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sa2ptcpAn assurance particle used for emphasis indicating that the speaker will certainly do what he says or certainly knows what he is talking about.Pagka ku bay kaddoꞌ nu, pilu sa ku sumawung.Since you invited me, I will (certainly) go tomorrow.Tuhiyanan ku sa sangku nu sumawung.I will (certainly) return your hoe tomorrow.
sa1adv1Remaining; left (esp. w.r.t. objects or time).Duwa pilak sa bitu sÿn ku.I only have two pesos left.2Just, only. [This is often preceeded by “san” meaning “even”].Buwanan doꞌ ku daying, san lasa disu.Give me a fish, even just one.
1adjValid (esp. w.r.t. properly doing religious ceremonies, prayers, duties, etc.). [Most of the time sã is preceeded by a negative].Niyaꞌ sã kaislam nu bong ko yaꞌ sumbahayang.Your following of the Islamic faith is not valid if you don’t pray.2vTo cause s.t. to be valid.Pasãhun sumbahayang nu ka tawhid intong.Cause your praying to be valid with a right commitment (to God).Derivativekasãhanroot formkasãhan
SaabannThe eighth month of the Arabic calendar (at which time the Nispu commemoration of the dead is held).tablebuwan2Haylaya2MuharamRajabRamadan
saamnA girder or beam for supporting the floor joists in a house.Kehet-kehetan doꞌ ku baruti man ku buwat saam.Cut me some lumber so I can make some girders.
sãannA synonymtapisanDerivativesãꞌ2root formsãꞌ2
saatnAn opportune, right or favorable time (for doing something like leaving on a journey. This is determined by circumstances, divination, one’s feelings or calculations such as counting on one’s fingers, counting the days of the month, interpreting a dream, etc.).Yaꞌ gi ku doman patuwak batnaa sabap yaꞌ gi tuwaꞌ saat ku.I don’t want to leave now because my time for leaving is not yet right.Derivativepasaatansaatansasaatroot formpasaatansaatansasaatcf.bintangantadjulmuluk
saatannThe second hand on a clock or watch.Binasa saatan lilus ku.The second hand on my watch is broken.Derivativepasaatansaatsasaatroot formpasaatansaatsasaat
saba1adjResigned to any unfavorable state of affairs; characterized by patiently accepting unfavorable circumstances.Bong ko saba, yaꞌ ko nammu pagsaggaan.If you are one who patiently accepts unfavorable circumstances you won’t find opposition from others.2vTo patiently accept unfavorable circumstances; to resign oneself to whatever happens.San yaꞌ sukup kinakan ta, subay kita magsaba.Even though we don’t have enough food, we should accept it patiently.Bong ko yaꞌ kaladjikian, sabahan nu jaꞌ.If you don’t happen to receive a gift, just resign yourself to it.Minor entrysabal
sabagayadvIf for some reason; if for example; if it so happens.Sabagay ku yaꞌ kapitu pa lumaꞌ nu, daa doꞌ ko miha aku.If for some reason I can’t come to your house, don’t go looking for me.overlapping synonymsawpamaroot formbagay2
sabaladjResigned to unfavorable circumstances.Minor entrysaba
sabana naexpressionThe truth of the matter is.Sabana na, tud aku du silay bay nabang anak na.The truth of the matter is, I am the only one who saved his child.root formbanabana nabanahankabana-banahankabanahansabanna1sabanna2sabanna-banna/sabana-banaCompoundbanabana na
sabandingnComparison. [Always used with the negative plus existential].Aseꞌ Tuhan pa manusiyaꞌ yaꞌ luu sibuꞌ sabanding na.God’s love for man has no comparison.Derivativebandingbandinganroot formbandingbandingan
