy?Who did the mayor order to inform the citizens about that meeting?
uleꞌMinor entrybeꞌleꞌmeꞌ1prepA non-focus agent marker used with passive verbs. Translated sometimes as “by”.
ulihanconjuntionAnd then after all that. [This is always followed by man naa or sometimes man dooy].Buddi ku ninkau yaꞌ taambat, ulihan man naa pag aku njawom sigpit pabiya nu jaꞌ ku.All the favors I’ve done for you can’t be counted, and then after all that when I’m in hardship you just ignore me.
uling1stative verbTo be or get dizzy. [This is always followed by the word mata meaning eye].Masi uling mata ku sabap bahau jaꞌ ku bay duwai man taꞌ lansa.I’m still dizzy because I just got off that boat.2vTo make s.o. dizzy.Daa paulingun mata anak-anak naa.Don’t make that child dizzy.Lay jaꞌ paulingan nu mata ku sipiha ka bariꞌ looy, boꞌ ko lay na hati paballihan nu.You just made me dizzy looking for that machete, but the fact is you went and sold it.
uliꞌDerivativekaulianpangunguliꞌroot formkaulianpangunguliꞌ1nDrug; medicine; remedy.Ballihan doꞌ ku uliꞌ paddi kõk.Buy me some headache medicine.Isu-isu ýk uliꞌ lasu na niyaku.Only a kiss will do as a remedy for her anger towards me.2vTo treat s.o. medically; to cure s.o.; to remedy s.t.Bay ku ulian na maka pinisilin.He treated me with penicillin.Soy bay ngulian bakat anak nu?Who treated your childs cut?Soy bay kauliꞌ saki nu?Who cured your sickness?Subay ya ballihan nu kindi man nu ngulian tangis na.You should buy him some candy in order to remedy his crying.
ululDerivativeinululroot forminululnRabies.Bong iroꞌ luu ulul na, piligru bong bay kakeket.If a dog has rabies, it’s dangerous if s.o. gets bit.
-um-affixWith intransitive verbs usually indicating non-volition. Agent or actor is always in focus.Daa kam padilawut bong sasang landos lahat taggahaꞌ tumande kam.Don’t go fishing when the wind is strong lest you capsize.Lay humayaꞌ anak nu.Your child fell on his back.Pahaphãp ko humangkop.Be careful you don’t fall face down.
umaMinor entryhuma2vTo bark (at s.t. or s.o.).Oy lay uma iroꞌ looy?What is that dog barking at?
umagadDerivativekaumagaranroot formkaumagaran1nA spirit that supposedly gives inner courage. It is believed that this spirit will often leave a person when extremely frightened or startled. However, if it is strong, it will not leave even when facing great danger.Bong yaꞌ takkoꞌ umagad nu, daa ko mmeꞌ sibonoꞌ.If your spirit of inner courage isn’t strong, don’t join the war.2vTo lose one’s spirit of inner courage.Inumagad sila bong ku luu.They lose their spirit of inner courage if I’m around.
umagakv(For a male) to have sexual intercourse with a female (both humans and animals). [Vulgar language].