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dangannOne (of a group).Yuk dangan, “Aku na tukang nganduk bohe."One (of them) said, “I’ll be the one to fetch water."Derivativedangan-danganpadadanganroot formdangan-danganpadadangan
dangan-dangan1n(Alone or by) oneself.Dangan-dangan ku du ngalabasan niyug looy.I cut down the weeds around those coconut trees all by myself.Dangan-dangan ku ni lumaꞌ looy.I’m all alone in that house.synonymdÿmismu2v(For each one) to do his own work.Magdangan-dangan jaꞌ kita ngupasan niyug.Let’s just each do our own work husking coconuts.Derivativedanganpadadanganroot formdanganpadadangan
danganakan1kinship nounSibling; brother; sister.Luu takka danganakan ku man Sambuwangan.My sibling arrived from Zamboanga.2vTo be in a sibling relationship with s.o.; to treat s.o. like a sibling.Pituꞌ kami magdanganakan.We are seven brothers and sisters.Bong ko bana-bana magdanganakan niyaku, deanun na aku gumba nu.If you really consider me as your brother, give me your pump.
dangaꞌ1adjHaving a wandering mind; caught up in one’s imaginations.Yaꞌ tapakoy buwat ni palhimpunan tuu bong jama dangaꞌ.If a person has a wandering mind, he can’t be used in this organization.2vTo let one’s mind wander.Ongoy ko parangaꞌ jaꞌ? Yaꞌ san ko nabang buwat.Why are you just letting your mind wander? You don’t even help to entrydanga
dangilannA kind of tree with white fragrant flowers.
danginvTo invite s.o. to help (with cooperative work, fighting a battle, etc.).Ntuu ni Sikob, tuktuk luu buwatan awod, sidangin-dangin jaꞌ jama.Here in Sikob, whenever there’s hard work to do, we just invite each other to help.Derivativedanginanroot formdanginan
danginannS.o. invited to help (in cooperative work).Dangoy eka danginan nu ngalabas?How many people did you invite to help cut down weeds?cf.panggiDerivativedanginroot formdangin
dangkãnnA type of tree.
dangkitiꞌadjSmall or little (in number, amount, or quantity). [This is used sometimes interchangeably with dangkiit].Pooy meꞌ tabi kakakanan bong dangkitiꞌ du kinakan tabi?How can we have enough to eat if we only have a little food?Dangkitiꞌ du gadji na.His wage is small.Derivativedangkitiꞌ-dangkitiꞌroot formdangkitiꞌ-dangkitiꞌcf.dikiꞌ
dangkitiꞌ-dangkitiꞌadjVery little (in amount, number, etc.).Dangkitiꞌ-dangkitiꞌ ja’ meꞌ nu ngannaan karina nu oyel.You just put a very little amount of oil on yourꞌDerivativedangkitiꞌroot formdangkitiꞌ
dangkiꞌ1adjEnvious; jealous.Dangkiꞌ ya sukat ku bay ballihan si Mmaꞌ motol.He’s jealous just because Father bought me a motorcycle.2vTo envy or be jealous (of s.o.)Daa ko ngandangkiꞌ siyali nu sukat luu lansa na.Don’t envy your younger brother just because he has a launch.overlapping synonymkimbuoverlapping synonympangimbu
dangoyinterrogativeHow many?; How much?Dangoy eka mulit nu ntuu?How many students do you have here?Lisag dangoy na?What time is it now?Dangoy meꞌ nu malli timus?How much did you buy salt for?Derivativedangoy-dangoyroot formdangoy-dangoy
dangoy-dangoynHowever much or however many.Dangoy-dangoy takoleꞌ nu, mastiꞌ balli ku mimon.However many you can catch, for sure I’ll buy all of them.Derivativedangoyroot formdangoy
dantaꞌ1adjBright.Tud dantaꞌ palitaan nu.Your kerosene lamp is very bright.2verb intransitiveTo become bright; to become light.Parantaꞌ na sina lahat bong lisag nnom na.The place is becoming light when it is six o’clock.3vTo brighten s.t.; give light to s.t.Mata llaw marantaan junyaꞌ.The sun gives light to the world.Derivativekarantaanroot formkarantaan
dapaknA red snapper fish.
