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root formwã bongMinor entrymala2walaoverlapping synonymhangatCompoundwã bongadvAlways; keep doing s.t.Ongoy ko wã lasuhan aku?Why are you always angry at me?Kalappitan sina tuut nu bong ko wã paodjos.Your knee will become stiff if you keep standing still.
wã bongroot formCompoundconjuntionUnless.Yaꞌ ko nakka Tanaꞌ Makket njawom danjãm wã bong pupusan nu basag nu sonse.You won’t be able to arrive in Tanaꞌ Makket in one hour unless you run with all the strength you have.overlapping synonymhangat
wadjitMinor entryuwadjitnA type of cake made from sticky rice, sugar and coconut milk.Sinukang battong ku ni wadjit.My stomach is allergic to sticky rice cake.
wajibDerivativekawajibanroot formkawajibancf.subaysynonympalduꞌadjMandatory; obligatory; compulsory; proper; right.Wajib bangsa Islam sumbahayang.It’s obligatory for Muslims to pray.Meꞌ kita jama bagay, wajib du baw bina kita situlung-tulung.With us being friends, it’s only right that we help each other.
wakilDerivativekawakilanroot formkawakilanMinor entryuwakil1nAn agent; representative; deputy; ambassador.Bong ko yaꞌ panday nguwali , miha ko wakil nu.If you don’t know how to tell the religious leader to go ahead and marry the bride and groom, look for s.o. to be your representative.2vTo appoint s.o. to a position; to appoint s.o. to be a representative.Kapitan looy bay nguwakilan si Edward lupung.That community leader appointed Edward to be one of the officials to help settle disputes.
wak-sampaMinor entryuwak-sampan2A companion bird followed around by a demon who has a spear (see sampa).
waktuDerivativewaktuhanroot formwaktuhannTime.Daa kam hibuk bong waktu jama sumbahayang.Don’t make noise when it’s time for people to pray.
waktuhanDerivativewakturoot formwaktuadvAt the time.Waktuhan ku bay buwat ni K.K., bay ku kaannaꞌ sÿn tallu libu ringgit.At the time I was working in Kota Kinabalu, I was able to save three thousand ringgit.
walaMinor entrymala2advAlways.Wala nangis anak-anak tuu.This child is always crying.
walinThe man who gives permission to a religious leader to go ahead and marry the bride and groom. This man must be an “usba” (see usba) meaning either the bride’s father, an older brother of the bride’s father, an older first cousin of the bride’s father whose fathers were brothers, etc.
walnaꞌ1cf.jinggaꞌtablegaranaitom 3kagarungansakulatitawuk 21nColor.Oy walnaꞌ tipo karomanan nu?What color of mat do you want?2vTo color s.t.Tud panday anak nu nguwalnaꞌ pataꞌ lansa tuu.Your child really knows how to color the picture of this boat.
walnaꞌ2vTo decide.Yaꞌ ku panday nguwalnaꞌ bong soy sila bana.I don’t know how to decide which one of them is innocent.
wapatcf.imuwa 3Minor entryuwapat1adjThe late or deceased (w.r.t. a hadjiꞌ or salip).Soy inawnan wapat Hadjiꞌ Sanul?Who do you mean by the late Hadjiꞌ Sanul?2vTo die; to be dead (w.r.t. a hadjiꞌ or salip).Bong ko yaꞌ doman wapat, deanun na niyaku sÿn nu.If you don’t want to die, give me your money.Hallom na jama looy lay wapat.That person has been dead for a long time now.3vTo kill (a hadjiꞌ or salip).Pauwapatun na hadjiꞌ naa bong tohas kõk na.Kill that hadjiꞌ if he’s hard 3
wariscf.husba 3usba 3Minor entryuwarisnMaternal kinfolk. All the relatives (especially males) on the mother’s side of the family.Soy na pin waris danda tuu?Who else is a relative of this girl on the mother’s side of the family?Yaꞌ ko makauwali ni anak ku sabap waris ko.You can’t give the permission for my daughter to marry because you’re on the mother’s side of the
wasiatMinor entrymasiatnAn immoral or unlawful act.Bong ko tigiꞌ buwat wasiat, sõng hallom tajÿl ko.If you are fond of doing unlawful acts, after awhile you’ll be put in jail.
wawmpýꞌMinor entryumpýꞌadjEighty.Bballihan ku býk tuu umpýꞌ pilak.I’m selling this book for eighty pesos.tableduwampýꞌduwang-duwanganhatusanissãlimalimampýꞌnnomnumbulpituꞌ 1pýan libu-pýꞌsapýsiyamtalluumpýꞌwawuꞌ
wawuꞌadjEight.tableduwampýꞌduwang-duwanganhatusanissãlimalimampýꞌnnomnumbulpituꞌ 1pýan libu-pýꞌsapýsiyamtalluumpýꞌwawmpýꞌ
waꞌMinor entrygaꞌsaꞌ3sugaꞌsumagawaꞌconjuntionBut.