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tag questionA tag question similar to the English tag question, okay.Ballihan doꞌ ku daying, hã?Buy me some fish, okay?Pilay ko pa Tanaꞌ Makket, hã?Go to Tanaꞌ Makket, okay?Pilay doꞌ ko pa lumaꞌ kami, hã?Go to our house, okay?cf.hãꞌ
hãbv(For a fish) to devour; swallow whole; engulf (another fish or person).Bong kaytan bay ngahãb jama, sakayi du.If a shark engulfs a person, it happens instantly.cf.sangkab
habal1nNews.Luu habal jama sinungkuban ni K.K.There’s news that people are being arrested in Kota Kinabalu.2vTo share news.Soy bay ngahabal sibonoꞌ ni Jolo?Who shared the news that there’s fighting in Jolo?cf.aka
habasnA rash usually in the groin (often caused by sweating and friction).Ya’ ya doman lumãn sabap paddi habas na.He doesn’t want to go anywhere because his rash hurts.Derivativehinabasroot formhinabas
habbaꞌ1verb intransitiveTo fall over.Lay habbaꞌ saging looy leꞌ baliyu.That banana tree fell over because of the wind.2verb transitiveTo push or cause s.t. to fall over [N-, ka-]; to lay s.t. down [ma-].Soy bay ngahabbaan gandum ku saging?Who pushed a banana tree over on my corn?Soy bay mahabbaꞌ tehang looy?Who laid that post down?Soy bay kahabbaꞌ saging ku?Who caused my banana tree to fall over?Derivativekahabbaanroot formkahabbaansynonymkalonyokan
hablunvTo weave cloth (with a loom).Ntuu ni Mapun yaꞌ luu jama ngahablun badjuꞌ.Here in Mapun there isn’t anyone who weaves clothing.overlapping synonymanomcf.anomanhõk
habostative verbTo be hindered in movement (esp. a boat or vehicle).Ilooy man lawun motor ta sabap habo gulung na leꞌ pesak.The reason our motorcycle is going slow is because the tire is hindered by mud.Derivativekahabowanmakahaboroot formkahabowanmakahabo
haboy1advTogether with, along with, in company with.Haboy kami ka iya lumãn sumawung.I’ll be going somewhere with him tomorrow.2vTo do something at the same time or together or in unison.Bong ko yaꞌ lappas pilay pa Duhul Batu, pahaboy ko man si Ipa.If you are afraid to go to Duhul Batu, go with Ipa.Pagsi haboy tabi pengkaꞌ tabi bong kitabi magmahi.Let’s keep our steps in unison when we are marching.Bong ko yaꞌ kuhi ngahaboy, aku na ngahaboyan iya.If you aren’t willing to go with him, I’ll be the one to go along with him.Lay humaboy sõ looy labuꞌ ni niyug looy.That snake happened to fall along with that coconut.Derivativekahaboyanroot formkahaboyancf.sama-batangoverlapping synonymdubay
hãd1nThe limit w.r.t. a bet.Dangoy hãd nu bangka?If you’re dealing how much is your limit (that you allow us to bet)?2vTo set a limit on a bet.
haddev(For one’s stomach) to be protruding.Pahadde battong anak-anak looy bay mangan pabasag.That child’s stomach is protruding from having eaten so much.
haddiya2vTo buy (s.t. for religious purposes such as a Koran, Bible, a prayer rug, a hat (kupiya) worn to the mosque, prayer beads, etc.).Bong kam doman ngahaddiya Kuraan, haddiyahan ta kam ni K.K.If you want to buy a Koran, I’ll buy you one in Kota Kinabalu.
haddiya1nA gift; a prize; a reward.Bong ko mãꞌ sabanna, buwanan ta ko haddiya lima hatus.If you tell the truth, I will give you a reward of five hundred pesos.
haddoadjLoud.Tud haddo halling anak nu nangis.The sound of your child crying is very loud.Derivativepahaddoroot formpahaddo
hadjaratvTo recall.Tahadjarat nu gi bay waktu na ngiskul?Can you recall when he went to school?synonymmasa 2
hadjat1nPurpose; intention.Oy hadjat nu pilay pa K.K.?What’s your purpose in going to Kota Kinabalu?2vTo come to s.o. with a special purpose in mind; to invite.Soy bay ngahadjat kau pitu?Who came here to see you with a special purpose in mind?
hadjiꞌ1nA person who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca. (Some speakers distinguish female pilgrims as “hadja”]).Yaꞌ ko taawnan hadjiꞌ bong ko yaꞌ bay tawap ndooy ni Kaaba.You can’t be called a hadjiꞌ if you haven’t walked around the Kaaba.2vTo make a pilgrimage to Mecca.Maghadjiꞌ yana disu rukun ni agama Islam.Making the pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam.
hagaanadjExpensive; costly; valuable; very important.Doman ku kaã sabap hagaan niyaku kabantugan.I want to win because prestige is very important to me.overlapping synonyminduꞌ-induꞌmeheDerivativehagaꞌmaghagaꞌroot formhagaꞌmaghagaꞌ
hagak1nLoud snoring; snorting.Anak-anak naa tawu ni hagak sapiꞌ looy sinumbaliꞌ.That child is afraid of the throaty sound of that cow being butchered.2vTo snort; to snore loudly.Ngahagak sapiꞌ looy bay sinumbaliꞌ.That cow is snorting from having been slaughtered.overlapping synonymharokoverlapping synonymharok 2
hagaꞌ1nPrice; cost of s.t.; value; importance.Ongoy ku yaꞌ bay kaddoꞌ nu, saula-ula yaꞌ luu hagaꞌ ku ningkau?Why didn’t you invite me, as though I don’t have any value to you?2vTo discuss the price of s.t.Hmawung sa kita maghagaꞌ bong balli nu du motor ku.Tomorrow we’ll discuss the price if you’re going to by my motorcycle.Derivativehagaanmaghagaꞌroot formhagaanmaghagaꞌcf.gastusansynonymkamahãn1 1laggahan
hagok1nOne’s snoring.2verb intransitiveTo snore.Ngaharok ya tuli.He is snoring in his sleep.cf.laddok 2Minor entryharok
hagtuꞌvTo yank; to jerk.Bong ko yaꞌ ngahagtuꞌ ingkot sapiꞌ naa, yaꞌ sina papaling.If you don’t yank that cow’s rope, it won’t change directions.overlapping synonymdagtuꞌoverlapping synonymdagtuꞌ
hagu-haguadjSloppy (esp. w.r.t. one’s work).Bong hagu-hagu pabuwatan nu, nliksad sina ko meꞌ tawki nu.If your work is sloppy, you’ll be fired by your boss.overlapping synonymsimpioverlapping synonymsimpi
hagupitnA bush with edible berries having rough leaves (used for smoothing a the surface of wood).Minor entrygahupit
hãknAnything acquired dishonestly.Tawu ku mangan hãk jama.I’m afraid to get things from people dishonestly.Derivativekahãkanroot formkahãkan