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marelative clause markerThat; which; who. Relative clause marker.Idoꞌ ma bay ngeket aku lay na matay.The dog that bit me already died.cf.ga2
ma-prefixActor focus causitive prefix. Often translated as cause, let, or allow. [When goal, patient, object, or beneficiary is in focus, pa- is used].Aku na matuli anak-anak naa.I’ll be the one to cause that child to go to sleep.Daa ko malumangi anak nu ni sõng naa sabap bowehan.Don’t allow your child to swim in that river because there are crocodiles in it.overlapping synonympa2
maadjulvTo go away to a far place because one is upset (due to a bitter disappointment or quarrel).Sangkon anak ku lay magmaadjulan pa disu lahat, man na nuggaan nneꞌ na pagka ya yaꞌ bay nduwan pinahandãn.The reason my child went away to another country was to spite his mother since she wouldn’t grant his desire to be married.
maakketvTo make a fire; to build a fire under s.t.; to light a lamp.
maalum1nKind consideration. [As a noun this can be interchanged with “kamaaluman”].Aku tu pitu maku maalum ningkaam pasal anak bi dilaw yaꞌ bay tapaindaman ku sÿn.I came here to ask for kind consideration from you concerning your child that I wasn’t able to loan money to yesterday.2vTo ask for kind consideration from s.o.; to ask to be excused; to have kind consideration towards s.o. [mag-].Maalum sa ningkaam. Yaꞌ kam bay tabayaran ku dilaw sabap yaꞌ gi ku bay katimaꞌ ballihan niyug ku.(I’m) asking for kind consideration from you. I wasn’t able to pay you yesterday because I haven’t yet been able to receive the money for my coconuts.Maalumun bi sa anak ku, oy-oy kasaan sabap iya ina yaꞌ gi pandoy-pandoy.Have kind consideration for my child for whatever faults he has because he doesn’t yet know how to act properly.Bong ko doman põꞌ man jawom klas, magmaalum doꞌ ko duhuꞌ.If you want to leave the classroom, you should ask to be excused first.cf.maap 2Minor entrymãlumtalla-maalum
maana1nMeaning; interpretation; translation.Yaꞌ gi ku bay kabatsa maana Kuraan ni Inglis.I haven’t yet been able to read the English translation of the Koran.Oy maana jama ni Inglis?What is the meaning of jama in English?2vTo interpret; to translate; give the meaning of s.t.Subay maanahan nu pa pallun Mapun bong ko pallun Inglis.You should translate into Mapun if you speak English.Yaꞌ ku pandoy ngamaanahan tarasul lalla looy.I don’t know how to interpret that man’s poem.synonymhatiyan
maap1nForgiveness. [As a noun this can be interchanged with “kamaaluman”].Maku ku maap ningkaam sabap yaꞌ bay tahadjaꞌ ku bay kalangga anak bi dilaw ka motol ku.I’m asking for forgiveness from you because I didn’t intentionally hit your child on my motorcycle yesterday.2vTo excuse oneself; to ask forgiveness; to say “I’m sorry."Maap sa ningkau. Yaꞌ ko tapasandaan ku sabap kulang ku sÿn.I’m sorry. I can’t receive your pawn because I’m lacking money.Tuktuk sahali ni Haylaya mimon Islam magmaap-maap.Every time the first day of the month of Haylaya occurs all Muslims ask forgiveness from one another.cf.maalumoverlapping synonymampunoverlapping synonymampun 2
maaripat1nAssumption.Maaripat ku meꞌ sapantun sapiꞌ jaꞌ nda ku kuhi-kuhi tinondaꞌ man sammo.My assumption is that my wife will be just like a cow willing to be lead around by the nose.2vTo assume s.t.Tuktuk nu tuli subay ko magmaaripat njawom komkom an Tuhan.Whenever you go to sleep you should assume that you are in God’s closed hand.
