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doꞌptcpIndicates a stopping of what one is doing in order to do s.t. else.Boonun doꞌ pokon tuu pa Manila.Take this parcel to Manila.Ballihan doꞌ ku bohas mbaꞌ gantang.Sell me a ganta of rice.
duadv1Definitely; as expected.Soysoy miha oy-oy karomanan na man Tuhan, mastiꞌ tatammu na du.Whoever looks for whatever he wants from God, for sure he will definitely find it.Lay na du matay mmaꞌ na?Did his father already die as expected?Pangandohan ku ya ngindam lilus ku sabap umid du ya.I trust him to borrow my watch because he’s definitely careful.2Also; too.Ndiyoan luu du lumaꞌ.Down below there is also a house.Tau ta na la batan beꞌ ga aku managsa du sõng pilu.I don’t know for I seldom go there too.3Only; just (sets a limit or indicates insufficiency).Ilooy du tau isu-isu Daꞌ Anjira ka Mam Matariya.The only ones who know are Aunt Anjira and Mam Matariya.Bong disu du, daa na ko muwan.If only one, don’t give me any.4Really.Niyaꞌ du mehe lahat looy banahan.That place isn’t really that big.
dubayvTo be traveling together side by side (as two boats in the sea, two planes in the sky, two jeeps on a road, two people walking side by side.Subay dubay ku lansa na sabap magpatay-patay makina na.I should travel alongside his boat because his engine keeps dying.Ilooy man kami yaꞌ bay tawuhan mundu sabap lay dubayan kappa lansa kami.The reason we weren’t afraid of pirates is because a ship traveled alongside us.Kami bay lome pa Pawan magdubay jaꞌ lansa kami.When we went to Palawan our boats traveled side by side.Luu la pambot bay padubay ni lansa kami nipi-nipi magmundu.A pumpboat came alongside our launch to look for an opportunity to rob synonymhaboy
dubdubvTo complain; to grumble; to murmur under your breath as when irritated.Magdubdub na pin ya sukat na yaꞌ bay binuwanan sÿn ngiskul.He keeps on murmuring just because he wasn’t given any money to take to school.Ongoy ko ngandubduban nneꞌ nu?Why are you complaining about your mother?pag--ancf.masingkimukaꞌ
dubli1stative verbTo be double; twofold.Bay taun looy bohoꞌ duwampýꞌ pilak hagaꞌ bohas mbaꞌ gantang, pag batnaa dubli na.In that year rice was only twenty pesos per ganta, and now it’s double.2vTo double s.t.Daa ko ba ngandubli hagaꞌ bõs nu.Don’t double the price quoted by your boss.Derivativekadublihanroot formkadublihan
dublunnA gold coin; a gold coin brooch.Batnaa yaꞌ na usu ni karandahan makoy dublun.Now it’s no longer common for women to wear gold coin brooches.
duga11nHatred; dislike; irritation.Bong duwan ku duga atay ku, subay ko bay papatay ku.If I were to give in to the hatred in my heart, I would have killed you.2vTo irritate; to tease.Bong ko tigiꞌ maruga ariꞌ nu, kinalammisan sina ko.If you’re fond of teasing your younger sibling, he’ll surely end up detesting you.3vTo act in a very frustrated or very irritated manner.Daa ko magduga bong ko buwat, taggahaꞌ yaꞌ mahap kararihan pabuwatan nu.Don’t act in a frustrated manner when you’re working or else your work won’t turn out nice.Derivativedugahanroot formdugahansynonymginigit
duga2nA lump under the skin; a cyst.Yaꞌ sina lakka duga ni langngon nu bong yaꞌ sohoꞌ nu binakkaꞌ ni duktul.The lump on your arm won’t leave unless you have it operated on by a doctor.
