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duwaa talbang2nA kind of magical incantation one learns to say in order to be able to vanish.Duwaa talbang pinakoy meꞌ baba man da lomeng.A majical vanishing incantation is used by demon possessed people so that they can fly formtalbang
duwai1verb intransitiveTo disembark; to descend (as when leaving a house by going down stairs); to dismount from a horse or cow; (for one’s blood or sweat) to flow or be spilt; (for one’s money) to be spent.Duwai na doꞌ kam batnaa boꞌ bi sa ngahawas mintu-mintu.Disembark now and you can unload your things (on the boat) later.2vTo allow or tell s.o. to disembark from (a plane, bus, boat, etc.); to have, tell, or allow s.o. to come down or descend (as from a house, tree, etc.); to bring s.t. down; to spend money (lit. to allow money to go down); to allow or cause s.t. to flow down (as blood, sweat, etc.).Yaꞌ gi bay pinaduwai motor looy man taꞌ lansa sabap lagguꞌ gi lahat.That motorcycle hasn’t been brought down from the boat because the tide is still low.Senseng jaꞌ sÿn bay paduwai ku man maiskul anak-anak tuu.The money I spent for educating this child was just wasted.Lay paduwai ku lahaꞌ ku kalnaꞌ kau.I allowed my blood to be spilt for your sake.antdutai 3Derivativekaruwaihanroot formkaruwaihan
duwampýꞌadjTwenty.tableduwang-duwanganhatusanissãlimalimampýꞌnnomnumbulpituꞌ 1pýan libu-pýꞌsapýsiyamtalluumpýꞌwawmpýꞌwawuꞌ
duwanvTo allow; permit; grant; give in to; to indulge one’s desires.Daa hangat duwanun napsu nu.Don’t always give in to your appetite.Magpakaduwan doꞌ ku mangan mangga padpad meka.I’m going to indulge myself in eating mangoes while there are many of them.overlapping synonymhawlayakasumunsayaansangdancf.awiꞌoverlapping synonymasso 2
duwang-duwanganadvTwo (by themselves).Ga danda looy ka lalla looy magbitsala duwang-duwangan.That girl and guy are talking together by themselves.tableduwampýꞌhatusanissãlimalimampýꞌnnomnumbulpituꞌ 1pýan libu-pýꞌsapýsiyamtalluumpýꞌwawmpýꞌwawuꞌDerivativeduwaduwa-duwa1root formduwaduwa-duwa1duwa-duwa2
duyannA durian tree or its fruit.Dun duyan pinabuwat uliꞌ halu.Durian leaves are made into medicine for a sickness caused by demonic spirits.
duyaꞌ1nOctopus.Duyaꞌ mahap lassa na ginuling.Octopus tastes good when fried with other ingredients in a little oil.2vTo fish for octopus.Katawu-tawu nganduyaꞌ bong kita yaꞌ panday.It’s scary to fish for octopus if we don’t know how
duyungnMermaid; a kind of unusual fish (some describe it as a mermaid, others say it’s part human and crys when butchered).Baꞌ-bãꞌ kana-kana duyung yana manusiyaꞌ bay dari daying.According to traditional narratives a duyung is a human that became a fish.
dÿnSelf; oneself.Lai ku nattohan dÿ ku.I laughed at myself.Derivativedidihandÿhanroot formdidihandÿhansynonymdangan-dangan 1mismu
dÿhannOne’s own self.Kau tu ngusahãn jaꞌ ko dÿhan nu.You just work for your own self.Derivativedidihandÿroot formdidihandÿ
dýkvTo clear a garden or plot of ground after burning the brush.Yaꞌ gi kitabi kapatanom bong kitabi yaꞌ gi lupus ngandýk.We can’t plant if we don’t finish clearing the