maasnAn old person.Daa ko ngalambot anak nu bong luu maas naa.Don’t spank your child if that old person is around.Derivativekamaasanroot formkamaasanoverlapping synonymmatatoa1
maasin1nSaltiness.Ituu du salla ni lawuk tuu kulang maasin na.The only thing wrong with this viand is that it’s lacking salt (lit. saltiness).2adjSalty.Yaꞌ takatis ku sapiꞌ tuu sabap kalanduꞌ maasin.I can’t finish this beef because it’s too salty.Bong ko bay lumangi ni boheꞌ maasin, subay ko nagbang ka boheꞌ langngin.When you swim in salt (lit. salty) water, you should rinse with fresh water.cf.timuscf.katimusan
maat1nEvil; badness.Bong jama jahi, yaꞌ luu maat niiya.When it comes to a licentious person, there’s nothing evil to him.2adjBad; evil.Maat sukud nu bay kapahalla ni jama maat.Your luck is bad to have happened to marry an evil person.3vTo do bad; to have bad intentions.Bong bay luu jama magmaat pa lumaꞌ nu, malasahi ko sabap yaꞌ luu pakakas nu.If a person with bad intentions comes to your house, you will be in a bad way because you don’t have a weapon.Derivativekamaatanroot formkamaatanoverlapping synonymkalaatan2
maddiv1To give birth (to s.o.).Sumilan bay maddi nda nu?When did your wife give birth?Aku bay pamaddihan si Nneꞌ ni buwan Haylaya.Mother gave birth to me during the month of Haylaya.Ni lumaꞌ ja’ pamaddihun nda nu.Just let your wife give birth at home.2About to give birth.Yaꞌ ku la katabeꞌ lome sabap magkamaddi-maddi nda ku.I can’t go on the trip because my wife is about to give birth.cf.hanak1overlapping synonymhanak1 1hanak2
madjuvTo improve (as one’s livelihood, place where one lives, etc.); to start to improve [pa-]; to cause s.t. to improve [ma-].Bong ko bay kaa kapitan, pamadjuhun doꞌ Sikob.If you win as barangay captain, improve Sikob.Pamadju situ Mapun bong siꞌ yaꞌ luu sasat ni pamarinta mayul ta.Mapun will start to improve if there isn’t s.t. that disrupts our mayor’s governing.Derivativekamadjuwanroot formkamadjuwan
madrasanA school for teaching Islam and the Koran.Paadjiꞌ ku doꞌ anak ku ni madrasa.I’m going to have my child attend the Islamic school.
mag-1verbal prefixIndicates two or more people doing s.t. together; also sometimes indicates reciprocal action.Bay kami magbitsala dilaw.We talked with each other yesterday.Daran kam magholin.We often play marbles together.Bong siꞌ yaꞌ bay magsÿp ga jama looy sikaruwa, yaꞌ sila bay sakkat kunsi ngusaha.If those two people hadn’t found out that they were not acting forthrightly towards each other, they wouldn’t have separated from being partners in business.Bong ko lamma buwat dangan-dangan nu, magliu kita.If you are tired of working by yourself, we can take turns helping each other.2prefixMakes stative verbs or verbs out of nouns.Magboheꞌ tagaꞌ naa.That well has water.Mag-insallan palitaan ku.My lamp has oil in it.Bay na ku pingkaꞌ maglogtoan silungan ku.I have already experienced having a strong desire for my sweetheart.Magbilaw na ya domanan anak ku.He is doing crazy things because of his desire for my daughter.3prefixMakes verbs out of adjectives/stative verbs. Also when mag- precedes any adjective that is already preceded with the prefix paN-, which indicates a habitual trait, the resulting verb indicates regularly doing s.t.San yaꞌ sukup kinakan ta, subay kita magsaba.Even though we don’t have enough food, we should accept it patiently.Magpamalli du kam ba ni lumaꞌ kami.Buy regularly from our house.
mag--REDDerivativesamminroot formsammin
mag--RED--anv1To try to borrow s.t. when you don’t really need it.Kau tu kadaya-daya nu, magsambiꞌ-sambian gi ko saula-ula kabus ko.You with all your riches are still trying to borrow as if you have no more food.2To loan s.t.Soy bay masambian iya sÿn?Who loaned him some money?-anDerivativesambiꞌroot formsambiꞌ
mag--redupaffix1Indicates doing s.t. continuously.Anak-anak looy maglompat-lompat gãkan nneꞌ na takka.That child is jumping up and down for joy because his mother arrived.2Indicates a stern warning not to ever do s.t. [This is always preceded by the negative “daa” meaning “don’t”].Daa ko mag-inum-inum bong ko doman koleꞌ altaꞌ ku.Don’t ever drink if you want to get my wealth.
mag-allaw-sangom sangomadvAny day or night now.Mag-allaw-sangom na takka Sinneꞌ.My mother will arrive any day now.Derivativeallawkaallawan1llawllaw-llawmag-llaw-sangomroot formkaallawan2llawllaw dambulillaw-llawmata-allaw
mag-ambatDerivativeambat1kaambatanroot formambat1kaambatan
mag-gin-prefixA prefix with numbers indicating how many people are doing s.t. together (as when pounding rice, riding together on a cow or motorcycle, etc.).Mag-gintallu na kitabi taꞌ motor nu sabap lay binasa niyaku.Let’s all three of us ride together on your motorcycle because mine is not working.
mag-llaw-sangom1advAny day or night now.2nThe sun. [Mata-llaw is sometimes used interchangeably with llaw.]Derivativeallawkaallawan1llawllaw-llawmag-allaw-sangom sangomroot formallawkaallawan1
magbagaangstative verbTo have molars.cf.imponDerivativebagaangroot formbagaang
magballihanvTo sell for a certain price.Dagangan ku lay baw magballihan tallu libu.My goods sold for three thousand pesos.Derivativeballiballihankaballihanroot formballiballihankaballihan
magbangkatstative verbTo be stacked or piled on top of each other.Lay magbangkat baruti looy ka samintu.That lumber and cement are stacked together.Derivativebangkatroot formbangkat