pantok1nA vertical stake, post, or pole stuck in the ground (for marking s.t. like where a house will be built, where a grave will be dug, trees will be planted, also for tying a boat or raft to in shallow water, etc.).Pakoyun pantok tuu man nu mantokan kubu.Use this stake in order to mark where the grave will be.2vTo put a stake in the ground; to be in a vertical position above the ground (as a kite, the sun at noon, a person kicking straight up towards the sky).Bong ko mantok daa hangat palawmun.When you put the stakes in the ground don’t put them so able to diagnose what the problem is when s.o. is sick; able to predict the future or where s.t. is that has been lost.Baꞌ-bãꞌ kasohean, Paꞌ Aspal tud pantok nguliꞌ sabap meka jama kaulian meꞌ na.According to some, Uncle Aspal can really diagnose accurately what the problem is when he medicines because many people are healed by him.Baꞌ-bãꞌ kasohean, Paꞌ Ladja Insan tud pantok ngandaꞌ sabap tuktuk na nohoꞌ ngandaꞌ, sukud jama sikatuwaꞌ jaꞌ.According to some, Uncle Ladja Insan really knows how to predict the future because everytime he’s asked to see what’s in the future, people’s fate always comes out like he 2