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dayangnoun; vocative nounA term of address or reference to a lady teacher meaning “ma’am” (usu. preceded by Daꞌ [aunt], Kaꞌ [elder sister]), or Boꞌ [grandmother] depending on the age of the lady teacher; a term of endearment and respect for any girl young or old meaning “dear”.Tud alistu Kaꞌ Dayang noan aku ngadjiꞌ.Ma’am is very skilled at teaching me about religion.Pitu ko, Dayang. Pakan ta ko.Come here, Dear. I’ll feed you.
dayang-dayangnDaughter of a datuꞌ.Meka dayang-dayang ndooy ni Pawan.There are lots of daughters of chiefs in Pawan.overlapping synonymputliꞌoverlapping synonymputliꞌ
dayingnFish (generic).Batnaa jalangan kita nammu daying.Nowadays we seldom find fish.Derivativedayinganroot formdayingan
dayingan1adjHaving an abundance of fish.Tud dayingan angpas nu.Your fish trap has lots of fish in it.2vTo make a living from buying and selling fish.Magdaying usaha mahap ntuu ni Mapun.Buying and selling fish is a good livelihood here in Mapun.3vTo feel very unsettled or uneasy.Magding-dingan na miyong looy bay kakakan lara.That cat is very unsettled from having eaten peppery food.Derivativedayingroot formdaying
dayung1nLarge oar, (used in small boats to propel as well as to direct).2vTo propel a boat with a large oar from the stern with a sweeping motion; use a large oar.Dayungan doꞌ tempel tuu pa lansa looy.Propel this dinghy with a large oar to that 1
Daꞌ1vocative nounA respectful term of address or reference to one’s aunt or an olderꞌDerivativedaraꞌroot formdaraꞌcf.Paꞌ2
Daꞌ2vocative nounA respectful term of address or reference to one’s aunt or to a woman older than the speaker.Ndooy doꞌ ku tuli ni lumaꞌ Daꞌ Napsa.I’ll sleep at Aunt Napsaꞌs house.
daꞌ-dãꞌ1nUpsetness; offence; hurt feeling.Mareanta luu daꞌ-dãꞌ atay nu niyaku sabap yaꞌ na san ko bay ngandaꞌ-ngandaꞌ aku.Maybe there’s s.t. that you are upset about with me because you no longer even visit me.Yaꞌ lakka daꞌ-dãꞌ atay ku bay kalasuhan na njawom jama.The hurt feeling in my heart hasn’t left from his being angry at me in front of people.2vTo be upset, offended, have hurt feelings.Daa na doꞌ ko magdaꞌ-dãꞌ. Yaꞌ gi ko tapaindaman ku sangku sabap gunahan gi niyaku.Don’t be upset. I can’t loan you a hoe because I still need it.Daa mandaꞌ-dãꞌ atay nu san ku mahallingan sila lagak.Don’t be upset even though I called them voracious.Daa na ko manda’-dãꞌ. Yaꞌ gi tadean ku kau lilus tuu.Don’t be upset. I can’t give this watch to you yet.
ddasadjComplete (with). [Always followed by ka meaning with.]Jama tukang kayu subay ddas ka kalangkapan na.A carpenter should be complete with his tools.Pag poleꞌ lalla looy man K.K., ddas na ka nda na.When that man came home from Kota Kinabalu, he was complete with his (new) wife.Bay ku malli bariꞌ ddas ka sawung na.I bought a machete complete with its sheath.
ddongadvEnough.Ddong na kam magbitsala.You’ve talked enough now.Ddong na kam kuli-kuli.You’ve played enough 3saddongMinor entryaddong
deanvTo give s.t. to s.o.Soy bay ngandean pistu ku ni pulis looy?Who gave my pistol to that policeman?Deanun na manuk nu ni bapaꞌ nu.Give your chicken to your uncle.synonymkabuwanan
delatv1To lick s.t.; to lap up fluid with the tongue.Idoꞌ soy lay ngandelat karilu bi?Who’s dog is that licking your pot?Yaꞌ du sina hallom kaulian bakat idoꞌ naa sabap daran delatan na nanaꞌ na.It won’t be long before that dog’s cut is healed because he often licks the pus off.2(For one’s tongue) to stick out (as when being choked, hanged, etc.).Jama looy bay matay katawu-tawu sabap padelat dallaꞌ na.That person who died was scary because his tongue was sticking out.
