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ga1adv1Optional particle used to indicate plurals; when it precedes a person’s name it refers to the person named and his associates or companions.Ga jama piskadol looy tud mahap arat da.The people on that fishing boat are really nice.2Approximately, more or less, about.Pilay kita pa iskul ga lisag tallu ka tongaꞌ.Let’s go to the school at about three thirty.3Somewhere; indicates a non-specific location.Bong yaꞌ tatammu nu nnaa, ndaun teꞌ ga njawom bilik ku.If you can’t find it there, try looking somewhere in my room.Lataꞌ na man indo looy tapuk. Tamýd ga ni poon saging, bong saꞌ pasok-sok ga jawom lowang.That monkey hides everywhere. Sometimes in banana trees, if not in a hole.Minor entrysiga
ga2conjuntionThat (used to introduce a subordinate clause).Yaꞌ bay tasayu ku ga maaseꞌ ko niyaku.I didn’t realize that you love
ga3ptcpA particle indicating end result.Hangat ku magsonsehan, lay na ga ku tuwaꞌ iting.Because of my always running around, I got a thorn (in my foot).Hangat na mangan sapiꞌ llaw-llaw, lay na ga kasuggaan.Because of his always eating beef every day, he became fed up with it.
vTo bluff by threatening.Bong ko yaꞌ kansang nganggãhan mulit nu, yaꞌ sina sila papanday.If you don’t often bluff by threatening your pupils, they won’t learn anything.overlapping synonymbandaꞌ 2sanggup1overlapping synonymsanggup1 3
gabangnA kind of palm tree or the leaves of this palm tree. (The leaves are used for weaving mats, making temporary walls, roofing, etc.).Dawun gabang daran inanom pinabuwat ballad.Palm leaves are often used for weaving mats.
gabaꞌ-gabaꞌnIndication; a definite time for s.t. [This can be used interchangeably with kagaba’-gabaan].Waktu Paꞌ Madnul subul, yaꞌ gi san luu gabaꞌ-gabaꞌ anak ku pinamaddihan.When Uncle Madnul was single, there wasn’t even an indication of my child being born.Yaꞌ gi luu kagabaꞌ-gabaan anak nu takka man K.K. sabap bohoꞌ bay nagnaꞌ buwat ni buwan tuu.There isn’t a definite time when your child will be arriving from Kota Kinabalu because he just started to work this month.
gabbang1nA xylophone.2vTo play the xylophone.Timpu batnaa jalangan na jama maggabbang.In these days people seldom play a xylophone.
gabbot1nRestriction (from s.t. hanging above).Ya’ mahap sambuhan saging naa sabap lay njawom gabbot.That banana tree is not healthy because it’s restricted (lit. in restriction) by lots of bigger trees.2adjRestrictive (due to many things hanging from above).Yaꞌ ku tanam tuli ni bilik tuu sabap gabbot kalanduꞌ.I’m not comfortable sleeping in this room because it’s way too restrictive (due to lots of things hanging from the ceiling, or due to too many things in the room).anthayangantpahayangan 2
gabuk1adjRotten (wood); crumbling (wood); turned to dust (as wood eaten by termites).Daa ko ngandãg taꞌ kayu gabuk, maha ko labuꞌ.Don’t climb a rotten tree lest you fall down.2verb intransitiveTo become rotten.Pagabuk na sina tehang nu bong pabiya nu kauwan katingallawan.Your posts will become rotten if you leave them exposed to the rain and sun.
gabusannStyrofoam.Gabusan ayad pinabuwat tuung ays.Styrofoam is good for making an ice box.
