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dundang-dundangvTo swing back and forth like a pendulum (as s.t. suspended).Yaꞌ san jamu jama looy ngandundang-dundangan anak na luu na tallun jãm.That person isn’t even tired of swinging his child after three hours now.Derivativedundang-dundanganroot formdundang-dundangan
dundang-dundangannA swing.synonymayunDerivativedundang-dundangroot formdundang-dundang
dungguannA place for boats to moor or dock.Derivativedungguꞌroot formdungguꞌ
dungguꞌv1To put into port; to dock.Dungguun Bumbun.Put into port at Brooks Point.Dungguan nu lansa nu ni jambatan Tanaꞌ Makket.Dock your boat at the Tanaꞌ Makket wharf.Parungguꞌ kitabi ni Puerto.Let’s dock in Puerto Princessa.Tud tawakka ga jama looy ngandungguꞌ Siyadat.Those people are really daring to dock in Siyadat.2To put into port or to dock in order to pick s.t. or s.o. up or to drop s.t. or s.o. off [-an].Dungguun ga jama looy ni tapiyan Siyabon.Put into port at Siyabon beach in order to pick up those people.Dungguan nu ga jama looy ni tapiyan Sikob.Put into port at Sikob beach to let those people off.Derivativedungguanroot formdungguancf.jambatan
dungkugstative verbTo be or become stooped over; to be having the head and shoulders bent forward.Bong kita kansang moo bohat, pag toa ta dungkug kita.If we often carry heavy things, when we get old we will be stooped over.overlapping synonymkokoꞌoverlapping synonymbongkokkokoꞌ 2
dunuk1nA flood.Meka jama bay matay meꞌ dunuk looy ni Sabah.Many people died from that flood in Sabah.2vTo flood; to be flooded.Lay katis huma ku bay ndunukan taun looy.My garden was all gone from being flooded that year.Bong yaꞌ patagong uwan naa, dunuk sina lahat tuu.If that rain doesn’t stop, this place will be 2liyud 3
dupang1adjFoolish; stupid; silly. [Dupang-dupangan is used for a lesser degree of being stupid].Bong beꞌ-bæꞌ nu jama dupang, tabeꞌ du ko meꞌ iya.If you respond to a stupid person with like behavior, you’ll be counted like him in being stupid.2vTo do stupid or foolish things.Daa ko magdupang bong ko ngiskul.Don’t do stupid things when you go to school.3vTo become stupid or crazy.Magkarupang na lalla looy meꞌ silungan na.That guy is becoming crazy because of his girl friend.4vTo trick, fool or deceive s.o.Yaꞌ awod ngandupang jama dupang.It isn’t difficult to fool a stupid person.Derivativekarupanganroot formkarupanganoverlapping synonymlaip 2pangakka
dupu-dupuadjSmall w.r.t. a motorcycle.Motol dupu-dupu yaꞌ kaatu maglumbaꞌ ni DT.A small motorcycle can’t compete in racing against a Yamaha 2
duruannA bottle with a nipple for feeding babies; any manufactured milk that is put in a bottle for feeding babies.Ballihan doꞌ anak ku duruan.Buy my child a bottle with a nipple.Derivativeduruꞌroot formduruꞌduruꞌ siliꞌ
durukverb intransitiveTo reside; to live. [Old Mapun. The root has no affixation for actor focus.]Bong kita duruk ni lahat jama, subay kita paayad-ayad.If we reside in someone elses territory, we should be careful.Derivativekadurukanroot formkadurukan
durun1nFriend.Yaꞌ ko nammu durun bong ko bangis.You won’t find a friend if you’re mean.2vTo be friends with s.o.; to associate with s.o.Bong ko durun ka ga jama panangkaw, sõng hallom panangkaw du ko.If you associate with thieves, after awhile you’ll be a thief also.synonympanun 2
durungvTo carry s.t. on one’s head.Tud alistu danda looy ngandurung pinopoꞌ na.That woman is very skilled at carrying wash on her head.Padurungun doꞌ bohas tuu sabap yaꞌ takaya ku inangkat.Put this rice on my head (to carry) because I can’t lift it up.tablebabaꞌbaha 2bawungbendetbengketbentenbetbet 1boojulangkamasita sandangkapipihankulu1kupipihanlanggung 2ngandung bulingapanangkitansandang 2tanggung 1timpupu
duruꞌ1nBreast; udder; milk gland.Duruꞌ budjang yaꞌ dari tinayang.A virgin’s breast shouldn’t be exhibited.2verb intransitiveTo suck milk (from the breast, udder, or a bottle); to nurse.Anak kami duruꞌ tuktuk tallun jãm.Our child nurses every three hours.3vTo nurse a baby.Paduruun anak-anak naa bong nangis.Nurse that child when it cries.Derivativeduruanroot formduruanduruꞌ siliꞌcf.dakanCompoundduruꞌ siliꞌ
duruꞌ siliꞌnSpout on a kettle (used for boiling water).root formduruanduruꞌCompoundduruꞌ
dusa1nSin; crime; any bad or evil action; fault.Yaꞌ ko lambot ku bong yaꞌ luu dusa nu niyaku.I’m not going to spank you if you haven’t done anything bad to me.2vTo sin; to do bad or evil.Yaꞌ ko kapagdusa bong ko mmeꞌ ni kahandak Tuhan.You won’t sin if you follow God’s will.Derivativebaldusa1dusahanmakadusandusaroot formbaldusa3dusahanmakadusandusa
dusahanadjHaving sin against s.o.; guilty of doing wrong to s.o.Dusahan ko ni parinta sabap yaꞌ bonto meꞌ nu nukayan tanaꞌ nu.You have sin against the government because you aren’t honest in paying taxes on your property.Derivativebaldusa1dusamakadusandusaroot formbaldusa3dusamakadusandusa
