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daproThey; their; 3rd person plural non-focus or possessive pronoun.Lay balli da manuk ku.They bought my chicken.Inaa sina lumaꞌ da.That’s their house.
da-prefixOne; used with a limited number of nouns. The affix N- is often added and assimilates to the point of articulation.

dantaun one year

dangallaw one day

dalibu one thousand

dampõng one broken off piece

dansusun one and the same

dansebak one half

dambatang one stick

dampÿs one piece

dampalýng one family

dambuwaꞌ together as one

daaadvDon’t (negative marker with commands).Daa ko pilay pa lumaꞌ da.Don’t go to their house.Derivativedaa palagiroot formdaa palagi
Daa busung.expressionA polite expression meaning something like “Please” or “Excuse me,” (lit. don’t be upset). This is said to people that are older than theꞌroot formbusungmakabusungSayingbusung
daa dari tangluꞌexpressionDon’t hold me to it.; I’m not promising. (Lit. don’t allow it to be a promise).Daa dari tangluꞌ. Bong ku mintu takka man K.K., ballihan ta ko gumba.Don’t hold me to it. When I arrive from Kota Kinabalu, I’ll buy you a pump.root formtangluꞌSayingtangluꞌ
daa palagiDerivativedaaroot formdaa
Daa tarawom nu.expressionA polite expression meaning something like “Please” or “Excuse me,” (lit. don’t be upset). This is said to people younger than or about the same age as the speaker.Daa tarawom nu, songan teꞌ pinsil naa.Excuse me, hand me that pencil please.root formtarawomSayingtarawom
daan1adjOld (w.r.t. objects in the sense of being worn, used often, out of date, out of fashion, etc).Daan na badjuꞌ ku.My shirt is old now.2vTo cause s.t. to be old or worn out (esp. by constant wearing or using).Daa padaanan nu motol nu.Don’t wear out your motorcycle.3vTo become worn out, old.Padaan na sina tumpaꞌ nu bong sigi-sigi patuk nu.Your shoes will become worn out if you continually wear 1
daawa1nA reason; excuse for doing s.t.; a denial aimed at an accusation against one.Oy daawa nu bay sinumariya meꞌ pulis?What was your excuse when you were interrogated by the police?2vTo give an excuse or reason for doing s.t.Subay mahap leꞌ nu ngandaawa man Mayul mari ko yaꞌ kamultahan.You should give a good reason to the mayor so you won’t be fined.Daa na ku daawahan nu.Don’t give me any excuses anymore.Derivativepadadaawa/pangandaawaroot formpadadaawa/pangandaawa
dabas-dabasadvTo be quick to do or say s.t. without thinking first. [This can be used interchangeably with or without the prefix pa-.]Daa ko padabas-dabas mitsala taggahaꞌ tatimpallaꞌ ko.Don’t be quick to speak without thinking first otherwise you might be set straight to your embarassment.Daa ko dabas-dabas ngawnan jama panangkaw.Don’t be quick to call s.o. a
dabdabvTo say things that are not worthy of being said.Tud iyaꞌ induꞌ-mmaꞌ nu sabap meꞌ nu wã ngandabdab bay kalakuhan nu buwat dÿ nu puta.Your parents are really shamed because of your always talking about your actions of making yourself a whore.Daa na dabdabun bay karupangan nu maruhuꞌ.Don’t speak about the stupid things you did
dabuhiꞌadvLast night.Yaꞌ ku bay kapatuli dabuhiꞌ meꞌ paddi kõk.I couldn’t sleep last night because of a headache.
dabungnBamboo shoots (used as a vegetable).Yaꞌ sina paeka bõꞌ tabi bong kaddoꞌ bi luu-luu dabung na.Our bamboo won’t increase if you take out the new shoots every time they appear.
1v(For s.o.) to use a nickname or shortened form of one’s name when addressing or referring to s.o.Meka jama ngandæ iya si Pogi.Many people use the nickname Pogi when addressing him.Derivativedæhan1pangandæ1root formdæhan1dæhan2pangandæ1pangandæ2
2vTo pat a child in order to show affection.Tinagi ya ngandæ anak na bong yaꞌ luu buwatan na.He’s fond of patting his child (to show affection) when he doesn’t have any work to do.
dæhan2nA nickname or shortened form of one’s full name.Dæhan si Ramil yana si Ussan.Ramil’s nickname is Ussan.overlapping synonympangandæ1root form1dæhan1pangandæ1pangandæ2
dæhan1nA nickname or shortened form of one’s full name.Dæhan si Ramil yana si Ussan.Ramil’s nickname is Ussan.Derivative1pangandæ1root form1dæhan2pangandæ1pangandæ2overlapping synonympangandæ2
dãgvTo climb.Dãgan ku doꞌ anak ku mangga.I’m going to climb up and get some mangoes for my child.Lay na ko pinadãg ta’ baha, ngandãg gi ko taꞌ kõk.{Idiom} I give you an inch and you take a mile. (Lit. You were allowed to climb up on (my) shoulder, and you climb yet up on top of (my) head.Derivativedãgan1root formdãgan1
dãgan2nA floor joist.Padasokun dagan lumaꞌ nu mari takkoꞌ lakapan nu.Put the floor joists of your house close together so your flooring will beꞌ
dãgan1adjFast in climbing up (only w.r.t. a kite).Tud dãgan taguriꞌ nu.Your kite climbs fast.Derivativedãgroot formdãg
dagangvTo sell (esp. as an occupation).Ya’ ku doman ngandagang bong altaꞌ ma kasængan ku.I don’t want to sell when it comes to things I’m loathe to part with.Soy dagang buwahan ni tabuꞌ looy?Who’s selling lansones at that market?Derivativedaganganroot formdagangan
dagangannMerchandise; wares (anything one sells).Katis na dagangan ku.My merchandise is all gone now.Derivativedagangroot formdagang
dagaꞌnLungs.Jalangan jama kamahapan leꞌ dagaꞌ sapiꞌ.Seldom do people like eating cow’s lungs.
dagbosnAppearance; looks; form; resemblance.Pooy dagbos jama ma piha nu?What does the person you’re looking for look like?synonymbantukDerivativekaragbosanroot formkaragbosancf.anggi 2kalihihansynonymbantuk 2overlapping synonymlakutlalaꞌ
dagmitvTo grab or snatch s.t. quickly (as when pulling s.t. out of a fire, stealing s.o.’s wallet, stealing a quick kiss).Dagmitun suruꞌ looy njawom api.Snatch that spoon out of theꞌ 3