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dalling21nA kind of Tausug dance with more movement than the pangalay dance.2vTo perform this kind of dance.overlapping synonympangalayoverlapping synonympangalay 2
dalling1vTo express dissatisfaction through one’s eyes.Ongoy ko ngandalling aku? Lasu ko niyaku?Why are you expressing dissatisfaction in your eyes? Are you angry with me?cf.buliꞌ-buliꞌ mata
dallotvTo catch an animal/bird with a noose (usually placed on the ground).Bong ko yaꞌ alistu ngandallot, yaꞌ sina takoleꞌ nu manuk naa.If you aren’t skilled at catching animals with a noose, you won’t be able to catch that chicken.root formmata dallot1synonymmata sablit
dalusinnA dozen.Ballihan doꞌ ku lawoy dalusin.Buy me a dozen plates.
damak1nA gift given to a single woman by a man.Lay ya kinalasuhan meꞌ nneꞌ na sabap lay ya kuhi ngaddoꞌ damak lalla ma nilung iya.Her mother was angry at her because she was willing to accept a gift from the man who is courting her.2v(For a man) to give a gift to a single woman. (This usually isn’t socially acceptable to the girl’s family).Damakan nu danda looy mari ko kinaromanan.Give that girl a gift so you be desired (by her).
dambilaꞌ1nThe other or opposite side of anything.Pilay kita pa dambilaꞌ lãn.Let’s go to the other side of the road.2nOne of a pair.Lay lungay sinilas ku dambilaꞌ.One of my slippers is lost.3adjHalf (of s.t.).Maruhuꞌ hagaꞌ koks lima du ka dambilaꞌ.Before the price of a coke was only five and a half pesos.Deanun na daraꞌ nu sikuy looy dambilaꞌ.Give your aunt half of that watermelon.Derivativedambilaꞌ-bilaꞌkarambilaanroot formbilaanbilaꞌdambilaꞌ-bilaꞌkarambilaanMinor entrybilaꞌ
dambilaꞌ-bilaꞌadv(To do s.t.) one-handedly; or with one foot.Lalla naa dambilaꞌ-bilaꞌ du meꞌ na malãn motol.That guy drives a motorcycle with only one hand.Derivativedambilaꞌkarambilaanroot formbilaanbilaꞌdambilaꞌkarambilaan
dambuliadjLast.Kami dambuli banahan bay takka pa lumaꞌ da.We were the very last ones to arrive at their house.Pabeleng si Isa Almasi pa junyaꞌ ni llaw dambuli.Jesus Christ is coming back to the earth on the last day.Derivativedambulihanroot formdambulihan
dambulihan1nBehind, rear or back (as in a bus, as of s.o. following in the back).Ningkõꞌ ku ni dambulihan bãs.I’ll sit in the back of the bus.2verb intransitiveTo be going, following or coming from behind or later.Ninggai nda nu? Luu na nnaa dambuli.Where is your wife? She’s there coming behind.Iya dambuli man kaam pa Sambuwangan.He’ll be coming later after you to Zamboanga.3vTo put or cause s.o. to be last; happen to be last [-um-]; to go last (as in a line of people).Waktu kami bay maglumbaꞌ, lay ku dumambuli, batan lay bintas sinilas ku.When we were racing, I fell behind, as my slipper broke.Sangkon ku parambuli, sabap yaꞌ katoonan ku lãn.The reason I fell behind was I didn’t know the trail.Soy bay madambuli kau mangan?Who put you last to eat?Derivativedambuliroot formdambuli
dambuwaꞌ1adjOne (w.r.t. a unit of measure); one (as a number when added to tens to make eleven, twenty-one, thirty-one, etc.).Ballihan doꞌ ku mbuwaꞌ karut bohas.Buy me one sack of rice.Sapu-dambuwaꞌ.Eleven.Duwampuꞌ-dambuwaꞌ.Twenty-one.Nnompuꞌ-dambuwaꞌ.Sixty-one.Soy soheꞌ nu dambuwaꞌ lumaꞌ?Who is your companion (living in the) same house?2vTo be or live together with s.o.; to put things together; to unite.Doman ko magdambuwaꞌ ka sila?Do you want to be together with them?Parambuwaꞌ ku bohas ku ni bohas nu.I’m going to put my rice with your rice.Subay yaꞌ magdambuwaꞌ danda ka lalla bong yaꞌ bay halal kawin.A man and woman shouldn’t live together if they haven’t been legally married.Derivativedambuwaꞌ ataydambuwaꞌ lumaꞌdambuwaꞌ pikilanroot formdambuwaꞌ ataydambuwaꞌ lumaꞌdambuwaꞌ pikilanMinor entrymbuwaꞌ