sabanna21adjReal; true.Ilooy du tabilang panubuꞌ Nabi Ibrahim sabanna ma ngikut bay kararihan na pitsayaꞌ pa Tuhan.The only ones who are considered true descendants of the Prophet Ibrahim are those who follow his way of believing in God.2vTo tell the truth.Ongoy ko yaꞌ magsabanna?Why don’t you tell the truth.Sabannahan nu na ya.Tell him the truth now.3advTruly; honestly.Bong ko mãꞌ sabanna, buwanan ta ko haddiya lima hatus.If you tell the truth (lit. speak truly), I will give you a reward of five hundred pesos.root formbanabana nabanahankabana-banahankabanahansabana nasabanna1sabanna-banna/sabana-bana
sabanna11adjReal; true as opposed to s.t. that isn’t.Aku du anak mmaꞌ ku sabanna.I am my father’s only true child.2vTo tell the truth.Jama pangandustaꞌ yaꞌ tumanam magsabanna ni sibuꞌ pagkahi na.Habitual liars aren’t comfortable telling the truth to their fellowmen.Derivativebanabanahankabana-banahankabanahansabanna-banna/sabana-banaroot formbanabana nabanahankabana-banahankabanahansabana nasabanna2sabanna-banna/sabana-banaoverlapping synonympulnaꞌ
sabanna-banna/sabana-banaadvTruly; really (more emphatic than bana).Tuhan, pagka ku sabanna-banna sukuꞌ nu, kabbulun doꞌ duwaa ku.God, since I am truly yours, please fulfill my prayer.Derivativebanabanahankabana-banahankabanahansabanna1root formbanabana nabanahankabana-banahankabanahansabana nasabanna1sabanna2
sabap1conjuntionBecause.Yaꞌ ku kapilay pa lumaꞌ bi sabap uwan lahat.I can’t go to your house because it is raining.overlapping synonymbatan2nThe reason or cause (for doing s.t.).Oy sabap na bay mapatay lalla looy?What was his reason for killing that man?Derivativesabapanroot formsabapancf.padadaawa/pangandaawasynonymbatanpasal 2overlapping synonymdanansangdanan
sabapanprepBecause of.Danan ku bay pinawu-pawu sabapan nu wã pa luma kami nilung aku.The reason I was beaten was because of your always coming to our house to court me.Derivativesabaproot formsabapoverlapping synonymkalnaꞌ
sabarangproAll who; those who (used when distinguishing all of one group or class from those of a different group).Sabarang Islam subay sumbahayang ni masjid.All Muslims should pray in the
sabasagadjSuperlative; the most, best, worst, maximum.Ngiskul jaꞌ ko,Toꞌ. Sabasag ina dahatus libu pilak takatis nu.Just go to school, Sonny. The most you’ll use is one hundred thousand pesos.synonymkosog-kosogDerivativebasagkabasaganroot formbasagkabasagansynonymkosog-kosog
sabawvTo mix s.t. like vegetables in one’s rice with one’s hand before eating.Bong ina yaꞌ sabaw nu kinakan nu, yaꞌ mahap lassa na.If you don’t mix something in with your rice, it doesn’t taste good.Derivativemagsabawroot formmagsabaw
sabayv1To sideswipe; to accidently hit s.o.; to accidently cut down s.t.Lay binasa tapiꞌ lansa Paꞌ Mujirib dalamba sabap bay magsabay ka lansa Paꞌ Hadjiꞌ Utuꞌ.One side board of Uncle Mujirib’s boat was destroyed because it sideswiped Uncle Hadjiꞌ Utuꞌs boat.Lai tasabay katig pambot looy meꞌ kappa.The outrigger of that boat was sideswiped by a ship.2(For a demon to happen) to run across one’s path.Daa kam maglanan njawom libut taggahaꞌ kam tasabay meꞌ ga si Bboꞌ.Don’t be wandering around in a storm lest you happen to have some demons (lit. Grandparents) cross your path.
sabbaadjA kind of small cooking banana (most commonly boiled or fried).
sabbatvTo snatch and devour (as a cat with a mouse, shark with a person, etc.).Tud alistu miyong nu nabbat babaw.Your cat is very skillful at snatching and devouring formsabbatanoverlapping synonymsangkab
sabbatannAnything that has been snatched and devoured by an animal.Derivativesabbatroot formsabbat