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dagsaꞌv1To drift to a certain destination; to cause s.t. to drift to a certain destination.Meka batang bay paragsaꞌ ni tapiyan.Many logs drifted to shore.Meka batang bay ndagsaan meꞌ lamba pa tapiyan.Many logs were caused to drift by the waves to the shore.2To proceed right to a certain destination without stopping; to cause s.t. to reach a certain destination.Paragsaun bi na lamisahan naa pa diyoꞌ luma’.Bring that table right under the house.Ndagsaꞌ sila meꞌ pulis pa lumaꞌ da.The police went right to them at their house.Lay dumagsaꞌ motor na pa diyoꞌ lumaꞌ kami.His motorcycle went right under our house (because the brake failed).
dagtuꞌvTo yank or jerk s.t. free from s.t. else.Bong lay sumiit sawu nu, dagtuun tolleng na mari paddus.If your anchor gets hung up on s.t., yank on the line connected to the tine so it will come loose.Ongoy ko bay ngandagtuꞌ pinsil man tangan na?Why did you yank a pencil from his hand?overlapping synonymhagtuꞌoverlapping synonymhagtuꞌ
dagun1nGrief; mourning.Yaꞌ tatatas meꞌ mmaꞌ ku dagun na ni nneꞌ ku.My father can’t endure his grief over my mother.2vTo grieve or mourn (over s.o.).Dagun daraꞌ ku sabap lay pa K.K. anak na.My aunt is grieving because her child went to Kota Kinabalu.Ya’ ya ngandagun minsan ya bay inambanan meꞌ lla na.She’s not grieving even though she was left behind by her husband.Lay ya magkabilaw sabap meꞌ na bay dagun ni lla na.She went crazy because she was grieving over her husband.Ddong na ko dagunan anak nu.That’s enough of your grieving over your child.ka--ansynonymdukka 2dukkaꞌ 2
dahal1adjVoracious; greedy; gluttonous. [A derogatory term.]Tud dahal baw ko. Lay na takatis nu tallu lawoy, nunuꞌ gi ko.You are really gluttonous. You’ve already finished three plates and you still having some more.2vTo eat voraciously or greedily.Tud basag baw ko bay ngandahal. Takatis nu disu karilu.You really ate greedily. You were able to finish a whole pot of rice.
dahamatvTo expect. [Always preceded by a negative and always in actor focus].Daa na ko ngandahamat ga kapoleꞌ gi ko balik pa Mapun.Don’t expect that you can still go back home again to Mapun.overlapping synonymholat
dahingvTo groan (as when in pain).Wã ku ngandahing dabuhiꞌ sabap tud bay kalanduꞌ paddi battong ku.I was continually groaning last night because my stomach was really hurtingýng
dahulakaꞌadjMalicious; cruel; wicked; evil (as one who would poison s.o.’s cow or cut down their crops with no reason).Tud dahulakaꞌ jama looy sabap bay pintohan na sapiꞌ ku.That person is very malicious because he hamstrung my cow.overlapping synonymjahallissynonymtillakaꞌ 2Minor entrytillakaꞌoverlapping synonymjahallis
dahupvTo go in together with s.o. in purchasing s.t.Pagka kulang pilak nu man nu malli motor subay ko miha jama soheꞌ nu magdahup.Since you are lacking money to buy a motorcycle, you should look for s.o. to go in together with you to buy 2overlapping synonymkunsioverlapping synonymhawup
dairanCity; sizeable town.Yaꞌ ku tanam maglahat njawom daira sabap hibuk.I’m not comfortable living in the city because it’s noisy.
dakadvAlmost; nearly; about to (but always prevented).Minor entryadakarak
dakaptcpA particle used for emphasis to indicate uncertainty or wondering.Takupan ku na bong daka dangoy ngallaw du ya bay pahantiꞌ ni lumaꞌ kami.I forget (as to) how many days he stayed at our house.Daka oy na pin tu tuud nu pa Tanaꞌ Makket?(I wonder) what your reason is for always coming to Tanaꞌ Makket?
dakag1adjCharacterized by a person acting in a manner whereby he/she expects everyone to grant him whatever he/she wants.Dakag jama looy sabap buwatan na ngýk silungan soheꞌ na ni pag-awpan.That person acts as though everyone should submit to him because he goes and kisses his companion’s girlfriend in front of him.2vTo act in the above manner.Tinagi bitu ko ngandakag. Bay na ko buwanan ku dalibu dilaw, batnaa maku na baw ko dalibu.You’re fond of expecting people to give you whatever you want. I gave you a thousand pesos yesterday, and now you’re asking for another
dakannThe chest or breast of a person or animal.Isi dakan manuk kaharipan bapaꞌ ku.The chicken’s breast is my uncle’sꞌ
dakdakvTo strike s.t. or s.o. repeatedly.Dakdakun banahan pinopoꞌ nu ka pakang mari sisig lumut na.Strike your wash well with a wooden paddle so that the dirt is all gone.Soy bay ngandakdak kau ka suntuk?Who repeatedly struck you with punches?