gabutadjHazy; misty; foggy; smoky.Gabut njawom lumaꞌ tuu meꞌ humbu.It’s hazy in this house from 2overlapping synonymsabun 3
gadjanElephant.Gadja matay ni lumaꞌ da niyaꞌ katoonan da haluꞌ na. Limot matay ni lumaꞌ jama, kahaluan sila.An elephant dies in their house and they don’t know it stinks. An ant dies in another person’s house and they’re overcome by the bad smell.root formlimaw gadja1Compoundlimawlimaw gadja1limaw gogaꞌlimaw kahillimaw kalamundinglimaw kandaꞌlimaw kapaslimaw lubilimaw manuklimaw sumsum
gadja hilawnUnbleached muslin.
gadja-gadjanMumps; the swelling in the neck caused by mumps or a goiter.
gadji1nWages; salary.Dangoy na gadji nu?How much is your salary now?2vTo earn wages.Maggadji ku ni si Guat.I earn wages from Guat.3verb transitiveTo pay wages or a salary.Gadjihan ta ko duwa hatus pilak njawom dangallaw.I pay you two hundred pesos a day.Bong yaꞌ takaya nu, pagadjihan nu pabuwatan nu.If you can’t handle it, pay wages for your work to get done.overlapping synonymdugangcf.dugang 2
gagaadjCharacterized by always getting into things that one shouldn’t be getting into (as when picking up and touching things that don’t belong to one); hyperactive; restless.Gaga jama looy sabap yaꞌ luu og-og na murut pabuwatan jama.That guy has a habit of getting into things that he shouldn’t get into because he doesn’t have any discretion about touching people’s things.Tud gaga anak nu.Your children are very hyperactive.Derivativekagagahanroot formkagagahan
gagapv2To grope around for s.t. in the dark [N-]; to grope around in the dark (as a blind man) [ba-]; ; to wander around in an unfamiliar place [ba-]; to be guessing how to do s.t. [ba-].Gagapun doꞌ bagid nnaa ni kõkan ta.Grope around for the matches there near our heads.Daa ko bagagap lumãn ni daira tuu taggahaꞌ lingu ko.Don’t wander around in this city lest you get lost.Bagagap jaꞌ bitu ko buwat bakaꞌ.You are just guessing blindly at how to make a synonymkadkad1sadsadroot formbagagapcf.sagapoverlapping synonymmanunsãpsadsad
gagasinA mythical giant in traditional narratives.Baꞌ-bãꞌ jama ni kana-kana gagasi mangan jama.People say in traditional narratives that giants eat
gagatiꞌnPuffed rice coated with caramel.
gagaynThe multi-armed flower stem of the coconut tree which bears the coconuts.Bong ko nganggala, amay-amay patabeun gagay na mari yaꞌ sumpot njataꞌ niyug ku.When you cut down coconuts, make sure you include the flower stem so the top of my coconut tree isn’t
gaggavTo disturb (by causing s.t. or s.o. to move); to stir up s.t.Daa gaggahun manuk naa sabap yaꞌ ku doman leya.Don’t disturb that chicken because I don’t want it to be wild.Pooy me’ ku tininduk bong ko pagagga nnaa?How am I going to catch fish if you stir up things there?
gãhanadjStands out (w.r.t. colors); attractive.Gãhan sãt akket pinagsitapit ka sãt poteꞌ.Red paint put next to white paint stands out.
gahaꞌnRust.Lakkahan doꞌ gahaꞌ tangki nu boꞌ sãtun.Remove the rust from your tank and then paint it.Derivativeginahaꞌkagahaanroot formginahaꞌkagahaan
gahit1nA scratch.Paddeꞌ gahit langngon ku pag bay tuwaꞌ sabun.The scratch on my arm stung when I got soap on it.2vTo scratch s.t.Daa gahitun tangki motor ku.Don’t scratch my motorcycle synonymkagescf.geged 2
gahupitnA bush with edible berries having rough leaves (used for smoothing a the surface of wood).Dawun gahupit pinakoy man mangannoꞌ ý bariꞌ.The leaves of a gahupit bush are used for fine sanding (lit. making smoothe) the handle of a machete.Minor entryhagupit