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raayatnSubjects; citizens; people that are under the authority of s.o.Meka raayat yaꞌ kasulutan ni presiden da sabap yaꞌ luu kamadjuwan ni lahat da.Many citizens aren’t pleased with their president because there isn’t any improvement in their place.
radjanThe royal king of pre-Spanish Filipinos.Lay pinapatay meꞌ Kastilaꞌ radja ni Manila.The Spanish killed the king in Manila.synonymladja2sultanMinor entryladja2
radjunRadio.Dangoy bateri radju nu?How many batteries does your radio take?
rahasiyaꞌ1adjFull blooded; true; real (w.r.t. to full blooded parents or siblings).Minsan induꞌ-mmaꞌ ku rahasiyaꞌ, niyaꞌ ku bay mãꞌ ninsila.Even my real parents, I didn’t tell them.2stative verbTo have a very close relationship with s.o. (either through blood or close friendship).Daa ya sasaan nu sabap magrahasiyaꞌ sina kam.Don’t quarrel with him because you are closely related to him.synonymlanggung3nThe innermost thoughts or secrets of a person (normally shared with no one but a trusted friend or close relative).Inaa jama taannaan rahasiyaꞌ.That is a person who can be entrusted with one’s innermost thoughts.4vTo share one’s secret knowledge or innermost thoughts with s.o. who can be trusted.Rahasiyaan nu teꞌ ku bong oy njawom atay nu.Share with me what is in your heart.Derivativekarahasiyaan1lahasiyaꞌroot formkarahasiyaan2cf.kakampunganMinor entrylahasiyaꞌ
rahmatnA blessing from God that affects the senses, thinking or health of s.o.Njawom rahmat soysoy mmeꞌ ni kahandak Tuhan.Whoever follows God’s will is blessed (lit. inside a blessing).
RajabnThe seventh month of the Arabic calendar characterized by the celebration of the Miꞌrads, the time when the story of Muhammad’s ascension is read.tablebuwan2Haylaya2MuharamRamadanSaaban
RamadannThe ninth month of the Arabic calendar. The month of fasting for Muslims. Also called Puwasa.tablebuwan2Haylaya2MuharamRajabSaaban
rasulnApostle; messenger (used to refer to the Prophet Muhammad).Nabi Muhammad yana rasul Allah.Prophet Muhammad is the apostle of God.cf.mulit
rukunnA pillar of faith (used of the five pillars of the Muslim faith which are to bear witness that there is no God other than Allah and Muhammad is his apostle, to fast during the month of Ramadan, to pray five times a day, to pay the religious tax, and to make the pilgrimage to Mecca).Bong kita Islam subay bean ta rukun lima.If we are Muslims we should obey the five pillars.Minor entrylukun
nSpirit (of both man and God).Bong mahap kapatay ta, rý ta lay ni jawom okoman Tuhan.If at the time of our death we are in good stead with God, our spirit will be in God’s care (lit. under his wing).DerivativeRý SutsiꞌRý Tuhanroot formRý SutsiꞌRý Tuhansynonympalnyawahan
Rý SutsiꞌnHoly Spirit (of God).Barakatan ko bong ko mme’ ni kahandak Rý Sutsiꞌ.You will be blessed if you follow the Holy Spirit’s will.DerivativeRý Tuhanroot formRý Tuhan
Rý TuhannGod’s Spirit. This is the same as the Holy Spirit of God.Maglahat Rý Tuhan njawom sukuꞌ Tuhan.God’s Spirit lives in those who belong to God.cf.aruwasynonymnyawaDerivativeRý Sutsiꞌroot formRý Sutsiꞌ