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pa3prefixAn actor or experiencer focus affix indicating intransitive causitive motion within oneself, transition, change of state (becoming).Ongoy ya pahangkop?Why is he lying down flat on his face?Pausuk sila.They are becoming skinny.Pakuliling junyaꞌ.The world is rotating.Anak-anak looy lay papaddus man kapipihan mmaꞌ na.That child caused himself to get free from where his father was holding him on his side.
pa1prepTo.Pilay kita pa Tanaꞌ Makket.Let’s go to Tanaꞌ Makket.
pa2affixObject, goal, patient, beneficiary focus causitive prefix. Often translated as “cause", “let", or “allow”. [When actor is in focus, “ma-” is used].Bay paayad na motor ku.He fixed my motorcycle.overlapping synonymma-
pa--anaffixA nominalizer prefix and suffix combination.

Certain Verbs with pa--an

patulian a place to sleep from tuli (to sleep)

pakuli kulihan a curse, a spell, a game from kuli-kuli (to play)

pamangean a place to urinate from mangeꞌ (to urinate)

pasonsehan a refuge, place to run to from sonse (to run)

pamanganan instruments for eating with from mangan (to eat)

palangihan a place to swim from langi (to swim)

paanThigh.Paddi paa ku bay magbasketbol.My thigh hurts from playing basketball.
paakket1nRed food coloring.Ballihan doꞌ ku paakket salbat.Buy me some red food coloring for sweet syrup.2vTo light a lamp; to start a fire; to build a fire under s.t. [-an].Paakketan doꞌ tapaan nu.Build a fire under your drying rack.Paakketun palitaan sabap sangom na.Light the lamp because it’s nighttime now.Soy siꞌ bay maakket api?Who started a fire?Derivativeakketakketanroot formakketakketan
paammean2nLeader (of a group).Soy paammean ni kawum tuu?Who is the leader of this community?
paammean1nLeader (of a group).Soy paammean ni kawum tuu?Who’s the leader of this community?Derivativemmeꞌroot formmmeꞌsynonymanakkuraꞌ 2panghuluꞌ
paat1nChisel.Paat mahap man ngalowangan kayu.A chisel is good for making a hole in wood.2vTo chisel out s.t.Yaꞌ bitu ko alistu maat.You aren’t skilled at chiseling out
paayad-ayadverb intransitiveTo be careful; be cautious.Paayad-ayad ko ngandãg kayu looy taggahaꞌ labuꞌ ko.Be careful climbing that tree lest you fall.Paayad-ayarun býk naa sabap hagaan sina.Be careful with that book because it’s expensive.Paayad-ayad ya lumãn sabap nguud lãn.He’s being careful walking because the road is slippery.Derivativeayadkaayadkaayaran1kaayaran2root formayadkaayadkaayaran1kaayaran2
paballangannA celebration of any kind; a party; a funeral feast.Tud lami paballangan si Saggi.Saggiꞌs celebration was real fun.Derivativeballangroot formballang
pabohasan/bohasannAny container for storing rice in.Derivativebohasroot formbohas
pabunTurkey.Jalangan jama mangan pabu ni Mapun.People in Mapun seldom eat turkey.
pabuwaꞌadj(For a tree to) habitually have lots of fruit.Pabuwaꞌ buwahan naa.That lansone tree habitually has lots of fruit.Derivativebuwaanbuwaꞌroot formbuwaanbuwaꞌ
padadaawa/pangandaawaadjHabitually makes formdaawa
padadangannEach one.Buwanan nu sila kindi duwa padadangan.Give each one of them two pieces of candy.Derivativedangandangan-danganroot formdangandangan-dangan
paddangnA sword (often used in traditional narratives).Paddang yaꞌ na usu man sibonoꞌ ni timpu batnaa.Large swords are not commonly used when warring in theseꞌcf.jawpakka
paddeꞌ1nA stinging, smarting pain (as when applying an astringent-type medicine to a wound).Yaꞌ tasaggaꞌ ku paddeꞌ bakat ku bay inannaan uliꞌ.I can’t endure the stinging pain from my cut having had medicine put on it.2verb intransitiveTo be stinging; smarting (as when soap gets in the eyes, alcohol is poured on a fresh wound).Paddeꞌ mata ku bay tuwaꞌ sabun.My eyes are stinging from getting soap in them.Derivativekapaddeanroot formkapaddean
paddi1nA pain, soreness, ache.Daa na ko buwat bong luu paddi nu.Don’t work anymore if you have a pain somewhere.2adjPainful; aching; sore.Tud paddi battis ku.My foot is very painful.3vTo cause s.o. to be in pain; to hurt s.o.Papaddihun meꞌ nu ngalambot iya.Make it hurt when you spank him.Papaddihan ta ko sina bong ko yaꞌ ngasip.I’ll hurt you if you don’t obey.Derivativekapaddihanroot formkapaddihan
paddunGallbladder.Mareanta lay passaꞌ paddu daying tuu sabap pait lohoꞌ na.Maybe this fish’s gallbladder broke open because this soup is bitter.root formpassaꞌ paddu1Idiompassaꞌpassaꞌ paddu1
paddumann1A compass.Mura kita lingu ni dilawut bong yaꞌ luu padduman ta.We might get lost at sea if we don’t have a compass.2Something by which s.o. gets his spiritual guidance from (such as the Koran or Bible).
paddus1stative verbTo be or get released or detached (as a chain on a motorcycle, a person who falls off the back of a cow or motorcycle, a plug from a socket, etc.); freed from one’s obligation, debt, legal case, etc..Paddus na palkalaꞌ ku.I’m released from my legal case (lit. my case is released).Lay paddus siput kõk motor ku.The screw to the head of my motorcycle got detatched.2vTo unfasten, detach s.t. or s.o. from s.t.; to pay off a debt; to get free from s.t. or s.o.Paddusan nu karitun sapiꞌ looy.Unfasten that cow from the cart.Sapiꞌ looy bay maddus.That cow got free from the cart.Anak-anak looy lay papaddus man kapipihan mmaꞌ na.That child caused himself to get free from where his father was holding him on his side.synonympuwas1 2overlapping synonymbakkas 2
padilawtannShellfish, seaweed, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, shells.Jama looy daran dagang padilawtan.That person often sells shellfish (and other edible things of the sea).Derivativedilawutroot formdilawut
padisu-padisuvTo go from one to another.Bay ya padisu-padisu lahat.He went from one place to another.Derivativedisudisu-disu1root formdisudisu-disu1disu-disu2
padjan1The primary piece moved by players in a board game.Palanun padja nu.Move your primary piece.2A pottery shard, piece of glass, or coin used for lagging to a certain line. (Gambling is usually involved).Miha doꞌ ku padja man ku mmeꞌ magtudjun.I’m going to look for rock/piece of glass to use so I can join in lagging.