dambuwaꞌ atayadjOf one heart.Derivativedambuwaꞌdambuwaꞌ lumaꞌdambuwaꞌ pikilanroot formdambuwaꞌdambuwaꞌ lumaꞌdambuwaꞌ pikilan
dambuwaꞌ lumaꞌadjOf/from/living-in the same house.Derivativedambuwaꞌdambuwaꞌ ataydambuwaꞌ pikilanroot formdambuwaꞌdambuwaꞌ ataydambuwaꞌ pikilan
dambuwaꞌ pikilanadjOf one mind.Derivativedambuwaꞌdambuwaꞌ ataydambuwaꞌ lumaꞌroot formdambuwaꞌdambuwaꞌ ataydambuwaꞌ lumaꞌ
damikiyanadvLikewise; in the same manner.Lambot ta ko sina bong ko yaꞌ ngasip. Damikiyan ariꞌ nu bong yaꞌ du ngasip, lambot ku du.I’ll spank you if you don’t obey. Likewise if your younger sibling doesn’t obey, I’ll also spank him/her.
dammiꞌnCoconut milk residue from producing coconut oil with other seasonings added (such as onions, peppers, salt, ginger etc.).Tud mahap lassa dammiꞌ nilawkan saging binalla.Coconut milk residue with spices added is very delicious when eaten with boiled bananas.
dampudjutnA pinch of s.t.Buwanan doꞌ ku timus nu san lasa dampudjut.Give me some of your salt even if it is just aýtDerivativepudjutroot formpudjut
dan lagiadvFurthermore; in addition; on top of that.Bong ku buwat ntuu, koleꞌ ku usaha, dan lagi pasõng gi kapandoyan ku.When I work here, I receive a livelihood, furthermore my knowledge increases.synonymlagiꞌ naoverlapping synonymdalamsynonymlagiꞌ naoverlapping synonymdalam
danannReason for doing s.t.Danan ku siꞌ kapahãs pitu sabap takita ta kam ntuu magmiting.The reason I happened to stop by here is because I saw you here talking together.overlapping synonymsabapsangdanan
danawnLake.Bboꞌ ku bay magsasangiꞌ mangan-mangan pa danaw pag mintu takka na bay maghadjiꞌ.My grandfather vowed to have a picnic at the lake when he arrives after having made the pilgrimage to Mecca.
danda1nFemale; girl; woman.Yaꞌ dari danda pinagtakõk ni masjid.Women aren’t allowed to be placed as the head in a mosque.2vFor a woman to make herself presentable (as to dress up, comb her hair, put on jewelry, etc.).Magdanda-danda na kam, boꞌ tabi mmeꞌ lunsay.You women make yourselves presentable, and then we’ll go to the courtship dance.3v(For a man) to have an illicit affair with a woman; to be unfaithful to one’s wife.Yaꞌ ya maasean nda na sabap buwatan na magdanda ndooy ni K.K.He doesn’t love his wife because he has affairs with women in Kota Kinabalu.Derivativekadanda-dandakarandahanroot formkadanda-dandakarandahan
dandam1nA longing for s.o.Yaꞌ kuhi lakka dandam ku ni silungan ku.My longing for my girlfriend just won’t leave.2vTo long for s.o. (who has died or left permanently).Ndandam meꞌ ku danganakan ku lay matay.I long for my deceased sister/brother.
dandunaynA nicobar pigeon. A large, shiny black bird with a
dãngvTo warm oneself next to a fire; to warm s.o. or s.t. next to a fire [ma-].Parãng ko ni api bong ko katannehan.Warm yourself by the fire if you’re cold.Ngandãng ko dÿ nu ni bihing api.Warm yourself next to the fire.
danga1adjHaving a wandering mind; caught up in one’s imaginations.2verb intransitiveTo let one’s mind wander.Minor entrydangaꞌ