dugahanadjIrritated.Anak-anak palãn tud dugahan ku.I’m very irritated with children who are always going places.synonymgigitDerivativeduga1root formduga1
dugang1nLabor charge; fee for services rendered.Dangoy dugang tipo naa?How much was the charge for weaving that mat?2vTo pay s.o. for a service; to appease s.o. by giving them s.t.Bong ko ngandugang sapý pilak, ndukan ta ko boheꞌ.If you pay ten pesos, I’ll fetch you some water.Dugangan ta ko, bong ko kuhi ngosoan motor ku.I’ll pay you, if you’re willing to wash my motorcycle.Bong ya yaꞌ bay dugangan ku ka kindi, yaꞌ bay patagong nangis.If I hadn’t appeased him with candy, he wouldn’t have stopped 2laggahanoverlapping synonymgadji 3
dugaꞌvTo act like one is going to do s.t. but really isn’t (often to just be teasing).Yaꞌ ya kasulutan wã ndugaꞌ meꞌ nu sinuntuk.He isn’t pleased with you always acting like you’re going to hit him.overlapping synonymtaraꞌcf.garataksynonymsurioverlapping synonymtaraꞌ
dugsunAn open sore.Ulian nu dugsu na.Medicine his ulcerated
dugsuꞌvTo impale; to stab s.o.Lay matay bagay ku bay dugsuan jama lango.My friend died from being stabbed by a drunk 3cf.tabboksynonymsuruk 3
dugukvTo put money away for an emergency.Jama magtaruguk subay luu sÿn na maglabi.People who put money away for an emergency should have extra money (around).Derivativeduguk-duguktarugukroot formduguk-duguktaruguk
duguk-dugukexpressionAn expression whereby one is calling out to money to come and fill a container.Duguk-duguk, pannoan bi na pangannaan ku.(Money) be attracted, be attracted, come and fill up my container.Derivativeduguktarugukroot formduguktaruguk
duguꞌ-duguꞌnA kind of sea cucumber.
duhunvTo increase in degree; to intensify.Lay gi niduhunan meꞌ na dusa na.He intensified his sinning.Magdaduhun na sina lasu na bong hiyak nu gi manuk na.His anger will intensify if you throw s.t. at his chicken.Duhunan bi na baw bina kasusahan njawom atay ku bong boo bi na baw ariꞌ bi.You’ll intensify the sorrow in my heart if you take your younger brother with you.Derivativekaduhunanroot formdaruhunkaduhunancf.mala1
duhuꞌ1adjFirst.Ilooy anak-anak na ma duhuꞌ bay pinamaddihan.That’s his child who was first to be born.2advBefore.Duhuꞌ ya takka man ku.He arrived before I did.3vTo be the first (to start s.t.); to go first; to go ahead of.Sangkon kami bay kapagsasaꞌ sabap iya bay nganduhuan aku.The reason we got into a fight is because he started it with me.Tampalasa sina bong ko paruhuꞌ man mayul.It’s impolite if you go ahead of the mayor.Duhuꞌ ko, boꞌ aku.You go first, then me.Kau duhuꞌ.You go first.Derivativekaruhuanlai na duhuꞌ-duhuꞌmaruhuꞌ1maruhuꞌ-ruhuꞌ/maru-ruhuꞌroot formkaruhuanlai na duhuꞌ-duhuꞌmaruhuꞌ1maruhuꞌ2maruhuꞌ-ruhuꞌmaruhuꞌ-ruhuꞌ/maru-ruhuꞌ
dukka1nGrief; woe. [This can be used interchangeably with karukkahan].Yaꞌ takoleꞌ na dukka na ni pasal kapatay mmaꞌ na.He can’t get over his grief about his father’s death.2vTo grieve; mourn; lament. [When the suffix “-an” is added the result can be dukkahan or dukkaan].Tud dukka jama looy bay mbanan nda na.That person is really grieving over his wife having left him.Magdukka kita bong matay bagay ta.We grieve when a friend dies.Magkarukkaan ga jama looy sabap anak da lay lungay.Those people are grieving because their child is lost somewhere.Ngkon na ilay yaꞌ na põꞌ man jawom bilik sabap dukkaan anak na.The reason he won’t come out of the room is because he’s grieving over hisꞌ 2susasynonymdagundukkaꞌ 2overlapping synonymdukkaꞌ 2lindu-anMinor entrydukkaꞌ
dukkaꞌ1nGrief; woe. [This can be used interchangeably with karukkaan].2vTo grieve; mourn; lament. [When the suffix “-an” is added the result can be dukkahan or dukkaan].cf.dukka 2susasynonymdagundukka 2overlapping synonymdukka 2lindu-anMinor entrydukka
dumangngangadjShocked and unable to say or do anything.Dumangngang sina ko bong bay tulun malaikat ni awpan nu.You would be shocked if an angel appeared in front of you.
dunnLeaf; hair on one’s head; blade (of grass).Minor entrydawun1
dundaverb intransitiveTo go back and forth (uselessly).Ya’ ko nammu pabuwatan bong ko tigiꞌ ngandunda katabuꞌ-tabuan.You won’t be able to find any work if you are fond of going back and forth to markets/cockfights.Yaꞌ luu sõng nu bong ko wã magdunda parampong-parampõng.You won’t have any future if you are always roaming around back and forth from one place to another.Daa hangat dundahun danda looy sabap yaꞌ ku suka niiya.Don’t always be going back and forth to that girl because I’m not pleased with her.