dustaꞌ1nA lie; lying; an untruth.Dustaꞌ kadusa ni manusiyaꞌ.Lying can cause people to have sin.2vTo lie.Bong ko ngandusta’ ni induꞌ-mmaꞌ nu, taboo nu sina pa jama sarÿ.If you lie to your parents, you’ll end up lying to others.Daa ku dustaan nu.Don’t lie to me.3vTo make s.o. out to be a liar (when one hasn’t lied); to call s.o. a liar.Padustaꞌ ta ko bong yuk nu dilaw bay ko pa Tanaꞌ Makket.I’m calling you a liar if you say you went to Tanaꞌ Makket dilaw.Derivativepangandustaꞌroot formpangandustaꞌ
dutai1verb intransitiveTo go up into a house (by a ladder or stairs); to board (a plane, bus, boat, etc.); to get up on a horse or cow.Dutai na kam boꞌ kitabi kapatuwak.Board (the launch) now and then we can get going.Dutai ko bong ko mmeꞌ niyaku taꞌ kuraꞌ.Get up on if you’re going with me on the horse.2vTo allow or tell s.o. to board (a plane, bus, boat, etc.) or come up into (a house, tree, etc.); to bring s.t. up.Madutai doꞌ ko hungut man ku busa.Bring up some coconut shells so I can cook some rice.Yaꞌ san kami bay pinadutai taꞌ lumaꞌ da.We weren’t even allowed to come up into their house.3vTo go up after s.t. or s.o.Daa ko ngandutai lumaꞌ jama taggahaꞌ binãꞌ ko panangkaw.Don’t go up into a person’s home lest you be called a thief.Dutaihun na lalla looy bong ya yaꞌ kuhi duwai.Go up after that guy if he isn’t willing to come down.antduwaiantkaruwaihan
duwa1adjTwo.Ballihan doꞌ ku koks duwa.Sell me two cokes.2v(For a coach or owner of a rooster) to have a player or rooster that has just won take on another opponent right after winning; to make it two.Daa na duwahan nu manuk nu sabap kalanduꞌ na lamma na.Don’t have your rooster fight again because it’s really tired now.Paduwahun na ba daying nu mari kam kalawukan.Make it two fish so you will have enough for viand.Derivativeduwa-duwa1duwang-duwanganroot formduwa-duwa1duwa-duwa2duwang-duwangan
duwa-duwa2adjDouble (minded); uncertain.Duwa-duwa gi leꞌ da patuwak ni llaw Sabtuꞌ sabap landos masi baliyu.They’re still uncertain as to whether they will be leaving on Saturday because the wind is still very strong.Daa duwa-duwa pikilan nu bong ko pinapeneꞌ.Don’t be double minded if you’re given a choice.root formduwaduwa-duwa1duwang-duwangan
duwa-duwa1advtwo in each groupMagbasket kitabi duwa-duwa.Let’s play basketball with two on each side.Derivativeduwaduwang-duwanganroot formduwaduwa-duwa2duwang-duwangan
duwaa1nA generalized type of prayer which is invoked on various occasions and accompanies many rituals; a short Islamic devotional prayer performed in Arabic; an incantation.Yaꞌ sina ngasi duwaa nu bong ko tigiꞌ mangan bawi.Your prayer won’t be effective if you’re fond of eating pork.2v(For a religious leader) to pray a ritual prayer (for a deceased person, a safe journey, over a sacrifice for a child, etc.); to recite an incantation.Lay sohoꞌ da nduwahan siga jama matay.They had the dead prayed for.Daa ko magpaki bong ko yaꞌ panday nganduwaa.Don’t be a religious leader if you don’t know how to pray ritual prayers.3vTo celebrate at a prayer ceremony (as when remembering the anniversary of a deceased relative, praying for a safe voyage, sacrificing an animal for a child, etc.).Lay ku kinaddoꞌ magduwaa ni lumaꞌ Hadjiꞌ Miyasin.I was invited to celebrate at a prayer ceremony at Hadjiꞌ Miyasin’s house.Oy pagduwaahan ga jama looy?What are those people having a prayer ceremony for?Derivativepagduwaahan/pamagduwaahanroot formduwaa aruwaduwaa salamatduwaa talbang1maku duwaapagduwaahan/pamagduwaahancf.sumbahayang hadjatCompoundduwaa aruwaduwaa salamatduwaa talbang1maku duwaatalbang
duwaa aruwanA ritual prayer for a dead person’s spirit that assures the deceased person that he is forever in the considerations of the living.Pinakoy duwaa aruwa ni bahangi maka tuman.A ritual prayer for a deceased person’s spirit is recited on designated days throughout the first year after death and annually after that.root formduwaaduwaa salamatduwaa talbang1maku duwaapagduwaahan/pamagduwaahanCompoundduwaaduwaa salamatduwaa talbang1maku duwaatalbang
duwaa salamatnA prayer for safety (as when one is about to go on a journey).root formduwaaduwaa aruwaduwaa talbang1maku duwaapagduwaahan/pamagduwaahanCompoundduwaaduwaa aruwaduwaa talbang1maku duwaatalbang
duwaa talbang1nA kind of magical incantation one learns to say in order to be able to vanish.Duwaa talbang pinakoy meꞌ baba man da lomeng.A majical vanishing incantation is used by demon possessed people so that they can fly away.root formduwaaduwaa aruwaduwaa salamatmaku duwaapagduwaahan/pamagduwaahanCompoundduwaaduwaa aruwaduwaa salamatmaku duwaatalbang