dapat11nAn opportunity; possibility; chance to do s.t.; alternative.Bong luu dapat nu, pitu doꞌ ko sumawung.If you have a chance, come here tomorrow.Bong jama yaꞌ mag-usaha, yaꞌ luu dapat na sarÿ man nantiliꞌ.If a person doesn’t have any livelihood, he doesn’t have any other alternative than to beg.2vTo obtain.Magsuku ku pa Tuhan sabap lay baw ku karapat mpat tõ daying.I’m thankful to God because I was able to catch (lit. obtain) four strings of fish.Dapat dusa ko bong ko nimanan nda nu yaꞌ luu poon sabap na.You’ll be committing (lit. obtaining) a sin if you discard your wife for no reason.
dapat2vTo blame s.o. (for not fulfilling his words or promise); to hold s.o. liable (as when a prediction doesn’t come to pass).Pooy meꞌ ku yaꞌ ngandapat kau pus nu nganjanjiꞌ yaꞌ bay tinuman?How can I not blame you after you promise and then don’t fulfill it?Daa jaꞌ baw ku dapatun, basta yaꞌ baw ko sina lupus ngiskul bong yaꞌ tagongan nu bulaug nu.Don’t hold me liable, but you surely won’t finish your schooling if you don’t stop your rebelliousness.Bong ku yaꞌ bayaran nu, parapatan nu na baw ku ni si Ipa.If you don’t pay me, you’ll be causing me to be blamed by Ipa (for not keeping my promise to pay her).Derivativekarapatanyaꞌ tarapatroot formkarapatanyaꞌ tarapat
dapitvTo side with or favor s.o.; to defend s.o.; to stand up for s.o.Daa ko magdapit-dapit ni anak ta bong bay buwat sãꞌ wã bong ko doman iya dakag.Don’t ever side with our child if he has done wrong unless you want him to act like everyone should give him whatever he wants.synonymnapisynonymnapi
dapiꞌvTo beat, whip or spank s.o.; to use s.t. to beat s.o. with [-an].Daa ko os-os ngandapiꞌ ni anak nu.Don’t be quick to beat your child.Bong sigi-sigi usik nu payung naa, dapian ku sina ni bukut nu.If you keep on playing with that umbrella, I’ll use it to beat your back with.
daplasvTo mount (an animal, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.).Tud sapat anak-anak looy ngandaplas kuraꞌ.That child is very skilled at mounting a horse.overlapping synonymbakuraꞌcf.kuraꞌ 2overlapping synonymbakuraꞌ
daplinannBoundary (usually an unofficial boundary between two people’s farms or gardens, but can be any boundary).Buwat kita paga ni daplinan huma ta.Let’s build a fence on the boundary of our gardens.
dappa1nAn armspan (a measure of length or depth).Dangon dappa tahaꞌ ingkot nu?How many armspans is the length of your rope?2vTo measure s.t. by armspans.Pagka kau malli ingkot, kau na ngandappa.Since you’re the one buying rope, you be the one to measure it by armspans.3vTo extend one’s arms out on both sides.Daa ko padappa ni lãn bong jama pingkaꞌ.Don’t extend your arms out while on the path when people are passing by.
dapunOwner of s.t.Soy dapu motol tuu?Who is the owner of this motorcycle.
daravTo proceed; to go further; to continue on doing s.t.; to go beyond; to bring or move s.t. to or away from s.t.Bong darahan ku mmeꞌ ninsila, meka kapandayan takoleꞌ ku man da.If I continue to go with them, I could gain much know-how from them.Niyaꞌ na parara kapandoyan na sabap niyaꞌ ya tigiꞌ matsa.His knowledge will not go any further because he’s not fond of reading.Lay dumara jÿp looy sabap yaꞌ ngakkot brek na.That jeep went beyond where it was supposed to stop because its brakes didn’t grab.Daa hangat pararahun bi napsu bi.Don’t always be allowing your appetites to do whatever they want.Soy bay ngandarahan bagung looy pa jambatan?Who brought that boat to the wharf?cf.lanjaoverlapping synonymlarakoverlapping synonymlarak 3
darajatvTo be different; to make things different.Agama ni Pilipin magdarajat.Religions in the Philippines are different.Tud pandoy ya magsidarajat walnaꞌ siga badjuꞌ tuu.He really knows how to make the colors of these shirts different.