onsev1To chase after s.o. or s.t.; to pursue s.t.Nabang doꞌ kam ngonse manuk looy. Ya’ luu lawuk tabi.Help chase that chicken. We don’t have any viand.2To take a certain amount of time to run or travel from one place to another.Dangon jãm onse lansa nu man Mapun pa Sandakan?How many hours does it take your boat to travel from Mapun to Sandakan.3To run together usually in competition; race each other; to be neck and neck (as when two people are going back and forth ahead in a race).Ongoy ko bay magsionse anak ku masi gi yaꞌ koleꞌ banahan.Why did you have my child race when he still isn’t very well?Sibuwa-sibuwa mag-onse jaꞌ butuꞌ si Ibi ka si Hamdan.At the beginning Ibi’s and Hamdan’s votes were neck and neck.4To take a problem or legal case to someone; to take s.t. right away to some place.Bong sat palkalaꞌ dikiꞌ ni barangay, san daa na onsehan bi pilay pa upis munisipal.If it is just a small legal case in the village, there is no need to take it to the municipal office.Bong luu-luu sÿn nu, onsehan nu pa Tanaꞌ Makket, yaꞌ sina ko kapahanda.If everytime you have money, you take it right away to Tanaꞌ Makket, you won’t be able to take a wife.Derivativeonsehanroot formonsehan