konoꞌ1advQuotative particle for indirect speech, he/she/they say, according to. [Disclaims responsibility for speech quoted]. Also used when relating happenings seen in a dream. Used also when children are playing a pretend game.Pitu, konoꞌ, ya sumawung.He will come, he says, tomorrow.Njawom upihan ku, luu, konoꞌ, limot nabbat kalabaw.In my dream, there was, seen in the dream, an ant snatching and devouring a carabao.Bawuꞌ-bawuꞌ aku, konoꞌ, mma’ nu, kau, konoꞌ, nneꞌ ku.Let’s pretend I’m, let’s say, your father, and you, let’s say, are my mother.2vTo use this particle in one’s speech to disclaim responsibility.Ilooy man ku ngonoan bitsala ku sabap yaꞌ ku bay ngita.The reason I say, they/he/she says, is because I didn’t see it.cf.yukcf.yuk 3overlapping synonymbaꞌ-bãꞌ/pamãꞌ