dalagnA mudfish.
dalamadvFurthermore; moreover; in addition to that; besides that (always used in a negative sense and followed by inaa or ilooy).Dalibu du tadean ku kau sÿn pa Sambuwangan, dalam inaa, man nu lagi nukayan lansa kasohean.I can only give you a thousand pesos to go to Zamboanga, furthermore you have to use some of it to pay the fare for the launch.Bastilaꞌ kayu du ndean kaam balanjaꞌ, dalam ilooy, kam gi nohoꞌ mihãn dÿ bi lawuk.You will only be given cassava for provisions, furthermore you’re required to bring your own viand.overlapping synonymdan lagioverlapping synonymdan lagi
dalanadjReluctant (to stand up to s.o. in a fight).Lalla looy bong tatatab na dalan ko, iya sõng palingit na pin.If that guy detects that you are reluctant (to fight), he will want to fight all the more.antlingit 2
dalas1nWastefulness; extravagance.Bong meꞌ naa dalas nu ka sÿn, yaꞌ luu taannaꞌ nu.If your wastefulness with money is like that, you won’t be able to save any.2adjWasteful; extravagant; uses way too much.Dalas motol nu ni gasolin.Your motorcycle uses way too much gasoline (lit. is wasteful with gasoline).3vTo waste s.t.; to use or spend s.t. extravagantly.Bong ko ngandalas daying batnaa, pag mintu sangom yaꞌ na luu lawuk tabi.If you eat fish extravagantly now, later on tonight we won’t have any viand left.Daa dalasun sÿn nu taggahaꞌ kabus ko.Don’t waste your money lest you run out of entrydallasoverlapping synonymtoos-toos
dalibunOne thousand.Derivativelibulibuhanroot formlibulibuhanpýan libu
dalilvTo liken s.t. to s.t. else (using figurative speech).Býk tuu bong dalil ta pa jama, tud mahap lalla.This book, if we were to liken it to a person, it is a very handsome man.overlapping synonymibarat
dalimaꞌnA pomegranate tree or its fruit.
dallag1adjWide open (w.r.t. one’s eyes).Iyaꞌ ya sabap dallag mata na.He’s embarrassed because his eyes are big and wide open.2verb intransitive(For one’s eyes) to become wide open.Padallag mata na bay ngita sõ sanduk.His eyes became wide open when he saw a cobra.3vTo stare intently at s.o. with widened eyes [N-](as in anger or when trying to scare s.o.); to open one’s eyes wide [ma-].Bong ko tigiꞌ ngandallag, meka na anak-anak tawu ningkau.If you’re fond of staring at people with widened eyes (to scare them), many children will be afraid of you.Ya’ kuhi tutut ariꞌ ku bong wã dallagan nu.My younger sibling won’t ever be comfortable around you if you’re always staring at him with widened eyes.antkulipitantkulipitcf.lontot 3
dallasadjWasteful; extravagant; uses way too much.Minor entrydalasoverlapping synonymlopas 2
dallaꞌ2nTongue.Ya’ ku tanam mangan sabap sinaliyaw dallaꞌ ku.I’m not comfortable eating because my tongue has canker sores.
dallaꞌ11verb intransitiveTo give up doing s.t. (because of having a bad or painful experience); to begin to give up [N-].Dallaꞌ na ku pa lumaꞌ bi sabap lay ku keket idoꞌ nu.I’ve given up now going to your house because your dog bit me.Dallaꞌ teꞌ ko ngandustaꞌ mari ko yaꞌ hangat talambot.Try giving up lying so you won’t always be getting spanked.Ngandallaꞌ sina ga indo naa pa huma nu bong daran tuwaꞌ timbak nu.Those monkeys will begin to give up going to your garden if they often get shot by you.2vTo cause s.o. to give up doing s.t.Daa padallaun jama pinaballihan barang pasaw ni kadday nu.Don’t cause people to give up buying by selling expired goods in your store.3v(For s.o.) to give up on s.o. (because of a previous unpleasant experience).Papoleun deꞌ-dæꞌ oy-oy bay indam nu mari ko yaꞌ kadallaan jama.Return whatever you have borrowed right away so people won’t give up onꞌ