delat-delatnA large snail.Subay tunuhun bi bong kam ngita delat-delat sabap inaa kabinasa ni tinanom.You should burn them if you see snails because they can destroy plants.
deꞌadjLate (w.r.t. afternoon); early (w.r.t. morning).Matatoa looy bay matay lisag lima deꞌ kohap.That old person died in the late afternoon at 5:00 p.m.
deꞌ-dæꞌ1advQuickly; be quick about doing st.Buwat kam deꞌ-dæꞌ. Lingantu na ku.Work quickly. I’m hungry now.2vTo be in a hurry.Yaꞌ kitabi kapahallom magbitsala sabap magdeꞌ-dæꞌ ku.I can’t talk with you for very long because I’m in a hurry.Oy pagdeꞌ-dæan nu moleꞌ?What’s your hurry in going home?San daa na doꞌ pagdeꞌ-dæan nu tipo looy sabap hallom gi du kami lome.There’s no need for you to be in a hurry about that mat because it’s still a long time yet before weꞌcf.os-os
didihann(Alone or by) oneself.Didihan na du lumãn lakka man Tanaꞌ Makket pa Siyabon.He walks all by himself from Tanaꞌ Makket to Siyabon.Derivativedÿdÿhanroot formdÿdÿhan
dikatnA sarong or malong (a tubular skirt worn by Muslim women and men); any kind of cloth or material.Indaman doꞌ ku dikat nu man ku basahan.Loan me your tubular skirt so I can cover myself when bathing.Mahap la dikat badjuꞌ nu.Your shirt’s material is nice.synonymtadjungcf.sayasynonymkakanaꞌtadjung 2
dikiꞌadjSmall or little in size.Daa palangkawun hagaꞌ manuk nu sabap kalanduꞌ dikiꞌ.Don’t make the price high for your chicken because it’s veryꞌcf.dangkitiꞌ-dangkitiꞌ
diklamuvTo file a complaint against s.o. for an offense; to press charges against s.o.Lay diklamu ku jama looy sabap lay ya monoꞌ kaki ku.I pressed charges against that person because he killed my cousin.Soy bay ngandiklamu ariꞌ ku?Who filed a complaint against my younger sibling?
dilawnYesterday.Yaꞌ kami bay kuli-kuli dilaw.We didn’t play yesterday.root formbahangi dilaw2Compoundbahangibahangi dilaw1
dilawut1nSea; ocean.Lay sila taabut baliyu landos ni dilawut.They were caught by a strong wind on the sea.2vTo fish; to go fishing; to pick up shellfish.Panday ko padilawut?Do you know how to fish?Lla ku lay padilawut.My husband went fishing.Derivativepadilawtanroot formpadilawtan
dile1nInterior; inland from the coast.Jama ni dile daran kabus daying.People living in the interior often run out of fish.2adjFrom the interior or the country.Meka na jama dile maglahat ni bihing tapiyan.Many people from the interior are now living next to the shore.anttapiyan
dinding-halin(Lit. wall of rest). Planks about three to four feet long used to seal up a corpse in a separate shelf to one side at the bottom of the grave hole.Pamãꞌ kapakihan, yaꞌ dari mangga pinabuwat dinding-hali.According to the religious leaders, boards from a mango tree can’t be used for the ’wall of rest’.cf.paliyangan
diplayv1To move or swerve to the side.Lay padiplay buliꞌ tarak looy pa batang niyug sabap nguud lãn.The rear end of that truck swerved into a coconut tree because the road was slippery.Daa padiplayun buliꞌ lansa ta pa jambatan taggahaꞌ binasa tapiꞌ na.Don’t let the stern of our launch run into the wharf lest the side boards get destroyed.2To move unsteadily from side to side; to wobble or sway back and forth.Bong jama bohoꞌ bay koleꞌ, magdiplay-diplay meꞌ na lumãn.If a person has just recovered from an illness, he walks unsteadily from side to synonymbibay
dirip1nA hand fan.Indaman doꞌ ku dirip nu.Loan me your hand fan.2vTo fan s.t. or s.o.Tud pasuꞌ ntuu. Diripan doꞌ ku.It’s very hot here. Fan me.