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ý1nA handle of a tool esp. a bolo.Lay tatak ý bariꞌ ku.The handle came off of my machete.2vTo make a handle for a tool or machete.Pandoy ko ngýhan bariꞌ?Do you know how to make a handle for a machete?synonymtangkoy
ya1proHe/she/it (Third person singular focus pronoun).Lay ya pa tabuꞌ.He went to the market.
ya2ptcp1Instead.Daying dak bay balli na, manuk ya bay taboo na moleꞌ.He almost bought fish, but instead took a chicken home.2Emphatic particle (with demonstrative pronouns).Inna ya jama mahap.That is a good person.
ya’ nammu puhu’root formpagpuhuanpuhuꞌSayingpuhuꞌadjSkinny (Lit. can’t find a body).synonymbaranoverlapping synonymjasad
yanaequative clause linkerAn equative clause linker. (Sometimes loosely translated as namely, which is, etc.).Disu du panangkaw ni lahat tuu yana kau.There is only one thief in this place namely you.Kapitan ni Sikob yana si Hamdam.The barangay captain in Sikob is Hamdam.
yaꞌMinor entryniyaꞌadvNo; not; negates existential, adjectives, and verbs.Yaꞌ ku pilay pa lumaꞌ bi batnaa.I’m not going to your house now.Yaꞌ na luu bohas kami.We don’t have any rice now.
yaꞌ luu masayu nuroot formbong sayuhun/bong siꞌ sinayu/bong siꞌ sayuhunsayu2Sayingsayu2expressionYou don’t know anything (about it).Ongoy ko buwat ni computer yaꞌ luu masayu nu?Why are you working on a computer when you don’t know anything about it?
yaꞌ tarapatDerivativedapat2karapatanroot formdapat2karapataninterjNot capable of finding fault with s.t.Yaꞌ tarapat hãp danda danda looy.You can’t find any fault with the beauty of that woman.
ýkDerivativepangýkanýkan1root formpangýkanýkan1ýkan2cf.jaraoverlapping synonymsassop 21nA kiss. (Usually. performed by pressing one’s cheek against the other person’s cheek and nuzzling the other person with the nose while giving a sniff. The lips do not meet. Used also to indicate any way of kissing).Isu-isu ýk man ngaddoan lasu na.Only a kiss will remove her anger.2vTo kiss s.o.Bong ko bana-bana maaseꞌ niyaku, paýkun doꞌ ku.If you really love me, let me kiss you.
ýkan1Derivativepangýkanýkroot formpangýkanýkýkan21nThe way s.o. kisses.Katagi- tagi ýkan lla ku.The way my husband kisses stirs my desire for more.2vTo smell s.t.; to sniff (as when trying to find where an odor is coming from); to let s.o. smell s.t. [pa--an].Kaýk ko bawu sumping-sumping.Can you smell the fragrance of the flowers.Ongoy ko pauk-ýk? Luu taýk nu?Why are you sniffing around? Can you smell s.t.?Paýkan teꞌ ku nsallan hamut nu.Let me smell your perfume.
ýkan2root formpangýkanýkýkan1nThe way one smells or sniffs.Bong siꞌ taakig ta ýkan iroꞌ, mastiꞌ tatammu ta jaꞌ oy-oy piha ta.If we could copy the way dog’s sniff, for sure we could find whatever we are looking for.
Yongroot formiyong1vocative nounAn term of address used btw. adult women of about the same age. Loosely translated as Friend.Hongan doꞌ ku, Yong, pa iskul.Go with me, Friend, to the school.2v(For a lady) to refer to or address another lady as “Yong”.Ongoy ko mag-iyong niyaku kalalla-lalla nu?Why are you calling me “Yong” when you’re a male?cf.NangToꞌ 2Yung 2
Yoꞌroot formiyoꞌ1vocative nounAn affectionate term of address used only btw. spouses. Can be loosely translated as Dear.Lay na ko, Yoꞌ, busa?Did you already cook rice, Dear?2vFor s.o. to address one’s spouse as ꞌYoꞌ.Batnaa yaꞌ na usu jama sitampu mag-iyoꞌ.It’s no longer common these days for married people to address each other as Dear.
yukcf.konoꞌ 2v1To say s.t. [Unaffixed].Yuk na siꞌ pilay ya pa Tanaꞌ Makket.He said earlier that he was going to Tana’ Makket.2You would think. [Unaffixed].Lalla looy yuk nu ga jama lango.You’d think that person was drunk.3To think s.t. (mistakenly). [Unaffixed].Yuk ku siꞌ ga pa tabuꞌ kam.I thought you were going to theꞌ
Yungroot formbuyungsynonymToꞌ 21vocative nounAn affectionate term of address for a boy in one’s family or any small boy or young man. Similar to Junior, Sonny, Young Man).2vTo address a boy or younger man as “Yung”.Anak-anak looy mag-iyung gi niyaku mingkan siyaka gi ku man iya.That child addresses me as Sonny when actually I’m older than heꞌ 2Yong 2synonymToꞌ