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disuadj1One.Buwanan doꞌ ku kindi nu, disu jaꞌ.Give me some of your candy, just one.2Another; different.Bay sila pilay pa lahat disu.They went to another place.Derivativedisu-disu1padisu-padisuroot formdisu-disu1disu-disu2padisu-padisuoverlapping synonymissã
disu-disu2adjFew.Disu-disu jama mmeꞌ ni kahandak Tuhan.A few people follow God’s will.root formdisudisu-disu1padisu-padisu
disu-disu1adjOne for one.Buwanan ku doꞌ sila apol disu-disu.I’ll give each one of them an apple.Derivativedisupadisu-padisuroot formdisudisu-disu2padisu-padisu
diwann(List of) ordinances or laws passed by local barangays or municipalities containing fines for various minor offenses.Bay tatammu ku kasaan meꞌ looy ni diwan.I was able to find that kind of offense in the list of ordinances.
diyam1adjSilent; quiet. [This is used interchangeably with diyam-diyam].Diyam lahat tuu.This place is quiet.2vTo be quiet or silent.Diyam-diyam teꞌ kam. Ya’ na kapatuli bboꞌ bi.Try to be quiet. Your grandmother can’t sleep.Padiyam-diyamun teꞌ sila.Try to keep them quiet.Derivativekadiyamanroot formkadiyaman
diyandinLight-weight printed fabric with lots of colors.Ballihan doꞌ ku diyandi kagarungan.Buy me some light cotton fabric with lots of green inꞌ
diyoꞌ1nThe area under s.t.; the bottom of s.t.Kaddoun doꞌ tumpaꞌ ku ni diyoꞌ lamisahan.Get my shoes from under the table.2adj.Low.Tud diyoꞌ baw hagaꞌ na.Its price is really low.Derivativediyoꞌ-diyoꞌmakadiyoꞌroot formdiyoꞌ-diyoꞌmakadiyoꞌ
diyoꞌ-diyoꞌadjShort in stature.Derivativediyoꞌmakadiyoꞌroot formdiyoꞌmakadiyoꞌsynonympandak
diyusstative verbTo be disgraced; greatly shamed (as when one’s wife has an affair with another man).Diyus ko bong pabiya nu nda nu maglalla.You’ll be disgraced if you allow your wife to have relations with other men.Derivativekadiyusanroot formkadiyusan
Diꞌ2vocative nounA term of address used by older siblings to younger siblings and close friends to younger friends.
Diꞌ11vocative nounA term of address used by older siblings when addressing younger siblings.2vTo address s.o. as “Diꞌ”.Ongoy ko mag-ariꞌ niyaku saula-ula siyaka ko man aku?Why are you addressing me as “Diꞌ” as if you’re older than me?overlapping synonymsiyaliDerivativeariꞌroot formariꞌ
Diꞌba1vocative nounA friendly term of address used btw. females of about the same age. Loosely translated as Friend.Kau na ba Diꞌba pilay.You be the one, Friend, to go over there.2vTo address or refer to s.o. as “Diꞌba” (Friend).Gak ku bong ko magdiꞌba niyaku.I’m happy when you address me as Friend.
dogasadjCompletely husked (rice).Yaꞌ mahap lassa na kinakan bong bohas yaꞌ dogas.Rice doesn’t taste good if it isn’t completely husked.
dogsogvTo press against s.o. as when riding in a jeep, sleeping in a bed with s.o., etc.Daa ko ngandogsog aku sabap paddi paa ku.Don’t press against me because my thigh hurts.Daa ku dogsogun, kapasuan ku.Don’t press against me, I’m hot.overlapping synonymgipitoverlapping synonymgipitan
dohongvTo cease doing s.t.; to stop.Saꞌ kam parohong sisuntuk?Aren’t you going to stop hitting each other?Dohongan nu na sigup sabap kabinasa ni baran nu.Stop smoking because it can destroy your body.Derivativekarohonganroot formkarohonganoverlapping synonymkatagongan
dollengnA small canoe-shaped boat with outriggers.
domanauxillary verb; verbTo want or desire s.t. or s.o.Ya’ ku doman bangsa kapil domanan anak ku.I don’t want any pagans to desire my daughter.ka--ancf.makatagi-tagi
dongaꞌvTo extend one’s neck; to raise one’s head up high (as when trying to see s.t.).Katawu-tawu bong sõ sanduk parongaꞌ.It’s scary when a cobra raises up its formkadongaancf.hollo
dongkatv1To tilt up on one side, end, or edge.Daa tingkoan nu bihing lamisahan naa taggahaꞌ padongkat.Don’t sit on the edge of that table lest it tilt up on one side.Tud basag kaytan looy bay ngandongkat bagung da sampay lay na ga sila tumande.That shark was really strong to tilt their boat on its edge until they capsized.2To teeter-totter or see-saw.Boonun ariꞌ nu magdongkat-dongkatan mari yaꞌ nangis.Take your younger brother/sister to teeter-totter so he/she doesn’t cry.Minor entryongkat
dongo1adjUnalert to one’s surroundings or happenings; “spaced out"; mind is somewhere else. (Sometimes because of having taken drugs).Dongo bitu ko. Yaꞌ san ko nabang bong ko yaꞌ sinohoꞌ.You are unalert to what’s happening. You don’t even help unless someone tells you to.2verb intransitiveTo be unalert; to be spacing out in one’s mind (i.e. staring blankly at nothing).Daa ko hangat parongo.Don’t always be staring blankly at nothing.
doom-doomadjOvercast.Daa na doꞌ kitabi patuwak bong doom-doom lahat, taggahaꞌ lay na baw kitabi mintu kalandosan.We shouldn’t take off on a trip if it’s overcast, or we might end up caught in a storm.synonymliboksynonymlibok
doraannPeople that experience s.t. together during the same time era.Soy na pin bay doraan nu bay buwat ni K.K.?Who else was with you when you were working in Kota Kinabalu?Derivativedoraꞌroot formdoraꞌ
doraꞌnSame group.Dandoraꞌ kami bay ngiskul ni Notre Dame.We were in the same group going to school at Notre Dame.Derivativedoraanroot formdoraan
dorog1nGood looks.Tud kulang bina dorog manuk bong yaꞌ luu ingko na.A rooster really lacks good looks if it doesn’t have a tail.2v(For a male) to make himself look good (as by wearing nice clothers, combing one’s hair, etc.).Derivativedorogankaroroganroot formdorogankarorogancf.manisan 2
doroganadjNice to look at; good looking w.r.t. things and men (sometimes women).Tud dorogan lamisahan naa.That table is very nice.Derivativedorogkaroroganroot formdorogkarorogan